Creative destiny of Aidamir Eldarov

Creative destiny of Aidamir Eldarov
Creative destiny of Aidamir Eldarov

Creative people are interesting people. Their life is filled with various events, and if they are famous people, then their personal life becomes public, and interest in the person increases from fans and journalists many times over. The article will discuss the musician Aidamir Eldarov. You will learn some details from his life.

Creativity in biography

Aidamir Eldarov is currently one of the most famous and sought-after performers. He is loved and known not only at home, but also abroad. He was born and raised in the Republic of Adygea, where he began his creative career in the ensemble "Songs and Dances". His soulful songs have long been loved by the public, each appearance of Aidamir on stage is a holiday, a real enchanting show for the audience, whom he charges with his energy and positive.

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Aidamir Eldarov is a wonderful singer, he often performs in various cities with solo concerts, is a participant in various competitions. Every week he has several new songs, andnow he is not going to stop there, he plans to continue to please fans with new songs.

Childhood. Career start

The biography of Aidamir Eldarov tells not only about his creative career, but also about his childhood and youth. He lived like all ordinary boys of his age: he went to school, went in for sports, in his free time he loved to sing, write music, although he never took it seriously. Still, music played a decisive role in his life.

At the age of 16, he became famous thanks to the hit “Heart” he created. When the father first heard this song performed by his son, he helped him to create a music studio, in which several more novelties were recorded, which, in turn, also brought great popularity to Aidamir Eldarov. His father continued to provide assistance and support in the creation and development of his son's creative career, and Aidamir's older brother became his producer.

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Of course, the singer became beloved by the public and famous not only with the help of relatives, but also thanks to a beautiful professional voice. His songs are heard almost everywhere: in cars, telephones, radios, televisions. He sings them perfectly not only in his national, Adyghe language, but also in Russian.

Years at the institute

After graduating from school, Aidamir Eldarov went to Russia to show his abilities there. In addition to vocal abilities, he possessed artistry and wanted to try his hand at acting. He studied at the theater university. University teacherssaw great potential in the young man and began to prophesy a great acting future for him.

As a student of a theater university, Aidamir Eldarov (photo presented in the article) was a participant in various television projects and show programs. He managed to combine his studies and vocal lessons, he performed at competitions and various events.

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Return Home

Life decreed that the singer and musician Aidamir Eldarov could not stay in Russia for a long time, and he went back to his homeland, where he had already seriously taken up a solo career. He released several albums, and even shot video clips for some of the songs. Solo activity, unfortunately, did not bring the singer worldwide popularity, but provided a stable income. Aidamir hardly sang at famous concerts with other stars, but performed at various corporate parties, where the audience always warmly welcomed the guy.

It is currently unknown who Eldarov works for. He speaks about music as a hobby, a hobby. He would like to find a job that he enjoys as much as he enjoys writing music and performing songs.

Private life

The man did not earn big fees due to his musical career, but with these funds he allowed himself to purchase a three-story house in which he settled with his father, two brothers and their wives. Aidamir himself was not married at that time.

The upbringing of the guy took place according to national customs and traditions, so before getting married, he immediatelyannounced to everyone that he would look for a wife from “his people”. The guy does not recognize vulgar girls in short skirts who behave obscenely, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. In 2015, Aidamir Eldarov decided to link his fate with a young girl from his circle. At the wedding, she was dressed in national clothes.

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Currently, the couple live in a three-story mansion with their father and brothers. The Eldarov family has a small business: the head of the family owns a small cafe and a billiard club.

Aidamir visits Russia, where he continues to engage in solo work, tours around different cities, performs new songs and hits that have long been loved by the public. He is still invited to television, where he actively shares his plans for the future, tells interesting moments about his personal and creative life, reminding viewers of how his musical career began.

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