Actor Matt Damon: biography, personal life. Top Movies

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Actor Matt Damon: biography, personal life. Top Movies
Actor Matt Damon: biography, personal life. Top Movies

Matt Damon is an American actor whose star lit up thanks to the movie Good Will Hunting. In this drama, he played a man with phenomenal abilities. "The Bourne Identification", "Saving Private Ryan", "The Departed", "The Third Extra", "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Jersey Girl" - famous paintings with Matt's participation can be listed for a long time. What else can you tell about a simple American guy who managed to become a movie star?

Matt Damon: the beginning of the journey

The performer of the role of Will Hunting was born in Massachusetts, there was a joyful event in October 1970. Matt Damon was born in the family of a tax inspector and a teacher; there are no movie stars among his relatives. The actor's pedigree includes Scots, English and Finns, while he considers himself an American. Matt's older brother Kyle has made good progress as a sculptor.

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Matt was barely two years old when his mother and father separated, he and his brother Kyle stayed with their mother. Familyconstantly needed money, but the childhood of the actor was happy. He grew up as a persistent, purposeful and stubborn boy, he always tried to achieve what he wanted. Damon was fond of sports, even at one time dreamed of becoming a basketball player.

Meet Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a man who played an important role in the life of an actor. Matt Damon met him as a child, they were neighbors. Soon Ben became his best friend, the boys spent a lot of time together. Once they even went to New York secretly from their parents and took part in the Mickey Mouse Show contest, but the victory was waiting for other applicants.

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In their senior year, Matt and Ben starred in their first commercial, which was filmed to promote a supermarket. The fee was two hundred dollars, then it seemed to teenagers that this was an astronomical amount. After leaving school, the paths of friends parted for a while. Matt Damon succumbed to the persuasion of his mother and entered Harvard. However, he never graduated from this educational institution, since he liked to study screenwriting courses much more. In search of fame, the future performer of the role of Will Hunting went to New York.

First roles

Damon Matt first appeared on the set in 1988. He made his film debut in Mystic Pizza. The novice actor got a small role, his hero utters only one line. Then the young man appeared in episodes of the drama "Good Mother", the comedy "Jolly Days", the film "Son is a Rising Star". In "School Connections"the young man portrayed a key character, but the audience and critics still did not notice him.

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The first major achievement of the actor - shooting in the western "Geronimo: American Legend". The picture “Courage in Battle” helped him to consolidate his success, for the sake of participation in which he agreed to lose forty pounds. In preparation for the role, Matt jogged daily and restricted his diet.

Good Will Hunting

Thanks to "Courage in Battle" Damon Matt has become a sought-after actor. However, a series of unsuccessful roles followed in the films Chasing the Emmy, The Benefactor, The Rosie O'Donnell Show. Then Matt, along with his old friend Ben, wrote his own script.

Many studios wanted to shoot the drama Good Will Hunting, but no one agreed to approve little-known actors for the roles of key characters. Damon and Affleck persisted, and the film was eventually filmed at Miramax Studios. Matt got the main role, his hero was a guy named Will, who has phenomenal abilities, but does not know how to benefit from it. The film collected more than two hundred million at the box office, and the leading actors became stars overnight.

The best films with his participation

Damon Matt is an actor who can be seen in many famous films. In the military drama Saving Private Ryan by Spielberg, he embodied the image of a soldier James Ryan. Three brothers of the hero became victims of the war, and he himself is behind enemy lines. The authorities decided to save the private anddeliver him to his inconsolable mother. For this, a squad of several people sets out on a dangerous journey.

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Then Damon starred in Rounders, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Dogma, Indomitable Hearts, Ocean's Eleven. One of the best films with his participation is The Bourne Identity. Matt in this picture played the role of an FBI agent who loses his memory. Then he played in "Jersey Girl", "Confession of a Dangerous Man", "The Brothers Grimm". Success was won by the films "False Temptation" and "The Departed" with his participation.

Where else did Damon Matt star? The films "The Martian", "Jason Bourne", "Interstellar", "Treasure Hunters" should definitely be seen by fans of the actor.

Private life

Matt is a man who has been lucky in his personal life as well. For several years now, he has been happily married to the charming Spaniard Luciana Burrows, a famous designer. The couple has four children.

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