The most expensive gun in the world: photo, name, estimated cost

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The most expensive gun in the world: photo, name, estimated cost
The most expensive gun in the world: photo, name, estimated cost

According to experts, the price of a hunting rifle directly depends on how well it is made. However, the value of a rifle unit is also affected by its history. For the opportunity to become the owner of rare weapons, some we althy people are willing to pay a lot of money. Mostly for such a consumer, weapons are just a hobby. Such owners of shooting units will not use them for their intended purpose. Most likely, they are members of separate communities of lovers of rare firearms, and keep their collection in safe safes. What is the most expensive gun in the world? At auctions, the cost of one such rifle unit can reach several hundred thousand dollars. Nevertheless, in an effort to replenish their collection with the most presentable model and outperform competitors, the rich are not stingy. The top most expensive hunting rifles in the world are presented in thisarticle.

IVO Fabbri 12 G

Judging by the reviews, this is a true work of art. It is noteworthy that this rifle unit is completely made by hand. According to weapons specialists, the model is equipped with a complex and perfect mechanism. In the course of manufacturing, the craftsmen of the Italian company Fabbri use a unique vacuum-thermal technology. To increase the operational resource, the technology provides for the use of a special diamond coating, which is applied to the trunks. In addition, a skillfully executed case is attached to the gun. These guns are made to order.

most expensive hunting rifles in the world

If the client has a desire, then he can personally be present during the manufacture of this weapon, choose a design on his own, and also discuss with the master all his questions. The owners of such models are the Spanish monarch Juan Carlos and Steven Spielberg. The IVO Fabbri 12 G is not the most expensive shotgun in the world. It costs from 190 thousand US dollars. The only drawback of this rifle unit is not at all its high cost, but that the customer has to wait several years.


The hunting model is made by employees of the Purdey gun company. Hence the name of the gun. According to experts, this company has been supplying military products for 200 years. Shooting units from this manufacturer were made for many crowned persons. For example, one of the most expensive guns in the world was owned by the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Like the previousmodel, this rifle unit is also made by hand on a personal order. According to experts, Purdey is inferior to shotguns from other manufacturers with its technical characteristics. Nevertheless, this model is very skillfully made and, due to its refined appearance, is quite expensive. You can become the owner of this shooting product for 195 thousand dollars.

most expensive shotgun in the world


Produced by the Italian company Fabbri. The peculiarity of this rifle unit is that it was made in only a few copies, which emphasizes its individuality. The gun is made exclusively from high-alloy Inox steel. For the manufacture of pads, craftsmen use a special titanium alloy, which is pre-processed on expensive machines. According to experts, the leading detail in Fabbri's Over-Under is the bed. During the manufacture of this element, the head of the company is present. Turkish walnut is used as a raw material for the stock. To purchase this gun, the collector will have to shell out $229,000.

Presidential fitting

This is the most expensive gun in the world in the top in second place. Manufactured by Holland & Holland. According to experts, the first model was made back in 1908 for Theodore Roosevelt. With this most expensive gun in the world, the President of the United States of America went to Africa on his first safari. In 1994, this rifle unit was put up for sale by the descendants of the head of state. According to available data,the fitting was sold for 550 thousand dollars. What is the most expensive shotgun in the world? More on this later.

Falcon Edition

According to experts on smoothbore firearms, this is the most expensive gun in the world (a photo of the rifle unit is presented in the article). The model is produced by the Swedish company VO Vapen. This company was founded by craftsman Viggo Olsson in 1977. Today she is the main supplier of King Carl Gustaf XVI of Sweden. In addition, the target audience for which the rifle unit was created is Arab sheikhs. The weapon was designed taking into account the traditions of falconry. Due to the fact that this model was made exclusively for sheikhs, this affected its cost. 820 thousand dollars - the price of the most expensive gun in the world. The photo shows how luxurious the shooting product looks.

most expensive gun in the world

About mass production

According to weapons specialists, this model is produced in limited quantities. In a year, the company's masters make only a few units. VO Vapen supplies its ultra-exclusive products to the Middle Eastern markets. For example, the Prince of Abu Dhabi and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, who are considered big fans of small arms firearms, namely products manufactured by a Swedish company, have such guns.

About the trunk

These exclusive hunting rifles feature octagonal barrels. According to craftsman Viggo Olsson, the VO Vapen is the only shotgun in the world that has thisthe element is entirely made of Damascus steel.

most expensive gun in the world

In the design of this hunting rifle, the Swedish manufacturer uses a unique patented system, thanks to which the owner can change the caliber if necessary. The Swedish company produces truly high-quality guns that will not only decorate the collection, but will also be effective if the owner wants to use them for their intended purpose. Of course, the possibility that the fired projectile will not hit the target is not ruled out. But as the master assures, this will happen no longer through the fault of the shooting unit.


The barrel looks harmoniously with the stock, which is made using the best walnut root. Wood is selected personally by the master himself. Further processing is carried out manually. The tree must reach the desired condition. Therefore, according to Viggo Olsen, before proceeding with the manufacture of the stock, the tree is aged in special conditions for three years. To make the weapon convenient to use, the client at the initial stage can independently select a blank. In an effort to give the gun a more spectacular look, Swedish craftsmen apply exquisite drawings to the buttstock. Traditionally, the decorations are represented by images of falcons. The stock finishing and polishing of the world's most expensive smoothbore hunting rifle takes five weeks.

most expensive shotgun in the world

What other models of elite guns are there?

Except for the above expensive riflesample collectors may also be interested in the following items:

  • Double-barreled shotguns Chapuis Savana. The model was bought by we althy travelers who went to get large wild animals in Africa and Asia. The price of one unit is only 28 thousand dollars.
  • William & Son. Elite shotguns have been entering the arms market since 1999. William Asprey and Paul West, the founding craftsmen of the company, produce up to 12 units per year for $75,000 each.
  • Montecarlo Beretta Imperiale. It is a double-barreled hunting rifle, which is mainly used by Olympic champions. The product costs up to 106 thousand dollars.
Shooting unit

In conclusion

Due to the fact that each piece is made by gunsmiths by hand, the manufacturing procedure usually takes a long time. So the customer has to wait. The result is truly high-quality and very effective hunting rifles that can decorate a collection.

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