Football star - Robbie Keane

Football star - Robbie Keane
Football star - Robbie Keane

Probably, there is not a single football fan who does not know the famous Robbie Keane. This article will help you get to know your pet and learn a lot about his life.

Celebrity childhood

Robbie Keane was born on July 8, 1980 in Ireland. Since childhood, Robbie has been very fond of football. At the age of 5, he boldly mastered the skills of the game. Watching their son how well he plays, they could not even imagine that a real football star was in front of them in the future. Without thinking twice, the parents decided to send the child to a sports school. When the guy went to school, he was accepted into the school club called Crumlin United, and from that time on he began to take the first steps towards success. For each goal scored, he was paid, though modest, but the first salary in his life. A couple of years passed, every fan already knew him by sight, thanks to the good results of the games. Everyone thinks that Robbie Keane is a football player with a capital letter.

Robbie Keane

When Robbie Keane was 16 years old, he went to play for the Wolverhamton team, and in this he did not fail.

1997 Carrow Road played the Wolves on 9 August. The team included Robbie Keane, which amazed the fans, as he was very small in stature, and even in age.In this match, the Wolves team won thanks to Robbie. The result was 2:0. Since that time, the guy has played 88 matches and scored 29 goals.

Slow but steady steps towards glory

1999 brought fame to the football player, he gets into the Premier League. "Coventry" in the amount of 6 million pounds redeems the "Wolverhampton" his contract, Robbie was then 19 years old. After some time, the guy raises the European Cup with his teammates. And immediately he was offered to join the national team in the main team.

Robbie Keane football player

1998 brings the footballer his debut. Namely, in the game against the Czech team. He scored the first goal in the game against M alta. Since that time, everyone began to say that Niall Kunin had a worthy opponent. Soon Robbie Keane will break the record for the performance of the Irish team, which belonged to Quinn.

The guy still absolutely could not realize that all this was happening to him. Robbie Keane is determined to go to Milan. In the debut game, the Italians already knew the exploits of the scorer, and they were looking forward to the double, but this did not happen. The guy did not really like being in Italy, and he decides to go to Leeds, where his friend David Oliri plays.

From this moment begins a sharp turn in the life of the forward. All fans consider him the best and most successful football player. And this is the same little Robbie Keene, whose photo everyone has in their arsenal.

Peak of popularity

In 2000-2001 Keane played for Leeds. He stayed fastsharp, forceful. Keane finished the season with an excellent 14/9. The Irishman decides to sign a contract on a permanent basis with Leeds United. The next two seasons were a failure for the player. And already at the end of 2002, the team, which included Robbie, began to have financial difficulties.

Robbie Keane and Roy Keane

Management in connection with this had to sell the players. And a miracle happened, a club from London called Tottenham made an offer. They were ready to pay as much as £7 million for Keane. The management had no other options. And just a couple of days later, having signed a personal contract with the club, Robbie began to prepare for the game at White Hart Lane.

As soon as Robbie's career begins to flourish, the press begins to release strange articles in which they talk about the fact that Robbie Keane and Roy Keane are brothers. But this is absolutely not true. At one of the press conferences, the star denies this fact and says that he is completely unfamiliar with Roy.

Starting a new life

Already at the end of 2002, Keane was sent to play in the World Cup, where he was able to distinguish himself by scoring goals in the last minutes.

After the Championship in 2009, the star decides to return to his former team Tottenham, he receives 12 million pounds sterling for this.

Robbie Keane photo

Towards 2010 he returns to Scotland. There he signed a contract for as much as 5 years. Every year Robbie becomes a star. He is very proud of the fact that with his own hands he made himself suchgrand career. Soon the guy will marry a famous model that he loves more than life. As he himself said, he is very grateful to God, his parents and wife, who constantly support him in various endeavors. In addition, the star did not forget to mention his fans, who are always delighted with their idol, who pleases everyone with great success.

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