Romanets Victoria: "It's very easy to be happy!"

Romanets Victoria: "It's very easy to be happy!"
Romanets Victoria: "It's very easy to be happy!"

Romanets Victoria is a girl who always achieves her goals. She became truly famous after participating in the Dom-2 project. Vika showed that she knows how to love and is ready for anything for her happiness.

Biography of Romanets Victoria

Victoria was born on January 14, 1990 in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Her parents were very we althy people. Dad-entrepreneur never denied anything to his daughter. The girl was bathed in we alth and luxury from birth.

When it was time to get a higher education, Victoria did not hesitate to study at one of the most prestigious universities in Kyiv, choosing the profession of a fashion designer.

Having successfully graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Art, Vika realized that working days in the office were clearly not for her, and decided to enjoy her youth.

The girl traveled a lot, took part in television projects, tried herself as a fashion model and presenter.

Victoria Romantsev before plastic surgery

Vicki's personal life was going well. For 6 years, she met with the famous and successful football player OlegMishchenko. It would seem that the matter went to the wedding, but the young people decided to leave.

According to Victoria herself, their relationship with Oleg was "sick" and rather difficult. The guy was jealous of the girl, not giving her freedom.

The path on the Dom-2 project

In September 2014, shocking brunette Victoria Romanets went to conquer the famous Dom-2 project. Her appearance was quite bright and interesting. The girl immediately stated that she had come to Bogdan Lenchuk, who at that time was paired with Marina Afrikantova.

Victoria gave him a cute gift: cupcakes and a T-shirt with the words "Clyde" on it. She kept the same T-shirt with the Bonnie print. The girl was not at all embarrassed that the guy was in a relationship, she was ready to break up a couple for the sake of her happiness.

But Victoria failed to do this only because the most enviable bachelor of the TV set, Andrey Cherkasov, drew attention to her.

An incredible passion broke out between the guys, which later grew into real feelings. It was interesting to watch Victoria and Andrey, their ratings went through the roof.

romanets victoria

Cherkasov gave Vika gifts, she arranged surprises for him. The guys have repeatedly traveled together, choosing for this the most romantic corners of the globe: the Seychelles, France, Sri Lanka.

Regular viewers of the project were sure that the guys' relationship would end in a wedding. Everyone sighed happily when Andrei knelt down and presented Vika with a beautiful ring. She agreed without hesitation.

The celebration was scheduled for October 2015. But the relationship began to "burst at the seams." The lovers constantly swore, often quarrels ended in a fight and assault. Not calculating the strength, Andrei broke Victoria's nose. This turned out to be the last straw, the guys decided to leave.

Vika could not be in the same perimeter with Cherkasov and decided to leave the project. It happened in May 2016.

How Victoria's appearance has changed

Speaking about the Dom-2 project, Vika has repeatedly stated that she does not regret her decision to take part in it at all. Thanks to him, the girl has changed not only internally, but also externally.

This is a photo of Victoria Romanets before the project. Agree, now the girl looks different.

Victoria Romantsev before plastic surgery

The first change that catches the eye is hair color. The girl notes that most of her life she was an ash blonde. But later she decided to dye her hair in a fatal brunette.

Already on the project, Vika had mammoplasty, increasing her breast size from the second to the fourth. The girl's nose has also undergone a change, it has become less long and very neat.

Of course, there was lip augmentation. Vika used a popular procedure and introduced fillers, achieving the desired plumpness and volume.

As you can see, Victoria Romanets looked completely different before plastic surgery. But as her fans say, these changes have benefited her.

Victoria and Anton Gusev: the beginning of love

Literally a couple of months after the girl left the project, rumors spread around the networkthat Anton Gusev and Victoria Romanets are dating. Many fans did not believe in it until the very end, because the young man, also a former participant in the project, already had a wife and son.

But, as it turned out later, young people are really together. According to Anton, he saw Vika at one of the secular banquets and immediately fell in love. The guy divorced and the lovers began to live together.

Anton Gusev and Victoria Romanets

Thousands of fans and followers watched their romance, and the guys did not try to hide anything from the public, openly demonstrating their love and happiness to the whole world.

Marriage proposal

Photos of Gusev and Victoria Romanets were full of all social networks. Fans of the couple have already predicted the guys a quick wedding, but this time the celebration was in jeopardy.

photo of gusev and victoria romanets

Vika admitted that she found out about Anton's betrayal. It would seem that the relationship can no longer be saved, but the young people withstood this test with dignity. And just two weeks later, in a chic restaurant, Gusev made a marriage proposal to Victoria, presenting a ring for 500,000 rubles.

Long-awaited wedding

Victoria Romanets has always dreamed of a magnificent and beautiful wedding. But the guys this time gave a surprise to their fans. Their celebration took place on August 17, 2017, the newlyweds arrived at the Kutuzovsky registry office in jeans and T-shirts. There were no guests at the wedding, no luxury limousine, no reporters. Everything went quite modestly and without too much pathos.

Immediately after the painting, the newlyweds flew toMaldives. There, a ceremony was organized for them. Victoria looked like a real bride: a chic white dress with a train emphasized her perfect figure. Anton did not lag behind his wife and was dressed like a real macho.

Now Victoria Romanets and Anton Gusev love each other and are really happy, they dream of replenishing the family. We can only be happy for the guys and wish them the fulfillment of all their desires.

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