The worst man in the world - who is he?

The worst man in the world - who is he?
The worst man in the world - who is he?

In pursuit of the ideal, many modern women are struggling with extra pounds. Strict diets, exhausting workouts, fasting days, all kinds of pills and means for weight loss - it never occurs to them that there are people who, by hook or by crook, are trying to gain at least a couple of kilograms. They will be discussed in this article.

Worst man in the world

Who is he - the thinnest man in the world? It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this curious question, because there are several such people, and all of them are representatives of the weak half of humanity, who lived at different times and in different parts of the globe.

So, the Mexican Lucia Zarate, born in 1863, was recognized as the thinnest and at the same time miniature woman in the world. She suffered from midget, as a result of which, by the age of majority, her height barely reached 43 cm. But this figure was far from the world record, which cannot be said about the weight of 2.3 kg. Rumor has it that Lucia was often mistaken for a doll when she satstill. Due to her unique appearance, the girl gained wide popularity in the United States, being an acrobat in the circus. Daily performances brought her a very good income.

The thinnest people in the world photo

Lucia led a comfortable existence and bathed in the rays of universal glory when another train journey to another city ended in tragedy. The train got stuck in the mountains, and the vast majority of passengers simply froze in the cars. The photo of the thinnest woman who died such a ridiculous and terrible death is presented on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records.

Photo of the thinnest woman

The second thinnest person in the world is French model Isabelle Caro. Anorexia nervosa brought her body to complete exhaustion, when, with a height of 163 cm, her weight reached only 28 kg. Needless to say, the girl did not last long - her life was cut short at the age of 29.

Today, the title of “the thinnest person in the world” rightfully belongs to Lizzy Velasquez, a simple student from Texas. Her weight, indeed, is small and froze at around 28 kg. At the same time, Lizzy's height is 157 cm. In order to keep her body in good shape, the girl is forced to constantly eat - the norm is about four meals per hour. Despite her excellent appetite and the absorption of a huge amount of calories (her favorite dishes are pizza and hamburgers), the poor thing cannot gain a single extra kilogram. According to experts, this phenomenon is directly related to the violation of metabolic processes,which, unfortunately, is not treatable. The girl was born prematurely and weighed a little more than 1 kilogram. Doctors fought for the life of the baby for a long time and literally pulled her out of the next world. Surprising as it may seem, but the thinnest person in the world has quite he althy and even well-fed brothers and sisters. Excessive thinness does not prevent the girl from living an ordinary student life, as well as enjoying communication with numerous friends and buddies.

Now you know what the skinniest people in the world look like. Photos of these unique personalities are reflected not only in the Guinness Book of Records, but also in this article.

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