"Formula Ross" - a devilish track

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"Formula Ross" - a devilish track
"Formula Ross" - a devilish track

United Arab Emirates is one of the most mysterious and desirable places for tourists. In Abu Dhabi, in addition to quiet sights, it is worth visiting those places where adrenaline just whips over the edge. One of these adventures is a visit to the famous Formula Ross attraction. It's located inside the Ferrari Park, and of course it's a high-speed attraction.

Some specifications

Undoubtedly, a short ride on the attraction will be remembered for a lifetime. It's essentially a roller coaster, but the trolley here accelerates to 240 kilometers per hour, starting and picking up this devilish speed in just five seconds.

Ross formula

The pneumatic attraction uses a catapult system to launch, which is described in the brochure as being almost equal in power to an aircraft carrier's launch system. In fact, this is greatly exaggerated: the power of the Ross Formula is about 20,800 horsepower, while an aircraft carrier hasabout 82,000. All the pleasure lasts at most 90 seconds, during which the level of adrenaline jumps and goes off scale. The height of the largest section is 52 meters.

Feels stronger before the trip than after

The queue of daredevils is huge, you can wait more than an hour before you climb into a small trolley in anticipation of unforgettable emotions. During this hour, almost everyone will change their mind a hundred times and decide on an exciting adventure the same number of times. Already looking from the side of the viewer, one can physically feel the overloads that the attraction "Ross Formula" promises. When you look at a dizzying race on the hills, your legs can give way, and your heart can go to your heels.

Pleasant little things and more

After the end of the devil's race here are photos in electronic format. On them you can see your face at the moment when the trolley is at the very peak of the Ross Formula. The spectacle is unforgettable, it will remain in the memory of this amazing entertainment.

Ross formula

Given the extremely high speed of movement, this attraction has its own safety precautions, which include the presence of goggles to avoid the risk of injury from various particles and insects flying in the face. Before you get to the cherished place in the trolley, you should hand over all gadgets, jewelry, including those in your hair, handbags, small change from your pockets, etc., otherwise you can lose it all forever. The speed of movement is such that it pulls out, tears and shakes out everything that is notscrewed. In addition, before the trip, they are required to conduct briefings and issue special glasses.

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