What is the climate like in Egypt throughout the year?

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What is the climate like in Egypt throughout the year?
What is the climate like in Egypt throughout the year?

What is the climate in Egypt, that it is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world, as it allows you to taste the delights of resort life throughout the year. The spring months and the period from September to October are considered optimally comfortable for relaxation, while November-April are characterized by increasing winds, which still do not prevent vacationers from enjoying sunny days and warm sea.

What is the climate in Egypt: dry or wet?

Summer months in Egypt are characterized by dryness and high temperatures, which are especially noticeable against the backdrop of low humidity and rare precipitation. In winter, temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius, but for the local population, such conditions seem quite invigorating, so deserted beaches in January and February are a familiar pattern. A surprise awaits vacationers after sunset. The thermometer in the evening drops sharply by 10 degrees andmore.

Special influence on the climatic conditions of the country have frequent winds, which periodically turn into dust storms. They can last for several days without lowering the air temperature. Only the rains are exotic for the locals - sometimes they don't see them for years.

The greatest chance of precipitation remains in the Nile Delta and in the main territory of the state, while the desert regions suffer from constant drought, and at the resort in Hurghada they go only two or three days in January.

Egypt's geographic location makes it an ideal holiday destination throughout the year. To make your vacation perfect, you just need to choose the most suitable and convenient region for yourself.

What is the climate in Egypt in summer? Since many have vacations and vacations in the summer, they do not have to choose. The temperature rarely drops below 40 degrees, and air conditioners work around the clock. But the water in the sea heats up to 35 degrees.

Holidays in Hurghada

Features of holidays in Hurghada

A trip to Hurghada in the spring can bring some discomfort due to strong winds coming from the Sahara. The gusts do not reduce the intensity of the sun's rays, but some windy days, starting in March, annoy tourists who go for walks on the sea. Although they delight kitesurfers and windsurfers.

When tourists ask about the climate in Egypt and in what month it is better for them to come here, you need to consider that in different seasons the weather can be verydiffer. But throughout the year, tourists are waiting for interesting excursions, excellent service at the hotel, discos. The city has a huge number of diving centers, which can be used by both experienced athletes and those who have never dived before.


Dahab beach

What is the climate in Egypt in Dahab? This is traditionally the most popular place among divers, which is also famous for its moderate northerly winds. They allow vacationers to feel the freshness of the sea at any time of the day. This region is optimal for surfers, as the geographical location contributes to the creation of beautiful and safe waves, allowing you to stay in the open sea for a long time without any problems.

The uniqueness of Sharm El Sheikh

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh

Due to the location of this resort in the depths of the Sinai Peninsula, it is protected from winds and sudden temperature changes. In order to avoid a negative impression of the holiday, people with heart diseases should not go to Sharm at the height of summer, when dry air and terrible heat will make even the most hardy lovers of exotic holidays feel uncomfortable.

What is the soil, sea, mountains, climate in Egypt?

All major resorts in Egypt are located near the Red Sea, but not far from Alexandria, there are excellent hotels on the Mediterranean coast. It is difficult to say specifically what the climate is in all of Egypt, since the country has a large extent from north to south. Each area has its own characteristics.

Desert Safari

Fertile lands along the Nile give way to lifeless patches of rocky desert where nothing grows without artificial irrigation.

Humidity rarely rises above 50%, but rarely rises to 80%. When the wind blows from the desert, it can drop to critically low levels.

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