Population of Arkhangelsk: historical background, demographics and employment opportunities

Population of Arkhangelsk: historical background, demographics and employment opportunities
Population of Arkhangelsk: historical background, demographics and employment opportunities

Arkhangelsk is located in the northern part of European Russia. Convenient localization at the mouth of the Northern Dvina made the city one of the largest maritime hubs. This fact alone indicates that the population of Arkhangelsk is quite large.

Historical information

The city has a long history. The first documentary information about the population of Arkhangelsk dates back to the beginning of the fifteenth century. At that time, the settlement was only a monastery, and only Ivan the Terrible gave the city its modern name. In the eighteenth century, the settlement was known as a trading port. Thanks to this strategic importance, people began to gather in the city, the population of Arkhangelsk increased. The settlement flourished both as part of the Muscovite state and as part of the Russian Empire.

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Major demographic surges occurred in this locality during the Soviet Union:

  • first recession - the Great Patriotic Warwar;
  • second recession - the collapse of the USSR (up to this point, residents of the adjacent military towns were registered).

Population segmentation

The population of Arkhangelsk today is about three hundred and fifty thousand. The social processes that characterize this settlement speak of a demographic crisis. The age composition of the population is aging, the proportion of older people in society is high. The birth rate does not cover the death rate. Most residents leave their small homeland due to the search for other prospects, improved quality of life, climate change.

The population of Arkhangelsk is being updated mainly due to young people who come from the region to study, and representatives of other nationalities. The Azerbaijani diaspora is very massive. Its representatives are engaged in either construction work or entrepreneurship.

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Employment Opportunities

The population of Arkhangelsk is mainly employed in the manufacturing sector. The mining industry is developed in the city, which is associated with the location of large oil, diamond and bauxite deposits on the territory of the settlement.

Arkhangelsk is rich not only in mining, but also in other natural resources. Therefore, forestry and fisheries can be listed among the leading industries. For example, the Titan group of companies, which includes timber harvesting enterprises, as well as tourist and hotel facilities, provides the city with thousands of workers.seats.

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Employment statistics are provided by the social protection of the population. Arkhangelsk is a city with good employment opportunities. Not only heavy industry enterprises are looking for employees. Food production is full of vacancies: and this is not only the famous fish factory, but also a dairy or distillery.

The advantage of state enterprises is that although they conduct a strict competitive selection, they provide their employees with a full social package and a decent salary in return. In the case of a sick leave or a decree, the employee retains a job, benefits, and benefits are paid.

In addition, the service and trade sectors always need workers.

Distinguishing Features

For some reason, many Russians believe that the population of Arkhangelsk is harsh and cold. Residents of more southern regions have an opinion that polar bears and deer roam the streets of this city, and locals bathe in an embrace with walruses. Northerners are really hardy and patient. So they were made by the corresponding way of life, which was formed under the influence of permafrost. Perhaps some historical facts influenced this. The locals have a Pomeranian identity. They consider themselves bearers of the culture of the Russian North. The image of a traditional Arkhangelsk citizen is made up of such traits as isolation, gloom, honesty, firmness, endurance, love of freedom. The urban culture fully demonstrates this. Residents feel prettyrespected in society.

population of arkhangelsk

But this people is not without simplicity. You can't do without jokes about your "frozen character" and "crack-eating". In this regard, the people of Arkhangelsk themselves have come up with many nicknames, anecdotes and simply funny stories.

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