The largest breast size - what is it?

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The largest breast size - what is it?
The largest breast size - what is it?

Beautiful breasts attract not only men, but also women. Nature rewarded someone with large breasts, and someone, in pursuit of it, lies under the surgeon's knife. What is the largest breast size among natural and artificial, this article will tell.

The biggest natural breasts

Of course, it's hard to believe, but there are girls who have not resorted to surgery, but have large breasts by nature. It is difficult to imagine what the largest breast size women can have. The Guinness Book of Records holds various records. In it you can find answers to the question of what is the largest breast size in the world.

Norma Stitz - a resident of the United States - the owner of a breast with a volume of 170 centimeters and a weight of 20 kilograms. In 1999, it was her bust that was recorded as the largest.

Tink Jiafen also has big natural breasts. She lives in China and, of course, stands out among her compatriots. She says that breasts bring a lot of inconvenience, including difficulty in choosing a sleeping position and finding the right size underwear. The girl had surgeryfor breast reduction because the bust did not stop growing, resulting in a he alth hazard.

Miosotis Claribel from the Dominican Republic has not only large breasts, but also a thin waist. The girl knows how to present herself correctly, and therefore she is often filmed for various magazines.

Among the owners of large natural breasts there is also a Russian woman. Maria Zarring has a bust of size 12. The girl does a lot of filming for magazines, leads a social life, she can be found on television. Of all the above girls, she is probably the cutest, and her breasts are beautiful and natural.

The biggest artificial breasts

The desire to increase breasts occurs in many of the fair sex. However, for some, this desire is exaggerated, and they insert implants for themselves, increasing their breasts to unrealistic sizes. So what is the largest breast size for girls who have augmented them with the help of medicine?

Until the age of 27, Lolo Ferrari underwent 22 surgeries. Lolo said that she had a difficult childhood, she did not know love. Perhaps that is why she wanted to change herself. The volume of her breasts became 180 centimeters. She died at age 37 of unknown causes.

Rock lovers may know Sabrina Sabrokee as a member of Primeras Impresiones. In pursuit of fame, which, according to the girl, depends on her breasts, she did about a dozen and a half operations. As a result, she disappeared as a singer, with all the attention focused on her breasts.

Chelsea Charms was already a gift from naturelarge breasts (size D), but the girl considered that her breasts were not large enough, and turned to surgeons. The bust of Chelsea is notable for the fact that inside it are special implants that absorb fluid from the body itself. As a result, breast size is constantly increasing. You can regulate it by pumping out water.

Seven photos of girls with the biggest breasts

Having described which breast size is the largest, let's look at their owners.

Norma Stitz. Her chest measures 170 centimeters.

norm of stitches

Ting Jiafen. Breast weight before surgery - 20 kilograms. Now her breasts are smaller.

ting jiafen

Miosotis Claribel. This girl has a chest size of 116 centimeters.

myosotis claribel

Maria Zarring. The largest breasts in Russia, size - 12.

maria zarring

Lolo Ferrari. With the help of operations, she brought the volume of her breasts to 180 centimeters.

lolo ferrari

Sabrina Sabrok. Breast volume - 180 centimeters. And it seemed to her insufficient.

sabrina sabrok

Chelsea Charms. Breast volume - 164 centimeters. Biggest fake breast ever.

Chelsea charms

Which breast size is the most attractive for men

Men are attracted to large and beautiful breasts. I wonder what the largest breast size is considered the most attractive. In general, the opinions of men about the size, as a rule, differ sharply. Often lonely people think that whatthe bigger the chest, the better, without probably imagining how it will look. But married people no longer attach importance to size.

According to various surveys, it turned out that the second breast size is considered the most attractive. Those who voted for large breasts noted that the size should be adequate. The most important thing is that the chest should be beautiful and toned. And the size of the importance is in second place. Therefore, it is better for women to pay attention to the condition of their breasts, and not to the size.

Folk ways to increase breasts

Those who believe that their breasts are not the largest in the world, but are afraid to go under the knife, are looking for advice in traditional medicine. And there have been many throughout history. The recipes are, of course, amazing. Here it is advised to use an infusion of cereals, strawberry leaf tea and even ordinary black tea with milk. It turns out that breast enlargement is not that difficult.

You can also make compresses from rice porridge or clay. They accelerate blood flow, tighten the chest. Potato, honey or cocoa masks will also help with breast enlargement. Massage will not only promote breast enlargement, but also help prevent various diseases.

Big breasts are beautiful, but knowing what size breasts are the largest, you understand that frames are important, and you don’t need to overdo it in this matter.

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