The most popular memes, where do they come from. Memes about Igor

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The most popular memes, where do they come from. Memes about Igor
The most popular memes, where do they come from. Memes about Igor

You can see pictures with funny inscriptions on the pages of any social network or messengers for communication. Sometimes they can express the opinion of the author or commentator better than a thousand words. Today you will learn the history of the emergence of this phenomenon on the Internet. Where did the meme "Igor Nikolaev" come from and why did it gain popularity so quickly? This and more in this article!

What is a meme?

A unit of cultural information capable of reproducing. This is how Professor Richard Dawkins described the term "meme" he coined. It can be a picture, a sound, a phrase - everything that people pass on to each other through imitation. As strange as it may sound, memes are an art form. Everything changes, and in the modern world, jokes and ditties go down in history. Now the younger generation is sharing the latest memes and spreading them at lightning speed. A sort of network folklore. It has already become an indispensable part of life in the virtual space.

Meme Igor

Types of memes

Visual. Mostpopular and most widely used. It can be a picture, a demotivator, a face. Most often they are used to express their attitude to what is happening, without using long reads and without entering into polemics with opponents.

Audial. They appear much less often and do not live long. While visual memes can circulate for years on the web, a song, tune, or sound usually has a short lifespan. Examples: “The ice is melting between us”, “Dad is in the building”, “Patimaker”, “Mood color is blue”.

Mixed. Most often, this is an excerpt from a film, program, interview or song, a few seconds long. They like to use such memes if the picture cannot express their opinion clearly enough. Words or music add clarity.

The most famous memes

Almost any picture can become viral and become famous, you just need to be able to select it for the situation. Startup companies and bloggers often use memes to promote. If you approach things wisely, you can get an easy start to your project.

Obvious stupidity

Meme with an African American putting his index finger to his temple is used when they want to express a banal and stupid thought. This is a frame from the series in which the main character talks about his girlfriend, who is not only beautiful, but also smart. In the US, the meme became popular back in 2016, and on the Runet it became famous in 2017.

meme think


The Russian users liked the sculpture of an artist from Holland so much that this cutest creature became the personification of expectation for a long time.Relevant for many countries, it symbolizes the patience and endurance of all those who stand in line or just wait.

Meme Zhdun


One of those memes that uses not only a screenshot from the Lord of the Rings movie, but also part of a monologue. The phrase “You can’t just take it and go to Mordor” has received a new life with a wide variety of variations. The meme itself is used when you need to convey to other people that this business will not be easy and you have to work hard.

Meme Boromir


In this case, a frame from the TV series "The Walking Dead" began to be massively distributed thanks to the invented phrase of the first author. In fact, during this scene, Rick says, “Oh no! No no no!". He didn’t say the word “Karl” at all, but it was the name of the protagonist’s son that became more popular than the meme itself. Until now, when people go to express their indignation or point out obvious things to another person, they add part of the meme at the end of the phrase. Example: "Bread is made from flour, CARL!"

Meme Carl


It's not only Zhdun that evokes emotion among Russian netizens. The whimsical drawing of the tree is very reminiscent of a smiling dog. Signature "Dratuti)0)" means "Hello". And it takes its roots from the time when the popular humorous program "Gorodok" was broadcast on one of the federal channels. One of the characters named Modest greeted the rest of the participants in the commercials in this way.

meme dratuti

Let's drink to love

Meme with Igor Nikolaevwent viral for no reason. A photo of the singer from the early 90s of the last century with a mug of beer in the sauna seemed funny, and the phrase from his song logically completed the picture. Later, the figure of Igor began to be added to other pictures, but the meaning remained the same: in any incomprehensible situation, drink for love.

Meme Igor Nikolaev

Igor Prokopenko

Memes about this TV presenter and the channel on which his program was broadcast have long been known to all fans of chats and forums. The man himself became famous thanks to his pseudoscientific projects. "The most shocking secrets" were of particular interest to the audience, since it was this program that was supposed to reveal the truth that the Earth is flat, and aliens have long been living among people. Most often, a meme is used when they want to show that the opponent's opinion has no evidence.

Meme Igor Prokopenko

Puffy in pink

Not the most popular video blogger became known to the general public at the beginning of 2018. Despite having nearly 500,000 subscribers on his well-known video hosting channel, his face barely shines elsewhere. He is known for doing bright makeup for himself, and not for himself - he trusts only his mother's hands. In January, he decided to launch his own show called Lose Weight. At that time, he weighed 189 kilograms and decided to demonstrate to all his viewers how he would lose weight. The goal was this: lose 80 kg in 4 months. Managed to throw a little more than twenty. In the first issue, he went through the weighing procedure, and someone liked thisscene. The meme "Igor Sinyak in pink pants and with a naked torso" instantly scattered across the Web.

Igor Sinyak

Other memes about Igor

It is very easy to explain the reason for the popularity of this name among the creators of funny and not so funny pictures. It all started with the series "Interns". Doctor Bykov practically idolized his flower in a pot, which bore the name Igor. The next were "Ural dumplings". In their show, they showed an old woman who kept her son, his wife and grandson awake in the middle of the night. Shouting: "Eiiiiiigor!" she brought all the audience to tears.

Meme about Igor

This phrase has been circulating the web for a long time and found a place among memes. It's been 4 years now, but the popularity of pictures is still high. Igor often appears in memes and can be an octopus, a good friend, and even a member of Dom-2. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a lot of pictures with Akinfeev appeared. All Russian football fans hope for this Igor.

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