The Balkan Peninsula. Description

The Balkan Peninsula. Description
The Balkan Peninsula. Description
countries of the Balkan Peninsula

The Balkan Peninsula is located in the southern part of Europe. It is washed by the waters of the Aegean, Adriatic, Ionian, Black and Marmara seas. On the western shores there are many bays and bays, rocky and steep for the most part. In the east, they are usually straight and low. The Balkan Peninsula includes medium and low mountains. Among them are Pindus, the Dinaric Highlands, the Rhodopes, Staraya Planina, the Serbian Highlands and others. The name of the peninsula in Europe is one.

On the outskirts is the Lower Danube and Middle Danube Plain. The most important rivers are Morava, Maritsa, Sava, Danube. Among the reservoirs, the main lakes are: Prespa, Ohrid, Skadar. The Balkan Peninsula in the north and east has a temperate continental climate. The territories in the south and west are characterized by a Mediterranean subtropical climate.

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The countries of the Balkan Peninsula differ significantly in socio-political, climatic and other conditions. The southern territories are mostly occupied by Greece. It borders Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Albania. In Greece, the climate is characterized as subtropical Mediterranean,with hot and dry summers and wet, mild winters. In the mountainous and northern regions, the weather conditions are more severe, in winter the temperature here is below zero.

The Balkan Peninsula in the south is occupied by Macedonia. It borders with Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia. Macedonia has a predominantly Mediterranean climate, with rainy winters and dry and hot summers.

The northeastern territories of the peninsula are occupied by Bulgaria. Its northern part borders on Romania, the western part borders on Macedonia and Serbia, and the southern part borders on Turkey and Greece. The territory of Bulgaria includes the longest mountain range on the peninsula - Staraya Planina. North of it and south of the Danube is the Danube Plain. This rather extensive plateau rises one hundred and fifty meters above sea level, it is dissected by many rivers that originate in Staraya Planina and flow into the Danube. The Rhodopes limit the southeastern plain from the southwest. Most of the plain is located in the basin of the Maritsa River. These territories have always been famous for their fertility.

Climatically Bulgaria is divided into three zones: steppe, Mediterranean and continental. This determines the diversity of the nature of this territory. For example, in Bulgaria there are more than three thousand species of plants, various species of which have disappeared from other European territories.

Balkan Peninsula

The western part of the Balkan Peninsula is occupied by Albania. The northern and northwestern territories border on Montenegro and Serbia, the eastern territories border Macedonia, and the southern and southeastern territories border Greece. Main part of AlbaniaIt is distinguished by an elevated and mountainous relief with deep and very fertile valleys. There are also several large lakes on the territory, which stretch along the border areas with Greece, Macedonia, Yugoslavia.

The climate in Albania is Mediterranean subtropical. Summers are dry and hot, while winters are wet and cool.

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