How to reduce the nipple without surgery?

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How to reduce the nipple without surgery?
How to reduce the nipple without surgery?

It's hard to find a person who is completely satisfied with his appearance. Everyone has some flaw that he wants to improve. As a rule, women always have complaints about their breasts. Now it is too small, now it is large, now lush, now sharp. With all the subjectivity of judgments about the perfection of this part of the female body, many beauties would like to change their breasts, but are afraid to undergo plastic surgery unless absolutely necessary. In addition, it is too expensive, and the result is not always what you would like to have.

Many complaints are caused by nipples, the areolas of which are too large and dark. This is especially true for women after childbirth. For many ladies, this becomes a cause of self-doubt. They become stiff and embarrassed to show their breasts to their man. Is it possible to help make a breast correction without surgery? How can a woman reduce the size of her nipples? Let's try to deal with this issue.

Big nipples are a problem

Is it possible to reduce nipples

In most cases, the presence of this flaw is not dictated by objectivereality, but someone's subjective opinion - the woman herself or the person whose judgments are important to her. As a rule, such an authoritative expert in the field of breast nipples is a beloved man. It is for him that a woman tries to improve her body. Here one should distinguish between concern about the he alth of a loved one, when the peripapillary region has become really too large, from an idle judgment about the beauty of individual organs on the body of one's woman.

If the areola enlargement does not exceed the normal size, do not think about how to reduce the nipple. It is better to think about how to change the judgment of your loved one about your beauty. If today he is not satisfied with the size of the nipples, then tomorrow some other part of the body may seem ugly. When you love a person, the shortcomings of his figure do not cause disgust or ridicule. If you agree to change your breasts just to please your beloved man, then your problem is not the size of the nipples, but low self-esteem. This is a psychological problem, not an aesthetic one.

For women who live in harmony with their body and the world around them, the question of how to reduce the nipple does not exist. She gives joy to herself and her partner, not thinking about the shape and size of her breasts. On the contrary, enlarged nipples can become an additional erotic factor in sexual games. Think maybe your problem with large nipples is nothing to worry about. Another thing is if the increase in areolas is really significant. This should raise he alth concerns. Then you should see a doctor and listen to his recommendations inregarding nipple changes.

It should be noted that the shape and size of the nipples, as well as the area surrounding them, is determined by the genetic characteristics of the organism and its anatomical structure. They can change during pregnancy or breastfeeding. But it is possible to radically change the shape or size of the nipples only through plastic surgery. Before wondering how to reduce large nipples, it is useful to think about the need for such changes. Nipples are a very delicate area. To make any operational changes, you need to have a good understanding of the structural features of the body. Neither the color of the areolas nor the size of the nipple are static parameters. They may undergo changes due to natural causes.

Reasons for increase

As a rule, the size of the nipples and mammary gland are proportionate. The larger the size of the breast, the heavier it is, the more extensive the areola, and its color is more intense and darker. Areola sizes up to 10 cm are considered normal. Causes of enlarged nipples can be:

  • Hormonal failures.
  • The period of menstruation.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Treatment with strong antibiotics.
  • Age changes.

A very significant and important topic is the increase in nipples during pregnancy and childbirth. Even during the gestation of the fetus, the color of the areolas changes to dark brown, their border expands and the chest begins to swell, acquiring stretch marks. During breastfeeding, the size of the nipples and areolas increase even more, which raises the question in lactating women,Is it possible to reduce the nipples after childbirth. Most often, worry is in vain, because after stopping breastfeeding, the size of the nipple returns to its usual limits.

Is it possible to reduce nipples after childbirth

Breast care during pregnancy

In rare cases, this does not happen. Then the woman begins to look for ways to reduce the nipple without surgery, on her own at home. In order not to have to worry about this and to avoid too much enlargement of the areola and nipple, an effective diet with special breast care should be provided during pregnancy and the entire feeding period. As your breasts prepare to feed, breast tissue begins to grow. This leads to the appearance of stretch marks if the skin of the breast is not sufficiently elastic and elastic. Sometimes an increase in the size of the areola is also accompanied by its wrinkling, which makes the breast unattractive.

Skin needs collagen

In order to remain firm and elastic enough, the breasts must receive collagen regularly. To do this, a woman's diet must certainly contain animal and vegetable fats. Their lack in the body can be replenished with the use of moisturizers suitable for skin type, as well as regular nourishing chest wraps. If you keep the firmness and elasticity of the skin, then you will not need to worry about how to reduce the nipple after childbirth. All previous sizes will be restored some time after the end of breastfeeding. Note that variousalmost all beauty salons offer qualified procedures. But they can be done at home as well.

Seaweed Wrap

Can nipples shrink after childbirth? The answer is positive. Nutrient wraps are very effective for this purpose. They will allow you to prevent stretching of the areolas even at the stage of pregnancy.

