Tramp is The meaning of the word

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Tramp is The meaning of the word
Tramp is The meaning of the word

It often happens that we understand the approximate meaning of a word, but when we are asked to explain it, we hesitate and get lost, not knowing what to say. Something similar happens, for example, with the word "tramp". It's obvious that it has something to do with bare feet, but how? It is necessary to deal with this in more detail. A tramp is just someone who walks barefoot? But why then is it used in a negative sense?

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The lexical meaning of the word "tramp"

To be able to explain a word to another person, you need to figure it out yourself. The easiest way to find out what a word means is the explanatory dictionary. According to him, "tramp" is:

  • Degraded, impoverished person from the "declassed" sections of society.
  • A person without a place of residence.
  • Raggedy.
  • Sometimes a bully.

As you can understand, a "tramp" is any poor person walking around the world "barefoot". In addition, with the dataword and its cognate "relatives" there are a number of frequently used expressions, and simply examples that help to learn its use. For example:

  • dressed like a tramp;
  • leads a barefoot lifestyle;
  • destroyed house served as a shelter for tramps;
  • looks like a tramp.
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The roots and history of the "tramp". Different versions

Most often, tramps were called people who have no place of residence and work, surviving odd jobs and wandering from bunkhouse to bunkhouse, so poor that they always and everywhere went barefoot (therefore, they have one root - "bos").

According to another version, the word "tramp" comes from port loaders. Allegedly, they worked barefoot and also slept without shoes, laying down in those places where they could be hired, and on their feet they wrote the price for which they were ready to work. The employer had already seen the price in advance, and he had only to wake up the necessary tramp loader and immediately give him the task. Bargaining after the wake-up call was extremely undesirable - because of the heavy and sometimes quick-tempered nature of the port inhabitants.

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