Creative biography of actress Janet Agren and facts from her life

Creative biography of actress Janet Agren and facts from her life
Creative biography of actress Janet Agren and facts from her life

Actress Janet Agren at the peak of her career was called the sex symbol of not only European, but also world cinema. Winning a beauty contest in Sweden gave her a chance to become famous, which she immediately took advantage of. Now Janet Agren lives in the USA.

In the country of the Dream Factory, where cinema is one of the most powerful locomotives of the economy, where Hollywood stars earn millions of dollars, Agren for some reason preferred to do business rather than act in films. But then, in the early 1990s, many of her fans cherished the dream of seeing her in large overseas projects. Their hopes were in vain: as it turned out later, she finally tried on the image of a business woman.

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There is an opinion among critics that Janet Agren failed to realize her creative potential one hundred percent, and it is, admittedly, quite justified.

General information

Agren Janet - film actress, musician, model. The track record of a native of the Swedish city of Landskrona includes 57 roles in film and television. An actress from Sweden began her film career witha small role in the 1968 film "Women and the Bersaglieri".

Movies, genres, connections

The best film with Janet Agren is the picture "Avanti" in 1972. The film, created thanks to the collaboration of American and Italian filmmakers, then made a splash among viewers and critics. A comedy melodrama about a tight-fisted millionaire whose love has changed beyond recognition claimed the main Golden Globe awards in several categories.

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Films with Janet Agren represent the following movie genres:

  • Action: "Iron Commissar", "Steel Hands".
  • Detective: "Cheap Fiction", "The Finest Evening of My Life", "Stove", "Bermuda: The Cursed Abyss".
  • Story: "Two crusaders".
  • Crime: "Commissioner Verrazzano", "Excellent Crime", "Ingrid on the Road".
  • Musical: "Women and Bersaglieri".
  • Thriller: "Misters", Agents Can't Cry".
  • Fiction: "Oven", "Bacteria".
  • Western: "Life is hard, isn't it, Providence?"
  • Drama: "Magdalena", "Technique of Love". "Tick".
  • Comedy: Lobster for Breakfast, Forbidden Dreams, Avanti.
  • Melodrama: "For Love".
  • Adventure: Aladdin, Cannibal Hell 2.
  • Horror: "City of the Living Dead", "Killer Reserved Nine Seats".
  • Fantasy: "Red Sonya".

Janet Agren worked with actors Enrico Montesano, Tom Fellegi, Giuseppe Marocciu, Maria Tedeschi, Lino Banfi, Leopoldo Trieste, Paul Muller and others.

She starred in several projects directed by Sergio Martino, Tonino Ricci, Giuliano Carnimeo, Brunello Rondi, Luciano Salce.

In the films "Iron Commissioner", "Excellent Crime", "Crayfish for Breakfast", "Commissioner Verrazano", "Bacteria", "Rich, very rich … actually in shorts" played the main characters.

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Janet Agren was born on April 6, 1949 in Sweden, in the town of Landskron, located in Skåne County. The real name of the actress is Oghren.

In 1968, having already won the Miss Sweden beauty pageant, the nineteen-year-old girl came to Rome, Italy to start her acting career. Here she will work for 25 years and star in more than 50 films. She ended her acting career with participation in the 1991 Italian-Brazilian project Per sempre.

For a short time, Janet Argen tried to find herself in the music field.

She was married to Carlo Maietto. When the marriage broke up, the actress left for the United States in 1994, where she later created her own trading network.

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