Who wins: Does the Earth revolve around the Sun or vice versa?

Who wins: Does the Earth revolve around the Sun or vice versa?
Who wins: Does the Earth revolve around the Sun or vice versa?

For a very long time people thought our planet was flattened and resting on 3 whales. A person is unable to notice its rotation, being on it itself. The reason for this is the size. They matter a lot! The size of a man is too small in relation to the size of the globe. Time moved forward, science progressed, and with it people's ideas about their own planet.

the earth revolves around the sun

What have we come to today? Is it true that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not vice versa? What other astronomical knowledge in this area is valid? First things first.

On its axis

Today we know that the globe takes part in two types of its movement simultaneously: the Earth rotates around the Sun and along its own imaginary axis. Yes, axles! Our planet has an imaginary line that "pierces" the surface of the earth at its two poles. Draw the axis mentally into the sky, and it will pass next to the North Star. That is why this point always seems to us motionless, and the sky seems to be rotating. We think that it is the heavens moving from east to west, but we note that it only seems to us! Suchmovement - visible, because it is a reflection of the real rotation of the planet - along the axis.

Daily rotation lasts exactly 24 hours. In other words, in one day the globe performs one full circle along its own axis. Each of the earthly points first passes the illuminated side, then the dark side. And a day later everything repeats again.

how many times does the earth revolve around the sun

For us, it looks like a constant change of days and nights: morning - afternoon - evening - morning … If the planet did not rotate in this way, then on the side facing the light there would be eternal day, and on the opposite - eternal night. Horrible! It's good that it's not! In general, we figured out the daily rotation. Now let's find out how many times the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Sunny round dance

We will also not notice this with the naked eye. However, this phenomenon can be felt. We all know perfectly well what warm and cold seasons are. But what do they have in common with the movements of the planet? Yes, they have everything in common! The earth revolves around the sun in three hundred and sixty-five days, or one year. In addition, our globe is a participant in other movements. For example, together with the Sun and its "colleagues" - the planets, the Earth moves relative to its own galaxy - the Milky Way, which, in turn, moves relative to its "colleagues" - other galaxies.

the earth revolves around the sun at a speed

It is important to know that in the whole Universe nothing is stationary, everything flows and changes! Note that the movement of the celesti althe luminaries are just a reflection of a rotating planet.

Is the theory correct?

Today, many people are trying to prove the opposite: they believe that it is not the Earth that revolves around the Sun, but, on the contrary, the celestial body around the globe. Some scientists talk about the joint movement of the Earth and the Sun, which occurs relative to each other. Perhaps someday the world's scientific minds will turn "upside down" all the scientific ideas about space known today! So, all the dots over the “and” are placed, and we have learned that the Earth revolves around the Sun (at a speed, by the way, of about 30 kilometers per second), and it makes a complete revolution in 365 days (or 1 year), along with the way our planet rotates on its axis per day (24 hours).

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