What is war and armed conflict

What is war and armed conflict
What is war and armed conflict

The whole history of mankind is riddled with wars and conflicts. And even today you can often hear about such things in the news. So what is war? It is necessary to initially give a brief general definition of this term.

What is war? These are armed actions, struggle and manifestation of aggression between peoples, states, tribes, cities (any large organized group of people). This counteraction uses means of both physical and ideological and economic influence.

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What is war? It is necessarily a struggle between organized social groups. The confrontation between organizations within the country for political, ideological and economic dominance using forceful methods and throughout the country is called a civil war. The war for state power is called a revolution.

What is war in terms of history? Over the past five and a half thousand years, according to the calculations of historians, there have been about fourteen and a half thousand wars. This includes large and small conflicts, including two world wars. During these strugglesmore than three and a half billion people died.

In the modern world, due to the end of the so-called "cold war" between the Soviet Union and the United States of America, which took place in the second half of the last century, the likelihood and danger of using nuclear weapons in armed conflicts has significantly decreased. As you know, such weapons have a huge destructive power.

What is war today? Even in the twenty-first century, local conflicts continue. Basically, they are connected with territorial, religious, national disagreements, separatist movements, tribal strife and other things (in history this is called "the essence of war"). Societies such as the United Nations (UN), the International Community, seek to create a system of interstate relations that would eliminate the threat of force.

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What is war in symbolism? It is a symbol of reunion and separation, establishing order and eliminating disorder. In religion, it is a symbol of the eternal confrontation between evil and good forces, a symbol of the conflict between Light and Darkness. However, the war in mysticism and esotericism is more of a spiritual battle to achieve unity.

What is war in art and science? This process can be viewed as an act of violence, which aims to force the opponent (opponent, oppositionist) to carry out the will imposed by force. To oppose this act of aggression, the inventions of the sciences and arts are used. Thus, war (like any physical ormoral violence) is exclusively a means. But the goal can be called precisely the imposition of one's own will on the enemy.

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The goal of military action is to destroy the enemy, disarm him, deprive him of the ability to resist. War occurs mainly due to two different factors: hostile intent and feeling. However, the decisive, final act of war cannot be viewed as something absolute, since the defeated country sees in it only an evil that can be completely eliminated in the future (this is called "extended war time").

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