34th mountain brigade: description, strength and functions

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34th mountain brigade: description, strength and functions
34th mountain brigade: description, strength and functions

In the 19th century, the imperial army was opposed by groups of Imam Shamil, who were very easy to navigate in the highlands. It was then, according to historians, that there was an urgent need for a mountain paramilitary formation. In 1858, after another military clash of groups with Russian soldiers, they created the Storozhevaya village. The 34th mountain brigade is considered the final stage in the formation of a mountain paramilitary unit. Initially, Russian hussars served in the village, today they are motorized rifles with serious armored vehicles. You will learn about the history of creation, functions and weapons of the 34th separate motorized rifle mountain brigade from this article.

Introduction to formation

The 34th separate motorized rifle mountain brigade is a mountain unit assigned to the Ground Forces of the Russian Armed Forces. It is part of the combined arms army No. 49 in the Southern Militarydistrict. The 34th motorized rifle mountain brigade is conventionally referred to as the 34th Motorized Rifle Brigade (g). The servicemen serve in military unit No. 01485. The 34th mountain brigade is based in Karachay-Cherkessia, in the village of Storozhevaya-2 in the Zelenchuksky district. There is no exact information on the number of military personnel. Presumably, as in any other brigade, from 1 to 4 thousand people serve. Today, the command of this military formation is carried out by Dmitriev S.A. in the rank of colonel.


According to experts, most of the motorized rifle brigades were created from existing divisions and regiments during the reform of the Armed Forces. Judging by the reviews, the 34th mountain brigade was created from scratch. The 34th Motorized Rifle Brigade differs from other similar motorized rifle formations in that people with industrial or sports mountaineering training pass military service in it. This formation controls the West Caucasian passes, namely Klukhorsky and Marukhsky. Compulsory mountain training is provided for military personnel of all units of the 34th Motorized Rifle Brigade.

34 separate motorized rifle brigade mountain reviews

Judging by the reviews, the 34th separate motorized rifle mountain brigade is sometimes sent to joint exercises with similar units from Pakistan, India, Italy and other states.

Beginning of brigade formation

According to experts, the main prerequisite for the creation of the 34th mountain brigade was the confrontation with the armed groups of Shamil. The imam's fighters, unlike Russian soldiers, could easilynavigate in the mountains. Soon after Circassia became part of the Russian Empire, there was a need for reliable protection of the borders. For this purpose, a Watchtower was created. Border protection was provided by Russian hussars. Some time later, namely in 1868, other villages were formed, which, as paramilitary units, were assigned to the B altapashevsky department. It existed, according to historians, until 1920

Further development

In 2003, the military leadership of Russia decided to use army number 58 as the basis for military unit No. 01485. In 2005, military camps began to be built near Makhachkala. The very next year, the village of Storozhevaya functioned as an independent military unit. At the end of June 2006, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin issued a decree on the formation of the 34th Motorized Rifle Brigade (g). By the beginning of December 2007, the 34th mountain brigade was finally completed. Equipping the garrison and the military camp at the place where it is deployed today was completed by 2008.

34 separate motorized rifle brigade mountain

About combat use

Judging by the reviews, the 34th motorized rifle mountain brigade was involved during the Olympic Games in Sochi. Also, the fighters of the 34th Motorized Rifle Brigade (g) took part in the armed conflict in South Ossetia. In history, this event is known as the Five Day War. The officers and soldiers carried out several successful military operations in the Marukh and Klukhor passes. After a sharp aggravation of the Georgian-Ossetianconflict, namely, the massive shelling of the capital of South Ossetia by Georgia, Russian troops entered the region to support the South Ossetian and Abkhazian armed formations. In a few days, the Georgian army was forced out of the Kodori Gorge. As a result, it was possible to temporarily occupy the regions of Georgia adjacent to the conflict zone. After the signing of the peace plan, South Ossetia and Abkhazia became independent states.


34th Separate Mountain Brigade conducts combat and reconnaissance operations in mountainous areas. In addition, military climbers are trained in this brigade. According to experts, the 34th Mountain Brigade and the FSB Border Service are in close cooperation.

34 motorized rifle brigade mountain reviews

On the organizational structure

The composition of the 34th mountain brigade is represented by the following units:

  • Brigade management.
  • Separate mountain motorized rifle battalion No. 1001. Stationed in military unit No. 33182.
  • Separate mountain battalion of motorized riflemen No. 1021. Based in military unit 33228.
  • Separate howitzer self-propelled artillery battalion 491. Assigned to military unit No. 47004.
  • Separate reconnaissance mountain battalion No. 1199. Location - military unit 33835.
  • FPS station No. 33 (military unit No. 33508).
  • Communicators battalion.
  • An anti-aircraft missile and artillery battery.
  • Electronic Warfare Company.
  • Engineer-sapper company.
  • Two companies,responsible for repairs and logistics.
  • Pack and transport platoon. Has 56 horses.
  • Veterinary station.
  • Medical company.
  • Operational dressing platoon.
  • Sanitary Evacuation Platoon.
  • Military band.
  • Commandant's platoon.
  • Administrative Department of the Chief of Air Defense.
  • A platoon providing radiation, chemical and biological protection.
  • Administrative platoon of the artillery commander.
  • Editing and printing.
  • Polygon.
  • Administrative platoon of the head of the intelligence department.
  • Food and clothing service of 20 soldiers.
  • A special unit that uses guard dogs.

