Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula: what is it and is it possible?

Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula: what is it and is it possible?
Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula: what is it and is it possible?

Every day the attention of readers and viewers is riveted to events in different parts of the world: wars, political decisions, geopolitical confrontations. One of the points to which the attention of the public and political forces of different countries is riveted is the ideological confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, which is fueled by the presence of a "non-peaceful" atom in the hands of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Today we will discuss whether a scenario is possible in which North Korea abandons its further developments and embarks on the path of denuclearization.

What is "denuclearization"

In order to figure out what this is - the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, we first find out what kind of process it is.

Denuclearization is the process of reducing stocks of nuclear weapons in a certain territory up to the complete rejection of this territory from nuclear weapons, including carriers and meansdelivery. That is, this is a process that can last for decades and even centuries, but never lead to anything. One state has its own vision of its further geopolitical development, but there are other countries that are concerned about both their own direct security and indirect (due to the possible consequences of the use of nuclear weapons).

North Korean ballistic missile launch, 2017

Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula - what is it?

The question is complex and burning. Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula - what is it? Is it the complete destruction of all nuclear weapons in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, along with launch vehicles that can deliver these weapons to the targets designated by the North Koreans, or simply the suspension of the North Korean program to build up nuclear capabilities and develop new methods of delivery to targets? Both.

However, this can rather be called an illusion of most Western countries and their allies. First of all, the United States and Japan, which have been breathing unevenly and very aggressively towards North Korea for decades, since the DPRK, with its non-progressive political system that tramples on the values ​​of the Western world, is, figuratively speaking, a bone in the throat of the United States and its Western and Asian partners and a big threat to the southern neighbor. And, realizing this, the leadership of North Korea, requesting security guarantees for the complete failure and destruction of its nuclear arsenal, is well aware that not a single country in the world and not a single international organization can provide such guarantees.can.

North Korean ballistic missiles

Regnum news portal. Koshkin: "Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is no longer possible…"

Anatoly Koshkin, the author of the news portal "Regnum", expresses the opinion that the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is simply impossible. The American armed forces (together with the South Korean ones) regularly conduct exercises on the territory of the Republic of Korea and off the North Korean coast, using the most modern weapons. Moreover, the bellicose speeches of the American leader are completely not filled with music that calms the North Korean leaders (referring to Trump's words about his desire to raze the DPRK to the ground).

And you know, drawing an analogy with the everyday life of an ordinary person, hardly anyone can convince this ordinary person in a dark alley to stop walking around with a loaded gun when he knows that he lives in a disadvantaged area. Especially if a thug with a gang constantly follows him, who repeatedly threw threats at him, keeps a holster with a pistol and holds demonstration performances, flexing his muscles in front of our simple layman.

By this analogy, everyone can conclude about the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula: that this is nothing more than an illusion of countries that are trying not only to impose their will and rules of life on other states, but also to dictate these rules with the help of their military might. The entire world community can see what the spread of American democracy leads toAmerican ways in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other less obvious examples.

North Korean flag

Positions of various countries on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

The United States, Japan and several other countries in the coalition against the DPRK have adopted a policy of hard pressure, including UN Security Council resolutions, sanctions as a tool of economic pressure, and constant exercises along the sea and land borders of North Korea. As long-term practice shows, such actions not only do not solve the problem of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but only exacerbate it.

The path of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula from Donald Trump

For its part, Russia proposes to use diplomatic methods in relation to the DPRK, without saber-rattling and arm-twisting. Since, apparently, only in Russia they know that a cornered animal is the most dangerous animal, despite its size and muscle mass.

Together with Beijing, Moscow has proposed a solution called the "double freeze", which provides for the complete cessation of military maneuvers by Washington, Tokyo and Seoul directed against the DPRK, and the closure of the development and testing of nuclear weapons and their carriers by Pyongyang.

The joint Russian and Chinese position is fundamentally different from the positions of the West, Japan and Korea. There is much more logic and respect for the North Korean people's right to security in this position. Especially if we remember the example of the usualEveryman and big man from a dark alley.

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