Holidays in the mountains in Switzerland. Swiss Alps

Holidays in the mountains in Switzerland. Swiss Alps
Holidays in the mountains in Switzerland. Swiss Alps

The nature of our planet is striking in its beauty and uniqueness. Absolutely every corner of the earth is distinguished by its special picturesqueness. Recently, tourists prefer to travel to those cities that have the sea and the beach. However, if you are tired of the bustle of the city and dream of spending your vacation in a quiet and incredibly beautiful place, and not sunbathing on the beach among the masses of other vacationers, then we recommend spending a weekend in the mountains in Switzerland. It is there that you can relax not only with your body, but also with your soul.

Location of the federal republic on the world map. Features of Switzerland

Switzerland on the map is distinguished primarily by the presence of three natural regions. It is believed that it is in this federal republic that about 6% of fresh water deposits are located. The highest point in Switzerland is the Peak Dufour. Its height is more than 4 thousand meters. The lowest is Lago Maggiore. It is located at a distance of almost 200 meters fromearth. Switzerland attracts tourists with its picturesque nature, high mountains and healing lakes. The latter were formed as a result of the break of glaciers. It is the Swiss lakes that are characterized by the presence of a huge amount of healing mud, which, as the locals say, can cure any disease.

Switzerland on the map

Switzerland on the map is also distinguished by the presence of a large number of forest areas. They occupy about 25% of the country's territory.


It is worth noting that the summer in Switzerland is quite hot. Daytime temperatures are around 35 degrees Celsius. The only escape from the summer heat is the Swiss Alps. There, the tourist will be able to stay in a small town, which is located at an altitude of just over 1000 meters. In this village, the traveler will be able to find a hotel, a large number of cafes, restaurants and sports shops. It is worth noting that most of the population are residents of retirement age.

We recommend staying at the Cambrian Hotel. It is this hotel that stands out for its rooms with superb views of the Swiss Alps. Even the most demanding tourist will be satisfied. It is also worth noting that at the foot of the Swiss Alps you can buy cheese that the locals are proud of. It is completely natural and environmentally friendly. You will definitely like this purchase.

Swiss Alps

Incredible fact

In 2011, after a lot of research, scientists came to the conclusion that the Swiss Alpsare still in the process of being formed. This is no coincidence, because every year their height increases by 1 millimeter. Experts believe that, most likely, with a powerful earthquake, the growth rate will increase significantly. After that, the height of the Swiss Alps will be about seven thousand meters. Scientists believe that this will happen in about a couple of million years.


The Matterhorn is located near the Swiss-Italian border. Its height is almost 4.5 thousand meters. A huge number of books have been written about this mountain. It impresses with its beauty and bizarre shape. Mount Matterhorn attracts not only tourists, but also climbers. Sometimes there are even long queues. However, it is worth noting that the mountain is quite loose and for this reason rockfalls sometimes occur there. That is why we strongly recommend climbing it only in the presence of an experienced guide.

Matterhorn mountain


The Jungfrau and the area around it is quite a popular holiday destination. Here you can not only walk, but also ride a bike. In total, about 80 routes of various lengths pass through the mountain. An undoubted advantage is the presence of viewing platforms. There, every tourist can make a h alt and get a better look at the mountain peaks of Switzerland.

Few people know, but it is on the Jungfrau mountain that the highest railway station is located. There tourists can visit restaurants, cafes and small souvenir shops. Also exactlyThis amazing station houses the Ice Museum. In it, tourists can see a wide variety of sculptures of people and animals.

On the observation deck, which is located on top of the mountain, many people feel dizzy from the fresh air. We strongly recommend that you be careful not to approach the very edge. Few people know, but the Jungfrau mountain was inscribed on the UNESCO heritage list 15 years ago.

swiss mountain peaks


Mount Eiger is located in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. Its height is almost 4 thousand meters. For the first time conquered the top of the mountain in 1858. The weather on the Eiger is almost always bad. Surprisingly, the mountain is completely covered in ice. Climbing the slopes of the Eiger is only for experienced climbers. This is no coincidence. The Eiger is one of the ten most dangerous peaks. Few people know, but the name itself testifies to this. Eiger means "cannibal" in German. The most dangerous area on it is considered a deadly wall with a length of 2 kilometers. Often at this interval of the mountain, ice blocks are sprinkled, which, of course, pose a danger to the he alth and life of tourists. Already during the very first ascent of the Eiger, more than 60 people died. It is worth noting that there are only two routes for beginners on Mount Eiger. The remaining 20 are for experienced climbers only.

