Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich. Detailed biography, photo

Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich. Detailed biography, photo
Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich. Detailed biography, photo

Fate brings pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Often you want to get away from everyday activities and try to find a new, your own path. Each person creates his own destiny. Someone consciously, and someone - as it will turn out. Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich looks at his life philosophically, whose detailed biography is replete with ups and downs, sharp turns and inexplicable zigzags.


Home from the famous Odessa Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich. 1951 year of birth was unremarkable. But the date of March 5 shocked many new acquaintances. After all, this is the day of Stalin's death, which was perceived by contemporaries as the beginning of a new life.

Gleb's parents are quite ordinary people. My father was an architect. Worked as a design engineer. Sea stations of the Black Sea from Odessa to Batumi are equipped according to his drawings. Mother had an exotic speci alty as a hydrometeorologist. Worked at the Odessa weather station. At his mother's workplace, the boy saw forecasts being made.

School years

In 1958, the boy goes to a regular high school. As a child, he clearly learned one rule: you need to prove yourself. For the first time such a feeling arose in five years. Then the father, trying to teach his son to swim, threw the boy off the pier. The s alty water that filled the mouth and nose later came to mind during teenage street fights. However, Gleb Pavlovsky studied well. Granite of science came easily to him.

The family loved to read. Books were everywhere, they were turned into a kind of deity. The cult of the printed word led to voracious reading. The works of Zhukovsky and Krylov's fables, Russian and foreign classics, and in general everything that could be bought, were read in this family. A cocktail of conclusions and conclusions excited the blood. The boy's father seemed old-fashioned, bourgeois, not understanding modern life.

In 1968, Gleb received a certificate of secondary education. There were no threes or fours. The young man is faced with the question of choosing a further path. He knew one thing for sure: he would not follow the path of his parents. A revolution was needed, a revolution in the planned fate of the Odessa citizen.


Pavlovsky Gleb chooses Odessa University. The Faculty of History seemed to the young man the most attractive. He enters the chosen faculty without any problems. History as a science has always attracted the attention of yesterday's schoolchildren. He liked to plunge into the world of ancient times, which were chronologically presented in the works of historians.

Pavlovsky Gleb

1968-1973 –wonderful student life. At that time, the revolutionary spirit permeated not only the air, but also the walls of the educational institution. The brainchild of 1968 can be called a revolutionary circle created by young people. Students tried to embody the ideas of the commune in their small team. The circle was called "SID" (subject of historical activity).

It was at the university that Gleb Pavlovsky tried his hand at journalism. While in his second year, he published the wall newspaper "XX Century". It was received ambiguously. Someone did not understand, someone admired. And the university party bureau removed it with a brief wording "For anarchism." The editor of the newspaper suffered for his offspring, he was expelled from the Komsomol.

Professional experiments

In 1973 student life ends. Pavlovsky Gleb receives a diploma in history, a standard blue book. And he goes to work as a history teacher at school. It was not possible to hold on to the first job for a long time. His passion for novelty books, especially forbidden ones, led to an acquaintance with the KGB. In 1974, a young teacher was arrested for possession and distribution of Solzhenitsyn's book The Gulag Archipelago. He confessed to everything and was released. He was insistently asked to leave the school.

Gleb Pavlovsky

Change life, break out of the circle of predictability of further events decides Gleb Pavlovsky. In order to achieve his goal, he moves to live in the capital. He decides to change his profession, acquires a working speci alty as a carpenter. From 1976 to 1982 he worked wherever he could find work. construction worker,a carpenter and even a lumberjack - and this is all a person with a higher historical education.

At this time, he finds a kindred spirit in the person of Mikhail Gefter. At the turn of the seventies and eighties, Gefter founded the free samizdat magazine Poisk. Despite the lack of a Moscow residence permit, he accepts his student as a co-editor. Five issues have been published. After that, the KGB arrested the head of the literary department, Valery Abramkin. Publishing activities were banned and the magazine was closed in 1981. A year and a half later, Gleb Pavlovsky was also arrested.

