What is rue and where can I find it?

What is rue and where can I find it?
What is rue and where can I find it?

Remember the song written by Vladimir Ivasyuk, "Chervona Ruta"? In the early seventies of the last century, she blew up the Soviet stage. It sang about a girl who walked through the forest at night in search of a magical herb - red rue. What is this plant and why did she need it so much? What is rue, you will learn from this article.

what is rue

Scented rue

Rue fragrant (or odorous) is a small perennial evergreen subshrub. This plant belongs to the rue family and grows on many continents of the globe, but still the Mediterranean is considered to be the birthplace of rue. The branches of this plant are strong, erect. The leaves are greenish-bluish in color. Their length is about 11 cm, and their width is 4 cm. Small yellow flowers are collected in clusters. The fruit is a spherical capsule filled with brown seeds. The seeds of the plant remain viable for up to five years. Ruta hasvery strong specific smell, it seems unpleasant to many. But when dried, the plant emits a delicate aroma of a rose and is widely used in the preparation of aromatic mixtures and as a seasoning.

Using rue

This plant is widely used by people in many areas of life. What is rue, landscape designers and florists are well aware of. They were the first to fall in love with this shrub for its short stature and unusually beautiful leaf color. Ruta looks very original on borders, rockeries or mixborders. The rue plant (photo presented in the article) creates the effect of airy, light beauty. Difficulties in growing and caring for this plant, as a rule, do not arise. The shrub grows on any soil, tolerates drought very well. The only thing is that rue is a plant that does not tolerate drafts and loves sunlight. Florists include dried flowers of this shrub in winter bouquets. Ruta has a deep religious meaning, as its flowers are shaped like a M altese cross. Shrub shoots are used to sprinkle the temple. Churches are also decorated with these flowers before major religious holidays. Rue is considered a symbol of bitterness and remorse. In Ukraine and Moldova, every unmarried girl grew this flower in her front garden to decorate her wedding wreath with it. According to ancient beliefs, rue helped win the heart of a loved one. And what is rue, fans of alternative medicine are well aware of. Since this plant is widely used in the practice of folk medicine.

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This plant can be grown both from seeds and layering. If you prefer the first option, you should take into account that the seeds germinate for a very long time (up to five months). And in the first year of life, the plant will give an increase of no more than 12 cm. It is better to germinate seeds in small boxes, and already strengthened shoots can be planted in a permanent habitat. As mentioned above, plant care is not a hassle. Watering and top dressing twice a year with a full range of fertilizers will give a good result.

rue plant

Chervona Ruta

From this article you learned what rue is. And in our time it is not at all necessary to look for it at night in the forests. Fortunately, now you can buy anything you want.

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