Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. Tchaikovsky: repertoire, photos and reviews

Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. Tchaikovsky: repertoire, photos and reviews
Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. Tchaikovsky: repertoire, photos and reviews

In modern society, people who visit the theater at least once a year are becoming less and less common. At best, this happens once every five years. Cultural education fades under the onslaught of work and everyday bustle. Such an approach to self-development, of course, does not paint modern society. Perhaps the reason for this omission is the reluctance of people, and perhaps the lack of theaters of the proper level in some regions. As for the level, the Permians are very lucky here. And they are simply ashamed to be culturally illiterate, because their city is home to the stunning Perm Opera and Ballet Theater named after Tchaikovsky.

Main symbol of Perm

The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theater was founded in 1870. In 1879, thanks to donations from local residents, the first season was opened within the walls of a stone building. The architect of this building was A.Karvovsky. The Kirov Opera and Ballet Theater evacuated from Leningrad in 1941-1945 had a great influence on the development of the theater. Thanks to this influence, a ballet school of international level was opened in Perm. In 1954, the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater shone on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. It was the first provincial performance within the walls of the Bolshoi. The name of Pyotr Ivanovich Tchaikovsky was given to the theater in 1965, back in 1969 it was recognized as an academic theater. The Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theater has been constantly developing and delighting its visitors.

Perm Opera and Ballet Theater

New development milestone

In 2011, the theater stepped into a new era thanks to the extraordinary artistic director Teodor Currentzis. He introduced a new principle of repertoire planning, which is based on the demonstration of the performance in separate blocks. In 2013, the Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theater broke all records, as it was nominated for the Golden Mask award in seventeen categories. As a result, the theater received four awards. Also in the arsenal of the Opera and Ballet Theater is the nomination of the chamber choir from the play "Queen of the Indians" for the Opera Awards. This performance is an example of a successful creative product. He won the 2013 Casta Diva Theatrical Award and has toured extensively in Spain, France and Ireland.

Perm Tchaikovsky Opera Theater

Interesting case

In February 1937, the play “Eugene Onegin” was played in the theater, which the eminent pilot Valery Chkalov came to see. To the stagedecorated with many candles, the heroine Tatyana Larina came out. The actress who played this role was dressed in a matching wig. Finishing the scene, the actress bent so low to the candle that she picked up the flame with her wonderful wig. In this stressful situation, Chkalov did not lose his head, in one second he ran onto the stage from the side box, tore the flaming torch from the head of the actress and put it out. At the end of the performance, he could not refrain from commenting and noted in the book for guests of honor that the performance was simply wonderful.

Perm Opera and Ballet Theater named after Tchaikovsky

Diaghilev Festival

Every year the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater is the organizer of the Diaghilev Festival. Every year the organizers try to make the event of a higher level, as well as to cause a resonance in society. This festival is unique, and it is simply impossible to meet another one like it. It has been held in Perm since 2003 with the aim of maintaining and developing the traditions of Russian culture associated with the name of the famous impresario, the talented Sergei Diaghilev. It differs from all other festivals in its multi-genre. The concept of this event is based on the reflection of Diaghilev's "Russian Seasons" in the mirror of time. The program of the Diaghilev Festival includes many diverse productions - these are world-class opera and ballet premieres, performances of modern dance troupes, exhibition activities, symphony concerts, as well as programs representing chamber, organ and jazz music. And, of course, the unique Diaghilev Readings,along with a feature film retrospective.

Perm Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

The theater they love

The Perm theater is loved, it is talked about, it is recommended. There is not a single visitor who would not be delighted with the performances presented in it. From the reviews, you can understand that the city is simply impossible to imagine without an opera and ballet theater. Guests appreciate the highest level of performances, exquisite interior and, of course, an excellent troupe. Residents of Perm usually visit the theater with their families. The ballet "The Nutcracker" is bestowed with the most flattering reviews. According to the guests of the theater, everyone should watch it on the eve of the New Year.

Teodor Currentzis

Since January 2011, the Perm Academic Opera and Ballet Theater has acquired a new artistic director in the person of Teodor Currentzis. The experienced and talented conductor moved to Perm not alone, but together with musicians from the Musica Aeterna Ensemble. Under his leadership, a recording of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring was staged, which was recognized as the best in the world. For this production, Currentzis, together with the orchestra, was awarded the ECHO Klassik 2016 award. As you know, the repertoire of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater is staged by the best of the best. It is precisely such an artistic director that Teodor Currentzis is. According to Opernwelt magazine, he is the "Conductor of the Year". He was awarded this status based on the opinion of fifty critics from America and Europe.

repertoire of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater

Great troupe

Under the leadership of TheodoreArtistic directors, members of the troupe, administrative staff, guest soloists and stage directors work at Currentzis. It is the troupe that is the face of any theatre. The ballet troupe works under the direction of Vitaly Dubrovin and is one of the five most famous companies in Russia. In the arsenal of sophisticated ballerinas - Irina Bilash, Polina Buldakova and Alexandra Surodeeva - about twenty magnificent performances each, and each of them masterfully performs Masha in the ballet "The Nutcracker". Artists of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater - Sergey Mershin, German Starikov, Denis Tolmazov, Ruslan Savdenov and Nikita Chetverikov. Sergei Mershin is a veteran of the Perm Theatre. He was accepted into the troupe in 2000, and since then he has become the face of such performances as "Swan Lake", "Romeo and Juliet", "The Four Seasons" and many others.

Classic and modern

A dozen performances of various genres have been staged on the stage of the Perm Theater. Classical lovers are recommended to visit the ballet "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai". This is a reconstruction of the play by Rostislav Zakharov in 1934. The magnificent production of "Sleeping Beauty" is a romantic story about a sleeping beauty based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault. Also, the viewer is given the opportunity to plunge into the world of opera and watch "Prince Igor", "Madama Butterfly", "The Barber of Seville". And of course, the most famous and bewitching is the ballet "Swan Lake" with notes of the German romantic epic and the style of the British Pre-Raphaelists. The plot of the ballet in the variation of the Perm Theater is slightly modified: the main character is Prince Siegfried, whose soul he is trying tokidnap the genius Rothbart, while in classical ballet the main character is Princess Odette.

Perm State Opera and Ballet Theater

Past and future

The historic building of the theater needs renovation and will not be able to serve properly for the same amount of time. Therefore, in order to take some pressure off of it, the management planned the construction of a new building. Presumably, it will be a modern and functional building, created in accordance with international standards, but taking into account Russian requirements. The shape of the building will resemble the letter "T", which is formed by the merger of the historical building of the theater and the new one. Each building will have its own stage and auditorium. But in 2015, the management decided to abandon this kind of project, since its implementation could adversely affect the historic building of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. Now a project for the construction of a separate independent structure is being worked out.

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