Naumovs - the origin of the surname. Tanakh source

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Naumovs - the origin of the surname. Tanakh source
Naumovs - the origin of the surname. Tanakh source

The history of the name Naumov takes its origins from biblical (tanakhic) sources. It comes from the name Nahum (comforting), which is a variation of the Tanakhic name Nachum (in Hebrew - peace). The latter, in turn, is derived from the biblical name Menachem, which was worn by the king, revered by scripture. Note that the primary ancient kings became such not by inheritance, but by taking due respect from their fellow tribesmen for their special leadership and spiritual qualities.

Menachem. Forgotten Power

Menahem rose, having mastered the weapons of compassion, humility, love and knowledge of the essence of man - the creation of God. This king, with his tuning fork of the soul, skillfully tuned the musical instrument entrusted to him by the Almighty - society, finding a response and support from his fellow tribesmen.

Naumov family name origin
Naumov family name origin

At the same time, he managed to comfort the suffering:

  • calling to their sincere love for God;
  • cultivating amongsubjects, so that each person treats fellow tribesmen as he treats himself;
  • convincing people that this world is not their true home.

Meaning of the name Nahum

Returning to the main topic of our article, let us recall that the original, sacred meaning of the surname Naumov (following from the corresponding name) is a comforter. What is he ideally, Naum the Comforter?

history of the surname Naumov
history of the surname Naumov

This is a worthy person, spiritually nourished by the gods and ancestors with a forgotten heritage and healing the souls of his fellow tribesmen, poisoned by the ugly material aspects of being. This is not a half-educated sectarian with his primitive tools, this, recalling a quote from the recent past, is a “hardened human being”, whose words are listened to. Obviously, this was Nahum, the Palestinian prophet who lived during the time of King Hezokiah.

Nobles Naumovs

Nobles were the first to receive this surname in Russia. Moreover, the first Naumovs appeared among the representatives of that category who acquired their status by length of service in the state service. The origin of the names of these nobles can be traced by the baptismal name of the ancestor. Let's name some of the nobles mentioned in the "General Armorial of the Noble Families of Russia":

  • State Councilor Apollos Ivanovich Naumov;
  • grenadier of the Life Guards Gavriil Naumov;
  • outside councilor Petr Naumov.

Commoners of the Naumovs

After the annexation of Ukraine and the B altic States to Russia, the Jews living there became citizens of the empire. Historically, they did not have surnames, theiridentified only the name and patronymic. Catherine II, by her decree, introduced periodic mandatory censuses, during which surnames were assigned to Jews. At the same time, part of the families, where the name of the ancestor was Naum, received the surname Naumov. The origin of this surname was sometimes also associated with a settlement consonant with the name. For example, residents of the village of Naumovo or Naumovka could also claim a surname of biblical origin. Having thus established a record of the population, it was possible to more effectively draft into the army and calculate the turnover of food.

Representatives of the family who gained fame

Traditionally, there are quite a lot of artists among people of Jewish nationality. The Naumovs are no exception. The origin of the surname, as we have already mentioned, is connected with the internal need of its owner to console, finding invisible poetry in everyday life. Of course, today, in the rush of our virtual 21st century, where people do not see each other, buried in smartphones, there is not enough human understanding, emotional communication! That communication of kindred souls, which the artist Alexei Avvakumovich Naumov so talentedly showed in the paintings "Old Friends", "Tea Party", "Nekrasov and Panaev at Belinsky".

the meaning of the name naumov
the meaning of the name naumov

Known in the world of cinema for his filigree work when shooting the film "We are from Kronstadt" cameraman Naum Naumov. Film director Vladimir Naumov (Tehran-43, Taras Shevchenko, Run) was also recognized as a cinematographer with a capital letter. Many contemporaries are impressed by the performance of the honored actorRF Alexandra Naumova.


What does the name Naumov mean? It is obvious that historically it indicates a person of great soul and worldly wisdom. Indeed, is a petty, greedy and vain person able to console anyone? Undoubtedly, the first biblical bearers of the name Naum (the harbinger of the surname) were people not only highly spiritual, but also in a secular sense - deeply decent.

Naumov family name origin
Naumov family name origin

Of course, in our time, the surname is not assigned for spiritual qualities, but is passed from parents to children for dozens of generations. Is it possible now to unequivocally assert that the Naumovs are the comforters of people? The origin of the surname, unfortunately, will not give an explanation why some representative of the surname will turn out to be, say, a person who is quarrelsome and tough in communication. However, this will be, perhaps, a single violation of harmony, because the surname itself still obliges a person to comply with its inner primordial harmony.