Israeli Consulate in St. Petersburg. Address and work schedule

Israeli Consulate in St. Petersburg. Address and work schedule
Israeli Consulate in St. Petersburg. Address and work schedule

The Consulate of Israel in St. Petersburg is part of the diplomatic mission of the State of Israel in Russia. This division is one of the youngest in the city, it was opened in the wake of improving relations between the two countries in 2011. In addition to standard consular duties, the St. Petersburg branch is faced with image and culture-trading tasks. The cultural department, the department of education and science, as well as the repatriation commission are actively working at the consulate, helping the Jews of St. Petersburg return to their historical homeland.

Israeli Consulate in St. Petersburg. History

Relations between Russia and Israel were restored in 1991 after a long break. The opening of the St. Petersburg consulate was timed to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations.

Thus, the Israeli Consulate General in St. Petersburg became the first consulate in all of Central and Eastern Europe and the first branch of the embassy in Russia outsideMoscow. In response, the Russian Federation opened a consulate general in Haifa.

Russian and Israeli leaders

Consulate Tasks

For a long time, a significant Jewish community lived in St. Petersburg, and to this day the Great Choral Synagogue and several prayer houses operate in the city. In addition, several important non-religious cultural organizations operate.

The Consulate helps coordinate the activities of various Jewish structures and oversees its own projects. In addition, it is actively engaged in outreach activities among the local population, promoting cooperation in the field of culture, education, humanitarian activities and science.

On the official website of the Israeli Consulate in St. Petersburg, you can always find up-to-date information about such cultural events supported by the diplomatic mission as exhibitions of Israeli artists, theatrical performances and reviews of educational programs.

Despite all the difficulties that exist in bilateral relations, daily routine work contributes to mutual understanding between citizens and deepening cooperation.

Russian-Israeli cooperation

Address and opening hours

Like any other diplomatic institution, the Israeli consulate is engaged in the legalization of documents, registration of citizens and issuance of certificates. Since an agreement was signed between the Russian Federation and Israel on mutual visa-free trips of citizens, the Russians can notapply to the consulate for a short-term tourist visa.

The exact address of the Consulate General looks like this: St. Petersburg, PO Box 28, st. Khersonskaya 12-14, BC "Renaissance Pravda". It is open for visitors from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 13.30.

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