Transport infrastructure of Russia and prospects for its development

Transport infrastructure of Russia and prospects for its development
Transport infrastructure of Russia and prospects for its development

Transport infrastructure is a complex complex that includes all types of transport: sea, rail, road, pipeline and river. It is she who ensures the exchange of goods and services and even helps people to see new places (and meet new people). The transport infrastructure of Russia is of strategic importance for the functioning of the country as a whole and its individual regions, therefore, in April 2013, the program for its development until 2020 was revised. It examines the advantages and disadvantages of each individual means of moving goods and passengers, on the basis of which the scope of its application in the national economy is planned.

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Transport infrastructure is an industry that, according to Oleg Belozerov, Russian Minister of Transport, is experiencing chronicunderfunding, so it simply cannot have any reserves of stability in our difficult times. Nevertheless, the development of the economy in difficult conditions after joining the Common Economic Space and joining the World Trade Organization depends on it. And the country's transport infrastructure (more than ever) needs a comprehensive and systematic development that could bring all sectors of the national economy to a completely new level. The main goal today should be to ensure the synchronism and balance of measures for its modernization. Equally important is the creation of a unified system to control the implementation of program tasks.

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As mentioned above, the transport infrastructure and each of its individual elements have their own characteristics that must be taken into account when choosing an effective means of transporting a particular cargo. For example, rail transport is cheaper than others, but requires large capital investments at the initial stage (for the construction of a track for trains to follow). But the transport system does not consist of only one element. There is also maritime transport, which has the largest throughput and low cost, but is highly dependent on navigational and geographical conditions. But the river is used most often for internal transportation (due to the seasonality of its work and the low speed of movement of goods that it provides). As for transportation by road, it is most rational to carry it out only onshort distances. In addition, the condition of the road surface in Russia leaves much to be desired. With regard to air transport, today the implementation of transportation with its help is too much fun. Therefore, despite the extremely high speed of delivery, it remains one of the most unpopular means of moving goods over long distances.

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Each company independently decides which type of transport is the most rational in its activities. Often, a lot depends on this decision in its future fate, because ensuring profitability is the main goal for any business entity.

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