What are trends? Definition and types

What are trends? Definition and types
What are trends? Definition and types

What are trends? Do they understand us correctly when we say this word, or do we have to explain what exactly was said just now? The second option is quite possible, since the word "trend" has several meanings and is used in a wide variety of areas of human life.

What is a general trend

From Latin the word "trend" is translated as "orientation". Therefore, this word usually denotes the direction of development and growth of a phenomenon or thought. And this can be both positive and negative. A trend is not always a positive development. This moment manifests itself in all areas in which this effect can be identified.

Trends in the economy

What are trends in the stock market, quotes and other things, is usually not entirely clear to people who are far from investing. Again, in simple terms, this is the direction of the market movement. Take a look at the conditional chart.

What are trends

It perfectly shows that the trend is not a direct path from the starting point to the top. It's ups and downs. Peaks are usually called highs, and troughs are called lows.

Trends in the economy are more global. This could be a changedominant position in the world market, an example is that one country becomes a leader in the production of any goods or retains a dominant position. The United States has always been a leader in manufacturing and maintaining a market economy, but recently there has been a tendency for countries such as China, Korea and others to take this place.

The trend of changing roles in the global economy is noted due to the reorientation of countries to a market system, focusing on financial components, due to the large debts of the former leading countries. All these factors contribute to the fact that the development trend for one country tends to rise according to the schedule, and for the other - down.

Fashion Trends

This is the most active direction. Many, in order to stay up to date with fashion trends, buy glossy magazines, attend shows, consult stylists. Seasonal commitment to a particular style is set by world stylists. All this is reflected in the assortment in stores, respectively, in the people around us.

Fashion trends are good for their cyclicality. All styles have already been invented and now they are repeated in a slightly modified form. Modern designers bring zest to a certain trend and it captures the population for a season or more.

So what does a fashion trend mean? This is the seasonal predominance of a particular thing or style in a person's clothing and accessories.

What is a trend

Trends in Literature

As previously mentioned, trendsis directionality. And the world of literature is also subject to this phenomenon. Often it can depend on any fashion or social trends. For example, in the era of the popularity of ballrooms in many works, you can see descriptions of balls and find out how they were held. At the moment, there is no such trend in the literature.

Also, trends depend on the political situation in the country. It is worth recalling the works written during and after the revolution. Or the military. All of them vividly reflect this or that period of time. For example, the trend now to dedicate works to the revolution is minimal.

what does trend mean

What are the trends in literature now? Do they exist? Undoubtedly, they are connected with the rethinking of their cultural heritage, with a new round of technological development. The literature of each country and the world as a whole is multifaceted. New directions appear and old ones are remembered.

Besides economics, fashion and literature, trends can appear everywhere. Tendencies towards growth and degradation, towards peace and war.

Learning to identify the direction of development of a phenomenon is not difficult. Many articles and books have been published on this subject. After reading them, you will be able to identify more specifically what trends are.

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