List of Tatar curses and their translation

List of Tatar curses and their translation
List of Tatar curses and their translation

It is human nature to express one's emotions out loud. To this end, many swear words and expressions have been created and interpreted in all languages ​​of the world. The Tatars were no exception and came up with their own, unique Tatar curses.

Fancy "infidel" expressions

The etymology of obscene words goes far into the past. What is considered obscene and condemned today was once used in pagan rites. The designation of male and female genital organs had a sacred meaning, personified fertility, and therefore the prosperity of all things. Over time, these words changed their function and began to be used as basic curses with many forms and declensions.

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Tatar swear words are closely related to Russian profanity. The main words here are also the names of the reproductive organs. There is an opinion that the Russian language is rich in obscene language. Tatar is not left behind. In his arsenal there is a huge number of words and speechturns, which form original curses in the Tatar language.

Tatar profanity

How exactly does obscene language sound in Tatar? This list is varied, but among them are the most popular curses in the Tatar language with translation. Most of them are rude and obscene, so their Russian counterparts will be given in a slightly lighter version.

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Swear words in Tatar

Here is an extensive list of them.

  • Kyut segesh - extreme fatigue after long and tiring work.
  • Engre Betek is a stupid person.
  • Kutak cheeselama! – Don't get on my nerves, don't "make" my brain!
  • Avyzygyzga tekerep siim - usually pronounced when nothing works out and it seems that life is going downhill.
  • Avyzny yab! – Shut your mouth!
  • Kyup suze - boog suze - it is better to remain silent than to offend someone severely.
  • Chukyngan, zhyafa is a narrow-minded, stupid, stupid person. Initially, the word "chukyngan" was translated as "baptized", later it began to be used as an insult.
  • Duana is a fool.
  • Bashhead is a crazy person who does not think about the consequences of his actions.
  • Pinuk chite is a softened swear word that can literally be translated as “stupid”.
  • Enenen kute - similar to the Russian "pancake".
  • Minem bot arasynda suyr ele - used as a rude refusal of a request when you don’t feel like it or are too lazy to fulfill it.
  • Kutak bash –swear word, has several literal translations and meanings. Usually used when they want to get rid of a person or simply send him "to the bath".
  • Uram seberkese, kentei koerygy, fahishya - a girl of easy virtue, a harlot, a "night butterfly".
  • Kyut - the designation of the "fifth point".
  • Pitak, plague, badak - the designation of the female genital organ.
  • Segesh, haryaschiryabyz - have sex.
  • Segep vatu - rowdy, destroy everything in its path.
  • Segep aldau - deceive, fool.
  • Kutak syrlau - masturbate.
  • Sekterergya - to laugh, to mock someone.
  • Kutagymamy - used as an obscene interrogative pronoun (why, why on earth?).
  • Kutagym - used as an introductory word, interjection or exclamation.
  • Sekten! – You got it already!
  • Kutyak baaish, Kutakka bar ele!– Go "to the bath", "to hell"!
  • Amaves is a sick person.
  • Kutlyak is a female dog.
  • Kutak - male sexual organ.
  • Segelme! – Don’t lie!
  • Kutaklashu is an expression of sincere and genuine surprise.
  • Segten inde mine, ychkyn mynan kutakka! – You got me, go to all four sides!
  • Ekarny Babai is a grandfather with an unhe althy attraction to small children.

A close intertwining of two languages

Obscene language in Tatar

Russian and Tatar languages ​​have always closely coexisted with each other and borrowed words from each other. In the twentieth century,some linguists even formed the opinion that Tatar curses (or rather, Tatar-Mongolian) became a source for Russian obscene language. Today, many experts recognize this version as erroneous, since the Russian mat has pronounced Slavic roots. However, the Russian language nevertheless borrowed some expressions, for example, such a common expression as “ekar babai”. Other Tatar swear words with translations from the list above are used only by native speakers.

Swearing Tatar in Russia

The Republic of Tatarstan is part of the Russian Federation, and the Tatars have long begun to consider themselves true Russians. Most of the population of the region speaks and swears in Russian. Some native Tatars mix two languages ​​in everyday life, aptly diluting their speech with biting Russian obscenities. Purely Tatar is spoken and cursed only in small villages, whose inhabitants do not speak Russian well or do not know it at all, for example, some elderly people.

Curses in Tatar

Despite their dubious popularity, Tatar curses remain part of the national language, giving it a peculiar flavor and distinguishing it from many other languages ​​spoken on the territory of a vast country.

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