What to do if the slime sticks to your hands: proper slime care

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What to do if the slime sticks to your hands: proper slime care
What to do if the slime sticks to your hands: proper slime care

The very first slime, or slime, as it is also called, was invented in 1976 by a little girl. Playing at her father's factory, she randomly mixed several ingredients, including thickeners, into a fun jelly ball.

Unusual toy

Today there is a huge variety of slimes on the market, they are very popular, both adults and children like them. The slime is more like jelly, which rolls pleasantly in the hands, is pleasant to the touch, and various shapes and figures can be made from it.

Real quality slime is sold in sealed plastic packaging because it dries quickly when exposed to air, losing its basic properties. The toy allows you to develop fine motor skills of the child and calms the nerves. However, over time, the slime sticks to the hands, what should I do to fix or prevent this?

pleasant to the touch
pleasant to the touch

What to do if the slime is sticky?

A good slime shouldn't be sticky, but if it does, here are a few tips on what to do if the slime sticks tohands. Often this happens due to a long game with a handgam. In this case, you can put it in a jar in a cool place and let it stand for a day or two. Slime will return to its original shape and properties.

If you made a slime with your own hands, but it seems that the chewing gum that has already thickened continues to stick, we will solve the problem in three ways:

  1. Water and soda. Put the slime in a plastic container and pour two or three teaspoons of boiled water into it. Pour half a spoonful of baking soda and mix thoroughly. The toy stops sticking, but there is one drawback - now the slime is not so viscous.
  2. Starch. Use whatever starch you have on hand. Add a tablespoon of the powder to the slime container. Stir, and when the toy thickens noticeably, knead it with your hands.
  3. Boric acid. You need to be careful with it, otherwise a large amount of it will spoil the slime. It will become so thick that it will look like a stone. Add one teaspoon of acid and stir. If the mass does not thicken, then it is better to add starch.
  4. do-it-yourself slime
    do-it-yourself slime

How to store slime so that it is not sticky?

We learned what to do if the slime sticks to hands, but it would be better if we prevent this unpleasant consequence of the game. It needs to be properly cared for.

Over time, the slime loses its shape and shrinks in size. You can grow a slime with water: put the toy in a container and pour some water, put it in the cold until morning.

Some tips on how to play with slime to prolong its life:

  • Toy not intended for children under 3 years old.
  • Don't throw it on the wall or dirty floor.
  • Due to the long play, the slime becomes sticky faster.
  • If you don't play with it for a long time, it will dry out.

Keep the toy in its original packaging in a cool place.