Viktor Trostnikov is a modern Orthodox theologian and philosopher

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Viktor Trostnikov is a modern Orthodox theologian and philosopher
Viktor Trostnikov is a modern Orthodox theologian and philosopher

Religious philosophy in Russia, which originated in the old days and especially rapidly developed in the 19th century, clearly showed its features even in the Slavophil movement. It has always been something original and original, differing from the European one in its impressive sentimentality, metaphysicality, artistic pathos and intuition. This philosophy was formed on the basis of questions asked by life itself and dictated by the interests of the Russian people with its national Orthodox core. One of the brightest contemporary figures noted in this field was the recently deceased Viktor Trostnikov, a prominent scientist who began as a physicist and mathematician, but became especially famous as an illustrious thinker and theologian.

Viktor Trostnikov


This man has proven himself in many areas of activity. Viktor Nikolaevich Trostnikov from adolescence got used to selflessly work. It started back in the war, when he worked as a teenager in a sugar factory, and then in an aircraft factory, helping his people win victory. In the mature post-war years, he led a mathematical circlefor pioneers and schoolchildren, in addition to scientific and literary activities, he actively worked on television and radio, giving lectures.

The biography of Viktor Nikolaevich Trostnikov is in many ways common, but at the same time not quite typical of his era. This man was born on September 14, 1928. It happened in Moscow. Here he entered Moscow State University and graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Technology in 1953. Then began teaching and work at MIIT and other universities with the rank of associate professor. Numerous publications of his works on physics, mathematics and logic testify to his successful scientific activity during this period.

Trostnikov Viktor Nikolaevich

Change of priorities

Over the years, Viktor Trostnikov became more and more interested in philosophy. It was in this area that he wrote and defended his dissertation in 1970. Religion also interested him more and more. At the Russian Orthodox University in the following years, as a professor, he taught the general history and philosophy of law. In the same period, he created works that did not at all correspond to the style and spirit of the Soviet era, for which he fell into the category of dissidents. His first book, en titled "Thoughts before Dawn", where the former mathematician touched on the burning issues of Orthodox philosophy, was published in 1980, but not in his homeland, but in Paris.

Thoughts Before Dawn

This book is devoted to an interesting and fashionable problem for that period. It tells about the complex relationship between science and religion, reflects the author's spiritual doubts about the legitimacy of the opinion of the humblemajority, as well as universal human needs in the search for the meaning and essence of being. Revealing his views to the reader, Rees stated that any experiments and discoveries of scientists should personify the wise and expedient structure of the world, and, therefore, testify to God who created it. For example, in physics (as he believed) it had been like this since the time of the great Newton, who founded this discipline as a means of knowing the Creator. The same applies to mathematics, philosophy and other sciences. This is exactly what Rees thought. Viktor Nikolaevich bitterly denounced the lack of spirituality and ideological immorality that gave rise to atheism and was cultivated during the years of Soviet power.

Victor Trostnikov books

The end of the career of a Soviet scientist

Such views and "dubious" activities could not go unnoticed and do without consequences in the era of Stagnation. The career of Viktor Trostnikov as a Soviet scientist in this period comes to an end. The reason for this was his views, as well as participation in the almanac called "Metropol". This is a collection of texts of banned authors and writers, which became notorious in those days. It was published in Moscow in 1979 with a circulation of only 12 copies, but despite this, it attracted the interest of the audience and the close attention of the authorities. The affairs of Viktor Trostnikov turned out to be so disappointing that he, who fell into disfavor, had to work as a laborer, bricklayer, watchman and foreman until the end of the Soviet period.

Works of a philosopher

Trosnikov's work in the regionpolitics, history and theology were published by many well-known publications. Among them are Arguments and Facts weekly, Literaturnaya Gazeta, Molodaya Gvardiya, Russkiy Dom, Pravoslavnaya Beseda, Moskva and other periodicals.

Victor Trostnikov "Orthodox Civilization"

You can list the best and most interesting books of Viktor Trostnikov. These include "History as the Providence of God." Its name speaks for itself. It talks about the role of Divine guidance, directing people to goodness and moral perfection, in historical events. "Treatise on Love. Spiritual Mysteries” explores the meaning in human life of one important word “love”. The author considered this concept the highest manifestation of the Divine essence.

Among other amazing books: "Who are we?", "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture", "Having life, returned to death" and many others. In "Orthodox Civilization" Victor Trostnikov spoke with the reader about eternal values, analyzed the meaning of such concepts as justice, property, power.

Trostnikov Viktor Nikolaevich Biography

What kind of person was he?

He was a true philosophizing sage and a hearty, sympathetic Christian. He strove with all his heart to convey to his fellow citizens the history of his own country and their Orthodox roots. Even in difficult times, he did not give up his ideas and beliefs, actively promoting them. The Orthodox philosopher died, having reached wise maturity, at the age of 90. It happened on September 29, 2017. Two days later inChurch of the Holy Trinity in Moscow held his funeral and subsequent funeral.

People who knew Viktor Trostnikov closely spoke the warmest words about him. They sincerely believed that this man gave his all to people, combining in his person a talented scientist and a staunch Christian. It was noticed that he tried not to leave a single question addressed to him from interested people without a thoughtful answer. And life in him was in full swing, embodied in his productive scientific and Christian activities, talented works.

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