Tumblr appearance - what is it?

Tumblr appearance - what is it?
Tumblr appearance - what is it?

No one will argue that the rapidly developing social networks are making their own adjustments to public life. Modern youth closely follows the trends of the Internet, trying to imitate them in everything. And someone does not follow the latest fashion trends, but creates them, promoting their corporate identity on the Networks, which is different from others. The visual image they like is followed by hundreds and thousands of fans, subscribing to the pages of their favorite characters to be on the same wavelength with a new attractive aesthetic.

History of the Tumblr Network

Perhaps many have already heard a new phrase that has appeared recently, and someone meets it for the first time. Why is Tumbler appearance so popular among teenagers? What is it - we will tell in the article.

The social network Tumblr was founded in 2007 by a young American who created a new platform exclusively for bloggers who post posts, interesting photos,your creativity or notes for memory. Registered youth (in 2015, the audience numbered more than 500 million users) keeps track of the latest news on a convenient resource that equally excites teenagers around the world. Young girls and boys looking for their image are attracted by the informal manner of communication on the Web, as well as rebellious freedom.

tumblr appearance

Tumblr appearance is an original and flamboyant style that teenagers imitate, and many even call themselves tumblr people, classifying themselves as a new fashion trend. The younger generation dreams of becoming a real style icon on the Web, going for various experiments. Of course, the lion's share of the images falls on the female half of the subscribers. Tumblr appearance implies a certain sexuality, because photos with erotic overtones are not prohibited on the Web, so girls who claim to be style icons often demonstrate explicit poses.


So, the appearance of girls in the style of tumblr implies naturalness: the minimum amount of makeup, deliberate carelessness in the hair, the absence of complexes. The desire to appear in front of a large audience in its natural form distinguishes "tumblr girl" from other users. Tumblr looks are, above all, beautiful skin, which is why every diva on the Web spends a huge amount of time taking care of her. An unkempt girl who does not look after her beauty will never become a platform style icon. Skillful application of speci alty concealers and foundations tocreating a porcelain complexion distinguishes a real blogger who sets popular trends. Fashionistas prefer to change their hair color, completely lightening it or giving it incredible shades, and buns that replicate the image of the Japanese Sailor Moon are becoming a popular hairstyle.

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Stylish girls, in order to stand out from the crowd, prefer to stick sparkling rhinestones on their faces. This is the truly brilliant sometimes Tumbler appearance. It is not customary to process a photo in editors, achieving smoothness of the face. Most use other applications, adding filters, fancy frames or emoticons with pictures called "emoji".


Divas posing in high-end branded items will never be able to claim the title of "tumblr girl", because only the colorful clothes of local designers or fun finds from the flea market become a fashion trend that they are happy to imitate. Candid tops showing seductive breasts, voluminous sweaters with catchy inscriptions, t-shirts with children's prints, plaid shirts, denim shorts or frayed trousers, short skirts, hoodie dresses are the main clothes of daring girls. The main accents are made on the strange and unusual details of the wardrobe that attract attention, because the Tumbler appearance is, first of all, originality in everything.

tumblr appearance is


The lack of fear of seeming ridiculous or ridiculous highlights bright representatives in styletumblr who prefer unusual backpacks, bags of strange shapes and colors. The modern girl pays great attention to accessories, because unusual eyeglass frames, bulky watches, handmade baubles, fancy jewelry always look advantageous, highlighting the diva from the rest.

tumblr appearance what is it

It can be said that Tumbler appearance arouses the envy of notorious girlfriends and attracts the interest of young men. But the popular divas of the platform who have subscribers are not alike. Expressing themselves, they promote the original style, but fanatically imitate it or try to find something of their own - everyone decides for himself.

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