Underwater waterfalls - a miracle of nature

Underwater waterfalls - a miracle of nature
Underwater waterfalls - a miracle of nature

The phrase "underwater waterfall" sounds absurd. Approximately like "oil oil" or "transitional transition". But this is not an empty tautology. Underwater waterfalls actually exist, and there is no other way to call them. This is a unique miracle of nature, worthy to look at at least once in a lifetime. The impression of what you see will remain for a long time. Our article is dedicated to this miracle of nature.

underwater waterfalls

Waterfall under water - what is it?

Despite the fact that man has already explored the planet far and wide, there are still many unique unexplored places left on it. This is exactly what underwater waterfalls are.

This amazing natural phenomenon occurs for two reasons:

  • rough seabed;
  • uneven density of sea water (due to different s alt content and temperature differences in neighboring areas).

Everything happens like this: when there are water zones of different density nearby, and the bottom inthis place is relief, denser flows "fall" down, and the lungs rush up. And the effect of falling water is created.

The biggest underwater waterfall

To date, scientists have identified 7 such places on the bottom of the world's oceans (but, most likely, there are many more). It is noteworthy that some underwater waterfalls are many times larger than their land-based "brothers". The largest of them is located in the Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Greenland (it was discovered, by the way, by the Russians). It is 350 times higher than the tallest land giant, the Venezuelan Angel Falls (its height is 979 meters). The width of the Atlantic giant is 150 kilometers, and the water flow is 30 thousand cubic meters per second.

underwater waterfall Mauritius island

Naturally, it is a pity for people to leave such power unclaimed, and humanity is already making plans for it, gradually developing projects for underwater hydroelectric power plants. In the meantime, underwater waterfalls have no industrial value. We can only admire them, admiring their beauty.

The most beautiful underwater waterfall, Mauritius island

One of the most magnificent sights of the planet is the waterfall, which is located near the Le Morne Brabant peninsula. This is in the state of Mauritius. In fact, the local underwater waterfall is just an illusion. The visual effect of falling water is created by a combination of sand, silt, coral deposits, the strongest current in this place and the refraction of light.

The ingenious magician that is our nature,created such a miracle, from which it is difficult to take your eyes off. It is difficult to describe it in words. Even in photographs, the landscape looks quite bewitching, and what can we say about contemplation live!

How can you see it?

True, you can see the underwater waterfall of Mauritius only from above (by the way, it can be seen even from space). But if you are not an astronaut, but an ordinary tourist, then you will have to get into a helicopter, soar into the sky over the Indian Ocean and get into a parallel reality with a fantastic world spread below, under a thin layer of water.

Ocean shelves in these places are several million years old, but the bottom has risen relatively recently. Nearby were areas with different water depths (from eight to several hundred meters). This was the reason for the birth of a delightful and amazing natural phenomenon.

Mauritius underwater waterfall

Thanks to its treasure, an underwater waterfall, the Le Morne Brabant peninsula is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In fact, there are not so many sights worthy of a tourist's eye on this peninsula. The main one is this underwater waterfall. Mauritius is a popular holiday destination. If you are planning a trip there, be sure to visit the Le Morne Brabant peninsula and admire the wonder of nature.

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