For cooperation with the investigation, the court replaces imprisonment with exile in the Komi ASSR. A three-year stay away from political centers forces him to find work in order to earn a living. Stoker, painter - these are the new professions that the dissident has learned.

Moscow again

Link ended. In December 1985, despite the ban on living in the capital, Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich returned to Moscow. Biography and life again makes a zigzag. I had to hide for a year. Soviet society does not need a person with a criminal record. The dissident community did not forgive the desecration of its main shrine - the idea of ​​confrontation. The search for work leads Gleb to a youth club on the Arbat, which processes letters coming from all sides of the USSR to the central newspapers. On its basis, the "Club of Social Initiatives" (CSI) is being created. Pavlovsky is one of its five co-founders.

Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich Russian political scientist

Editor of the journal "Century XX and the world" Anatoly Belyaev receivesPavlovsky to work. He took a risk: warming up a person with a criminal record and without a Moscow residence permit is akin to suicide. Since 1987, Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich has been a journalist for the information cooperative with the short name "Fact" under the leadership of Vladimir Yakovlev.

1989 - a journalist, historian, dissident goes on an independent voyage. He heads the magazine "Century of the XX and the World", creates the PostFactum news agency (Postfactum).

In the spring of 1994, Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich was again under investigation. A well-known journalist is accused of developing the analytical scenario "Version No. 1". The fictional story explores the possibility of an anti-presidential conspiracy in depth.

Approaching power

The next year 1995 brings a new idea and its realization. This is the year when the Fund for Effective Policy (FEP) was created. The new organization takes an active part in the elections to the State Duma. But the political association "Congress of Russian Communities" did not get the required number of votes to present their candidates to the Duma.

Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich is a well-known journalist

The presidential elections in 1996 gave a wide field for the development of the activities of the Effective Policy Foundation. He becomes the chief consultant of Boris Yeltsin's headquarters in the election campaign, works with the media.

Internet journalism

Catch the wind of change is not possible for everyone. Always guess the right direction, Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich can start to act actively. The Russian political scientist was one of the first to evaluatethe role of emerging journalism on the Internet. He creates a network "Russian Journal". He takes the position of editor-in-chief himself.

Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich, born in 1951

Informational sites are becoming another source of inspiration and profit. The most famous of them were, and The last two are under his personal control.

A place in the modern world

Today Gleb Olegovich is called differently. This is a political scientist and provocateur, philosopher and analyst, PR genius and manipulator. It is he who is credited with the loudest scandals of our time. Under his leadership, Berezovsky resigned. He controlled the targeted compromise of the wife of Moscow Mayor Luzhkov. But the main merit is considered to be the campaign to promote Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin and replace Boris Yeltsin. But Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich is not going to comment, deny or confirm these judgments. A well-known political scientist considers this not so important. According to him, he is just writing applied history.

Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich biography and life

Approaching the first people in the state remains the case under the first number. Today he is an adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration. A political scientist can give advice to VV Putin. The head of the Russian Federation listens to the recommendations of an experienced journalist and historian. The most important strategist of the Kremlin - such an honorary title was received by the presidential consultant from Time magazine.

Family and friends

Political career has developed successfully. Business is booming. MyselfPavlovsky says he can get by with little. But his family life does not have a predictable ending. Violent activity did not make Gleb Olegovich successful in creating a traditional union.

Gleb Olegovich married Olga Ilnitskaya for the first time while still a student. In marriage, a son, Sergei, was born. Before moving to Moscow in the mid-seventies, he gets divorced. Life in a family with a young child did not give space. Now the son is already an adult, he works in one of his father's online publications.

Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich journalist

With the rest of the children, such a close relationship did not work out. In total, he has five more children Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich. The personal life and career of a well-known political scientist and journalist developed dynamically. The warmest relations have been preserved with his ex-wife Olga.

The well-known political strategist does not have many friends. He carefully treats his few old and trusted comrades. Among them, the most famous is Valentin Yumashev.

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