Biography Sia. Photo and personal life of the singer

Biography Sia. Photo and personal life of the singer
Biography Sia. Photo and personal life of the singer

In the list of owners of an unusual and melodious voice, singer Sia has long been taking pride of place. The girl's biography is full of unexpected stories, because at first the singer was accepted only in narrow circles, and only in the early 2000s did many music lovers recognize her songs. It was very difficult for her: she had to go through many difficulties.

Childhood of the singer

The performer was born in Australia, in a family of musicians, in the winter, in December, on the 18th of 1975. Kate's father Isobel Furler (full name of the singer) was a musician and changed jobs very often. The mother of the emotional artist also wrote songs, sang and composed music. Sia's biography is different from the life stories of other famous singers whose parents were also involved in music. The little girl was left to her own devices, without food or attention.

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Staying at home in splendid isolation, the future star imagined how she would conquer the stage.

But, despite this, mother and daughter communicate well, according to Sia herself. Photos, childhood biography of baby Sia remain her little secret.


From an early age, the popular performer danced and sang. The little girl's relatives had no doubts that Sia's biography would be filled with concerts, album releases and singles.

She herself wanted to conquer the stage with her voice. But the vacancy in the karaoke bar, where she spent every evening, Furler had to refuse, since she was still a schoolgirl. It was very difficult to make such a decision, because she hated school. And because of her extraordinary principles and behavior, her classmates did not like her.

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As a teenager, she was lucky enough to work in the band The Crisp. It would seem that this is a dream come true. But it was not possible to make a career with this group, because all attempts to become famous were unsuccessful, and she eventually left the group.

Solo career

Singer Sia tried herself as a solo artist. Ferner's biography is full of failures, because the first disc, which she released for sale, did not bring the desired popularity and recognition. Only 1200 albums have been sold.

Perhaps it's all about the eccentricity of the emotional artist. After all, the public is wary of those performers who introduce something new into pop culture. The appearance and voice of the singer turned out to be not the best combination for music lovers. I had to accept defeat again.

But the Australian rebel did not give up and did what she loves.

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Luck in creativity

Only with the move to England, the girl finally gets the long-awaiteda place under the sun. She began working as a vocalist for popular English artists.

2000 was a significant year for Furler as she began recording her solo album with Sony Music.

Her first successful work was the album "Healing is hard". Critics spoke well of her efforts, and her songs began to play in famous clubs in England.

Sia's biography began to fill with positive moments. For the first time, her track "Take it for granted" was in the forefront of the popular English music chart.

But her fame was not worldwide. She was popular only in England and in Australia. Her work was not listed in European and American popular music competitions.

But after the release of the album in 2003, this problem was solved, as the artist's songs were played in America and Europe almost every hour. And the song "Breathe with me" became known to every music lover.

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Moreover, this single sounded in a famous series, and then the creators of popular films became interested in her work.

Sia's best and longest work was the album "Someone Has Real Problems", on which the girl worked for a long 4 years. The record sold very successfully and gave a high profit to the performer and her creative team.

It would seem that the Australian celebrity has everything that pop stars need, now you need to enjoy and bask in the glory.

But in 2010, the girl made a statement that she was tired of popularity and decidedleave the acting profession. But, for the benefit of the singer's fans, she changed her mind and continues to work on creating successful and popular tracks and videos. It can be said without any caution that this activity is the meaning of life for her.

Sia's husband. Biography. Couple's personal life

Questions about the sexual orientation of the famous performer were dispelled by themselves when she got married. Although she had a lesbian relationship, she chose a man as her husband.

Sia's biography is filled with tragic moments, because shortly before meeting her betrothed, she had a tragic love story.

Met her great love Sia after she moved to Great Britain. Their love could be envied: they were always and everywhere together, traveled to different countries. But the guy was hit by a car when the artist was in Thailand. The singer experienced the death of her beloved very hard: she began to succumb to addictions. Only after complex treatment and meetings with psychologists, the girl woke up, began to think about all her misdeeds, her condition improved.

Time passed, old shocks began to be forgotten.

After that, people around her noticed a ring with a shiny pebble on her finger. The wedding was not long in coming.

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In the summer of 2014, she tied the knot with renowned film director Eric Lang.

Interesting facts

Rihanna's song "Diamonds", which has long taken pride of place in popular music ratings, was written by an Australianperformer.

She herself writes lyrics not only for her singles, but also for popular American stars: K. Minogue, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, David Guetta.

The little rebel was a fierce advocate for gays, lesbians and blacks at school.

Animals are her weakness. She loves them very much.

She found out about her bisexuality after the death of her first love, starting dating a girl from a popular group.

Sia does not eat meat or non-vegetable products.

She is a performer and author in a wide variety of styles, from conventional pop to emotional jazz and rock.

Loves to spoil the public and his fans with strange images.

Her video for the song "Chandelier" has achieved great popularity due to worldwide discussion. After all, the clip reveals the acute problems of modern youth. But it is also symbolic for the artist. After all, the little girl-gymnast in the clip is the image of little Furler in childhood.

Each music video has its own history and is filmed with a certain symbolism.

Sia has experienced such a thorny path. The biography of the diva is full of disappointments and victories. But really talented and persistent people always manage to find their place under the sun and stars. This can be seen by getting acquainted with the creative path of the most emotional Australian star. The success and life story of the owner of an unusual voice should become an example for all novice performers, for those who dream of full halls of fans. People should understand that glory is given verynot easy, you have to earn it.

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