Bernina massif and Niederhorn rock

The Bernina massif is the highest in the Eastern Alps. Its peaks rise 4,000 meters above sea level. This mountain range is one ofthe most isolated. Bernina has over 100 glaciers.

jungfrau mountain

The Niederhorn is located in the western part of Switzerland. Its height is almost 2 thousand meters. From the top of the cliff you have a great view of Lake Thun and the Alps. The path to the mountain was laid in 1946. At the same time, a playground and a small restaurant were installed there. Today, the first cable car is no longer in use. Built newer and stronger. It is worth noting that today there are a large number of cafes, shops, as well as a cozy and comfortable hotel.

Mount Niederhorn attracts tourists with a large number of caves. There is a legend that a hermit used to live in them, who completely equipped them for himself. Few people know, but quite recently a park was built near the caves, on the territory of which there are not only a large number of restaurants, but also viewing platforms that are located above the waterfalls. This view will not leave indifferent any tourist.

Mount Eiger

Climate of the mountain range in spring

Switzerland is not only about quality watches, delicious cheese and chocolate. First of all, it is an incredibly amazing and beautiful country with a lot of attractions. If you decide to spend your vacation there, then you need to study the climate in advance at any time of the year. You can find this information in our article.

In the spring in the mountains in Switzerland, the air temperature is 8-9 degrees Celsius. March is the most changeable month. ATmountains in early spring is still quite cold. In April, the land in Switzerland begins to warm up. The air temperature ranges from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius, depending on the area. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is April in Switzerland that is the month of flowering plants. If you decide to visit the mountain range at this time, then do not forget to take an umbrella, because the middle of spring is characterized by a lot of precipitation.

May in the mountains in Switzerland is characterized by already quite warm weather. The air temperature is around 18-19 degrees Celsius. Many ski resorts close their season, although some still have snow.

Switzerland climate in summer

Switzerland has quite humid air in summer. The air temperature during the day ranges from 19 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is worth noting that the climate is warmer in the south. There, the air temperature in Celsius is about 32 degrees. It is worth emphasizing that the air in the mountains is quite humid. It is for this reason that we recommend that you, despite the summer, take a large number of warm clothes with you. They will definitely come in handy.

In July, the active swimming season begins. As we said earlier, there are a large number of healing lakes in Switzerland. The water temperature in July ranges from 20 to 23 degrees Celsius. It is believed that summer is the most optimal time for a holiday in Switzerland.

bernina mountain range

Climate in Switzerland in autumn

It is quite warm in the mountains in Switzerland in early autumn. However the dayis already decreasing and the wind is getting cooler. The air temperature in September is 18 degrees Celsius, and in November about 7. It is believed that November is the worst month for a holiday. At this time in Switzerland it is cloudy, cold and windy. Light frosts are also possible. It is worth noting that in November in Switzerland evening comes quite early. It is for this reason that many tourists spend the day in bars and restaurants. The ski season opens only at the end of the month.

Climate in Switzerland in winter

Mountains in Switzerland cover more than half of the total area. Winter is cold there. The temperature ranges from -10 to +3 degrees Celsius. There is snow everywhere. However, at this time of the year it is worth traveling only with a professional guide. This is not accidental, because by choosing the wrong path, you risk falling under an avalanche. Few people know, but the lower the ski resort is, the more nebula there is. On the higher slopes, the sun almost always shines. It is believed that the most successful time for skiing is the entire winter period and the first week of March.

It is worth noting that getting to Switzerland is quite simple. You can choose between train, bus and plane. Their starting point is in Moscow. For example, a flight by plane will take no more than four hours. Surprisingly, snow in Zermatt lies all year round. When you come to Switzerland for a vacation, you will definitely never forget it.

Summing up

Switzerland is a magnificent country, most of whose territory is occupied by mountain ranges. The climate is enoughvarious. It is for this reason that Switzerland will appeal to absolutely any tourist. Landscapes of the country also will not leave anyone indifferent. Having come here once, you will definitely want to come back again. The winter resort will suit more active tourists, and the summer resort will be optimal for those who decide to escape from the bustle of the city and dissolve in nature. Healing lakes and mountain air will surely appeal to those who take care of their he alth and body. Switzerland is quite a multifaceted country. That is why it will appeal to any traveler.

However, it is worth paying your attention to the fact that it is quite dangerous in the mountains. Failure to comply with safety precautions can lead to undesirable consequences. As we said earlier, it is advisable to travel only with a qualified and experienced guide. Thanks to this, you will be sure that you are walking only on safe and sustainable roads. Travel with pleasure!

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