Alina Redel: a friend of the Primadonna of the Russian stage

Alina Redel: a friend of the Primadonna of the Russian stage
Alina Redel: a friend of the Primadonna of the Russian stage

Probably, if you ask any person on the streets of our country who the Russian pop prima donna is, even a child who can talk will say that this is none other than Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. Even a few years after the end of her solo career, the universal popularity of the singer does not fade at all, on the contrary, the interest of people and the press is spurred on by constant ignorance. It has always been so, and no doubt it will remain so. All the singer's entourage, immediate family, friends and even housekeepers were constantly under the watchful eye of suffering fans.

Many people wanted to know the inside story about the unique Alla Borisovna. Once people heard the name of a friend of the famous singer, which, by the way, will be discussed today. The woman's name is Alina Redel, and besides the fact that she has been going hand in hand with the Diva for more than 30 years, her life is full of interesting and significant events. It is them that we will try to highlight in the material presented.

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Childhood and youth

Alina was born in Moscow in the autumn of 1937 in the family of the then famous Soviet journalist, writer and poet Ivan Mukhin. In 1968, Alina Redel graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. Immediately after graduationhigher educational institution, the creative life swept over the young girl:

  1. The youth movement "Soviet underground", an unofficial creative association of artists, with great pleasure accepted a young talented girl into its ranks.
  2. By 1977, Redel had accumulated a significant number of completed paintings. Almost from the very first show, some of her works were taken as exhibits to well-known and recognized art galleries.
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Change of scenery

By the mid-80s, Alina Redel suddenly changed the direction of her work and life in general. Firstly, she left Russia for Germany, and secondly, she took up medical equipment in a foreign country. To be more precise, a woman headed a medical corporation with world domination, called the Rodalin Group. At the same time, she sponsored projects in Russia related to the construction of medical and diagnostic centers equipped with computer diagnostics (tomography equipment). It is worth saying that the creative path did not stay away from Alina Redel, the biography of the woman confirms this. In the capital, she was engaged in exhibitions and various competitions through the Romos company, where she was the direct supervisor.

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Merits and personal hobbies

In the medical field, Redel has achieved certain heights. In her honor, an award was invented and developed, presented to the best students of medicalBakulev Institute. To receive such is considered very honorable among the future doctors of our country. Alina Redel also helps to restore the destroyed churches and allocates huge financial assistance for this purpose. She helps keep documentary cinematography afloat, considering this direction of the film industry to be very interesting and undeservedly forgotten. Her main passion in life has always been and remains art: Redel treats Soviet and Russian artists with great trepidation, therefore, in her own words, it simply did not make sense to resist beauty. Alla Borisovna Pugacheva's best friend started collecting paintings, and currently her home collection includes a fair amount of works by Russian masters.

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Personal life of Alina Redel

In youth, few people think about the transience and rapid course of human life. At first, many want to live for themselves, then someone does not want to become dependent on their family and husband. Men and women put marriage on the backburner as they try to build careers and get back on their feet. All these points apply to our today's heroine, because she dreamed of succeeding in life, gaining financial independence, and only then try her luck and get married. However, fate decreed otherwise, and the children never appeared in Alina Redel's personal life, in fact, just as the beloved man did not appear in her either. According to Redel herself, at first this state of affairs depressed her very much, but after a sufficient number of years, the woman simplyI got used to my way of life. Now she doesn't want to change anything at all.

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Meet Alla

Alina Redel, whose photo is presented in today's material, is very friendly with Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, and with the whole family of the Russian pop prima donna. The women met more than 30 years ago, almost by accident. According to Alina, she expected to see an arrogant woman in front of her, who was at least just tired of the obsessive attention of outsiders and her stunning popularity, and a completely different Alla appeared before her - kind, hospitable with sad eyes. Redel was even confused, she wanted to make the Prima Donna's eyes radiate joy. She invited Alla Borisovna to visit the next day, and she agreed with interest. Women somehow immediately found a common language and many points of contact in their views on life. The meeting was intense, they did not stop for a minute.

Friendly advice that can change lives for the better and bring happiness

After a huge amount of time, their friendship only grows stronger. Women always celebrate various celebrations together and never forget to call each other to ask about each other's affairs. By the way, Pugacheva admitted in an interview that it was Alina who helped her decide to take a step to become a mother in her old age. Thanks to the support and invaluable advice of Redel, smart kids Lisa and Harry are now growing up in the family of Alla Borisovna and her husband Maxim Galkin. It is worth saying that Alina Redelfriendly with many popular people. Her close friend is also Galina Volchek, an actress, and now the chief director of the Sovremennik Theater.

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