About weapons

The 34th Motorized Rifle Brigade (g) has the following armored vehicles:

  • Soviet amphibious armored personnel carriers MT-6LB. The brigade is currently armed with 7 units.
  • Floating Soviet-made armored personnel carriers MT-LBVMK in the amount of 7 pcs. and MT-LBu (8 units).
  • 2B11 transportable mortars (9 pcs.).
  • 152mm 2S3 howitzers (9 guns).
  • KAM-AZ 5350 (8 pcs.).
  • Armored personnel carriers of 1980 release (8 units).
  • IMR2 M2 engineering tanks (8 units).
  • Command and staff vehicles. The brigade has 8 such vehicles.

About living conditions

Despite the fact that military camps for military unit No. 01485 were built recently, living conditions, judging by the reviews, are quitecomfortable. Kubrick barracks are provided for military personnel. One cabin is designed for four people.

34 separate mountain brigade

There is a shower room with a toilet, several beds, bedside tables and one closet for a military uniform. The hostel also has a gym equipped with various exercise machines.

34 mountain brigade in Karachay-Cherkessia

According to eyewitnesses, there are also tables for billiards and tennis. A player and a TV set were installed in the rest room. Civilians work in the canteen of the military unit. If desired, you can get a paid meal in the tea buffet. Several terminals have been installed on the territory of the military unit, through which a serviceman can replenish a bank account. Terminals work with a commission of 6%. Conscripts receive payments once a month. Those who serve on a contract basis receive money twice a month. The commander of the unit confiscates mobile phones and other means of communication from the soldiers. Military personnel have telephones only on weekends. In order not to overpay for roaming, the management of the unit advises connecting to regional operators. In the military unit there is a bath-laundry plant and a club from which you can access the Internet. Those who serve on a contract basis can get housing in a military camp, namely in a hostel where officers live. Judging by the reviews of eyewitnesses, the leadership took care of the family military personnel: there is a school, a kindergarten and a supermarket on the territory of the military unit. The 34th Motorized Rifle Brigade (g) has its own sports complex.

34 mountain brigade reviews

For the training of personnel in climbing skills, the unit provided the only indoor climbing wall in Russia. You can fix the result on a special obstacle course.


According to eyewitnesses, each fighter of the 34th Motorized Rifle Brigade (g) must undergo 128 hours of special training, after which the serviceman will have primary mountaineering skills. In addition, the soldiers are taught geography. Instructors talk about how to behave in mountainous terrain and use special equipment. On the equipped section of the mountain river, servicemen learn to overcome obstacles. In summer, such an obstacle is a strong current, in winter - a frozen water surface. The fighters are given special studded shoes in which they learn to move on the ice. According to experts, the peculiarity of military unit No. 01485 is the presence of a pack-transport platoon. Horses of special breeds are selected there, able to easily adapt to the conditions of the mountains and overcome over 90 km at a 5-kilometer altitude during the day. One animal is able to transport cargo, namely, food and small arms with a total mass of 300 kg. For a platoon, the Karachai and Mongolian breeds of horses are chosen. Both are considered quite hardy. According to experts, the Karachays are more accustomed to the mountains than the Mongolians. However, the latter can move faster. During the exercises, animals are divided into several groups and connected with a special rope.This platoon has been trained for at least 200 hours.

34 motorized rifle brigade mountain

Shooting skills are mastered at the brigade shooting range. There are trenches, various targets, bullet catchers and caponiers. 114-hour training is provided for motorized rifle units.

Advice for parents

Who wants to visit his son, they can do it during the oath. In other cases, your visits to the military unit will first have to be coordinated with the command of the military unit. You can also send a parcel and a letter to a soldier. To do this, indicate the address of the unit: Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Zelenchuksky district, village Storozhevaya No. 2, military unit No. 01485, index 369162. Next, you need to indicate the platoon and company where the fighter is serving, as well as the full name of the recipient. The post office is located at 15 Gornaya Street. The post office is open from 9 am to 6 pm. Days off - Sunday and Monday. Lunch break - from 2 to 4 p.m.

How to get there?

Judging by the reviews of eyewitnesses, it is most convenient to come to the military unit from Cherkessk or Zelenchuk. A bus runs from Cherkessk to the village of Storozheva at 11 am, from Zelenchuk at 9:00. In this case, you will have to walk 10 km from the village to military unit No. 01485.

In order not to go from Novomyssk, many hire a private taxi or use their own transport. You can also catch a ride. You can stay at a hotel in the village of Storozheva. If the commandant allows, then you can temporarily move into a hostel for officers. Somerent rooms in the private sector in Cherkessk or in another nearby settlement, such as Arkhyz or Khabez.

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