The tallest building in Bangkok. Photo and description of the tallest buildings in the capital of Thailand

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The tallest building in Bangkok. Photo and description of the tallest buildings in the capital of Thailand
The tallest building in Bangkok. Photo and description of the tallest buildings in the capital of Thailand

Today, Bangkok impresses with its modern architectural marvels. In the very center of the capital city there are three gigantic skyscrapers striking in their height. Two of them have fully begun their duties, lifting their visitors to the azure skies.

The third architectural wonder will be completed by 2020 and will be the largest skyscraper in Asia, reaching a height of 615 meters. The tallest building in Bangkok with restaurants, hotels, observation decks and other establishments will become another place of recreation and entertainment for residents and visitors of the city.

General information about Bangkok

It is one of the fastest growing cities in Southeast Asia and is the capital and largest city of Thailand (population 5.6 million in 2011). The name of the city, given to him at the time of its foundation, is included in the Guinness Book of Records (the longest in the world). Official nameeven impossible to fully pronounce. The city is located in the Kingdom of Thailand (central part), on the Indochina peninsula. This place is located on the east bank of the river. Chauphrai, at its confluence with the Gulf of Thailand.

It should also be noted that the city is an ideal place to experience Thai cuisine. It has a huge variety of restaurants and cafes aimed at visiting tourists. Mactowers (or scooters equipped for outdoor cooking) are at every turn. However, there are also such institutions, visiting which you can see all the beauty of a peculiar urban landscape.

There are a lot of skyscrapers here. Almost all of them have viewing platforms and restaurants. What is the tallest building in Bangkok? More on this later in the article.

A bit about the architecture of Bangkok

In modern Thailand, buildings are built according to generally accepted standards, and quite often they practically do not differ from buildings that are being built in any other countries. The architecture of old Thailand is a completely different matter. It absorbed the traditions of many peoples, but remained unique and original.

Contrasts of architecture

A visit to this city leaves an indelible impression on any tourist. This is a real mix, consisting of the luxury of modern business districts and the poverty of the slums in the area of ​​the river. Chao Phraya. This is the wonderful architecture of Buddhist temples, on the one hand, the bacchanalia of Khaosan Road, on the other hand, and on the third, a real gastronomic feast.

To understand the capital of Thailand, one shouldsee it with your own eyes at least once. Here you can get to know those mysterious people living in the once mighty Siam better. It's not just that this amazing state has never been subjected to the oppression of the colonialists. Let's take a closer look at the tallest buildings in Bangkok.

Baiyoke Sky Tower

This pearl is the first skyscraper in the capital of Thailand, opened in 1997. Its height is 304 meters (309 meters with a spire). In total, this building has 85 floors, and its foundation is sunk into the ground to a building height of 22 floors (more than 65 m). The current tallest building in Bangkok exceeds Baiyoke by only 5 meters (together with the spire - 314 meters).

Baiyoke Sky Tower

The main highlight of one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok is the tallest hotel in all of Southeast Asia, located from the 22nd to the 74th floor of the skyscraper. The luxury hotel (4) is known as the Baiyoke Sky Hotel. The huge windows of the apartments allow you to view the magnificent panorama of the city directly from the rooms. Particularly interesting are twilight (during sunset and sunrise) and night landscapes.

In this giant building, you can visit boutiques, observation decks and a restaurant, as well as settle in one of the hotel rooms during your holiday in Bangkok. One of the tallest buildings in Bangkok, Baiyoke Sky is waiting for its guests.


In 2016, the title of the largest skyscraper in Bangkok passed to the architectural masterpiece MahaNakhon. This Asian exclusive is visible from anywhere in the capital. homeThe highlight of the building lies in its original facade. The surface of the walls has a special structure - it imitates “pixels” that have fallen out of their places. For the extravagance of appearance, this miracle of architecture received several solid awards. The building was included in the top hundred of the most unique and significant buildings of mankind.

How many floors does the tallest building in Bangkok have? In total, it has 77 floors (not counting the underground apartments). They rise to a height of 314 meters. A restaurant with excellent cuisine and a spectacular observation deck are located in the building.

Skyscraper MahaNakhon

The new record holder, unlike Baiyoke Sky Tower, combines a hotel, a residential complex and an entertainment center. In total, the building housed 159 luxury rooms and 209 apartments. There are boutiques, shops, lookouts and restaurants.

Rama IX Super Tower

In order to perpetuate the big name of Rama IX (King of Thailand), the supreme authorities of Bangkok decided to build the largest skyscraper in Asia. Its height will be 615 meters. The foundation of the tallest building in Bangkok has already been laid. According to the plan, this truly giant skyscraper will be completed no earlier than 2020.

For your information: Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), who ruled Thailand for 70 years, died in October 2016. Rama IX was revered as a saint during his lifetime by many Thais.

Rama IX Super Tower

In conclusion

Of course, modern skyscrapers amaze and amaze with their power and grandeur, but architectural creations more typical of Thailand are the mostpopular and in demand among tourists. According to Indian tradition, there are 2 main types of religious buildings in Thailand: a stupa and a Buddhist temple. What is a stupa? This building is a reliquary. It contains the remains of prominent clerics. In its shape, the stupa resembles a bell placed on a square or round stepped pedestal. It should be noted that it is in Thailand that the largest stupa in the world, called Phra Pat Chedi, is installed. Its height is 127 meters. Familiar Buddhist temples are also one of the main decorations of the city.

Stupa in Bangkok

A huge urban metropolis has been able to preserve its historical and cultural heritage. It is easy to find ancient temples and palaces near ultra-modern business centers and skyscrapers. And for the numerous canals that cross the city, the capital of Thailand is often called the "Venice of the East".

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