The most popular and effective procedure is the use of seaweed for wrapping. To do this, soak 100 grams of kelp leaves for half an hour in a liter of warm water (up to 65 degrees). If soaked in room temperature water, it will take 2 hours. We put algae on the chest, cover with a film and a warm downy scarf or woolen blanket, also for 30 minutes. Without insulation, it takes about an hour to keep algae on your chest.

Mask with cream

How can a woman reduce nipples on her chest

How to reduce the size of the nipples? You can try the following mask. The elasticity of the skin on the chest is achieved by using a mixture of cream (1 tbsp) and rose petals (2 tbsp). A homogeneous mixture is applied for 15 minutes, covered with a film and a towel.

For saggy breast skin, a nutrient mixture with walnuts is recommended - 4 walnut kernels, 1 tbsp. honey and butter, 1 yolk. Chop the nuts well, mix everything and apply on clean skin for 20 minutes. Cover with foil.

If you are breastfeeding, hot wraps are contraindicated.

How to reduce breast nipple

Nutrition for breasts and nipples

Your diet should include theseproducts:

  • Copper-rich cereals, legumes and shelled seafood.
  • Berries of blue shades.
  • Citrus fruits and kiwi - give vitamin C.
  • Chicken yolk - supplies sulfur.
  • Beer yeast and sprouted wheat - they have an abundance of zinc.
  • Beets, radishes and other red-fleshed vegetables are rich in silicon.
  • Fatty fish - it has a lot of omega vitamins - 3, 6, 9.
  • Pomegranates, buckwheat and cilantro give iron.
  • Pumpkin, bananas, dates, soy, red pepper, oatmeal. These foods help produce collagen.

Folk remedy from poppy heads

If official medicine cannot offer any drugs to reduce the size of the nipples, let's get acquainted with the tips offered by traditional medicine. If you are interested in whether it is possible to reduce a woman's nipples without resorting to surgery, then know that this is quite real. Folk methods will help you in this matter. They have been tested for centuries and will not harm the body. Using folk remedies, how can a woman reduce nipples on her chest? To do this, you should know a few effective recipes and not be lazy to apply them.

The most effective way to help reduce the nipple of the breast is considered to be the usual infusion of garden poppy heads. For 50 g of dry poppy heads, 2 cups of water are required. The medicine should be boiled, wait until it cools and strain. Use it for compresses. The effect will become visually noticeable after 2-3 weeks. The more regular the use of this remedy, the better results can be obtained.reach. Traditional healers promise that with a decrease in the overall size of the mammary gland, both the nipple and areola will decrease proportionally.

Aromatic oils

How to reduce the size of a woman's nipples

Another equally good way to help reduce the size of the nipples is the use of aromatic oils. The most visible results can be achieved with a mixture of jojoba oils - 25 ml, and grape (from the seeds) - 5 ml. You just need to rub the product into the skin. With constant use, this will help not only reduce the size of the nipples, but also remove stretch marks, as well as remove age spots. Rose oil has similar benefits when applied daily or alternately with the previous mixture. The main thing is that there is no individual intolerance to the drug.

Physical exercise to reduce nipples

How to reduce the size of the nipples

Many people wonder how to reduce a woman's nipples. In this case, you can not do without special physical exercises. They can help in reducing the volume of the breasts and nipples. Using in combination physical activity on a certain part of the body and folk methods, you can achieve excellent results without surgery. There are many such exercises. You can perform them with or without different gymnastic equipment. Here are the most effective and efficient:

  • Push-ups in the prone position from the floor or in the standing position from the wall.
  • Side raises with dumbbells or any other weights such as water bottles.
  • Aerobics in which emphasisis done on the upper body in the chest area.
  • Pushing the shoulder blades to the maximum and relaxing them.
  • Exercises with an expander.
Big nipples how to reduce

Helpful tips

We have already figured out the answer to the question of whether it is possible to reduce the nipples. Many doctors believe that the most common cause of enlarged nipples and areolas is being overweight. According to its physiology, excess fat accumulates in this area - under the tissue of the nipple areolas, causing them to stretch and increase. To reduce nipples, you need to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, which is achieved through proper nutrition and exercise.

Problems with breast augmentation may be due to some changes in the hormonal background. If your nipples are swollen, without any objective reasons, then it would be more correct to contact a specialist - an endocrinologist, gynecologist or mammologist. After a thorough laboratory study and finding out the true cause of the changes, you will be given adequate treatment or competent recommendations.

If the enlargement of the nipples is pathological and goes too far beyond the permissible norms, only high-quality plastic surgery can help bring them back to normal.


We have found that minor corrections of the nipples and areolas can be successfully performed without surgery. It will be enough with a small degree of increase. More severe cases will have to be resolved surgically. If the problem of nipple enlargement is the accumulation of excess fat inareola tissues, a he althy diet and exercise will help to make them neat and aesthetic.

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