Biography of Philip Kirkorov. Personal life and career of the king of the Russian stage

Biography of Philip Kirkorov. Personal life and career of the king of the Russian stage
Biography of Philip Kirkorov. Personal life and career of the king of the Russian stage

The biography of Philip Kirkorov never ceases to interest his large army of fans. There are a lot of rumors around the king of the Russian stage: about orientation, relations with Alla Pugacheva and his children. Do you want to know where Philip Kirkorov was born and studied? Photo, biography and other reliable information is contained in the article. Happy reading!

Biography of Philip Kirkorov

Philip Kirkorov: biography

April 30, 1967, the future king of the Soviet-Russian stage was born. Philip's hometown is Varna (Bulgaria). It was there that he grew and developed as a person. His father, Bedros Filippovich, was already a famous Bulgarian singer at that time. Later, they will learn about him in Moscow. And what did Philip Kirkorov's mother do? The biography of the woman indicates that she held concerts. And she did an excellent job with this role.

Philip Kirkorov biography

The parents of our hero constantly went on tour and took their little son with them.They didn't want to be separated from him for long.

Philip Kirkorov, whose biography is interesting to many today, decided on his future profession as a child. Like his father, he dreamed of a stage and an army of fans. In parallel with the regular school, Philip also studied music. His father let him choose his own instruments. Kirkorov Jr. enrolled in a class where they taught piano and guitar. The teachers immediately saw talent in the boy.

Philip Kirkorov photo biography

Years of university studies

After graduating from high school in Bulgaria, our hero decided to go to Moscow. This idea was not approved by the mother of Philip Kirkorov. The singer's biography would have been completely different if he had listened to her then and had not gone to Russia. But Philip was not going to give up his goal.

Kirkorov was sure of his admission to GITIS. He went to take his exams without prior preparation. The young and confident Bulgarian did not impress the commission. He was not enrolled in the university. Philip didn't give up. In 1984, he managed to enter the famous Gnesinka. There he studied for 5 years at the Department of Musical Comedy.

As a 2nd year student, Kirkorov became seriously interested in television. He took part in the program “Wider Circle”, popular at that time. On the set, he was noticed by the director of another project. Soon, Philip received offers to participate in the Blue Light. The Leningrad Music Hall also became interested in the young talent.

In 1988, our hero received a diploma from the Gnesinka. Biography of Philip Kirkorov as a profession althe singer began from that moment.

Meet the Diva

1988 was a truly successful year for Philip. He graduated from a prestigious Moscow university, met the wonderful songwriter L. Derbenev. And the young singer met his love. As you understand, we are talking about Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. A year later, Kirkorov went on tour with Primadonna in Europe.

Philip Kirkorov photo biography

Wedding and divorce

The romance of the Primadonna and the aspiring singer developed rapidly. In an interview, Philip admitted more than once that he was in love with Alla Borisovna from a young age. In early 1994, upon arrival in Moscow from the next tour, the couple announced their engagement. The wedding in St. Petersburg took place on March 15. The ceremony was attended by the mayor of the Northern capital - A. Sobchak. Two months later, Alla and Philip went to Jerusalem, where they were married.

Marriage with the Diva lasted almost 10 years. In early 2005, the star couple divorced. But the general public found out about this only six months later in the program of Lolita Milyavskaya “Without complexes”. Fans of Alla and Philip were very worried about the separation of two Russian pop stars. It soon became known that Pugacheva had a new favorite - Maxim Galkin.

Ups and downs

The real popularity came to Philip in the early 90s. With the song "Earth and Sky" he took first place in the "Schlager-90" contest. At the same time, the album "Philip" was released, and a video was shot for the song "Fiend of Hell". The singer went on tour in Canada,Israel and USA.

The biography of Philip Kirkorov began to arouse particular interest after the wedding with Alla Pugacheva. By the beginning of 2000, the singer had released 8 albums, which fans literally swept off the shelves. The most popular compositions were: “You, you, you”, “My Bunny”, “Oh, mom, chic ladies” and others.

1995 brought the first disappointment to Kirkorov. He went to Dublin for the Eurovision Song Contest, where he took only 17th place. Russian viewers were sure that the Primadonna's husband would enter the top five. But that didn't happen.

The divorce from Alla Pugacheva knocked down the pop king a little. The number of his concerts has been drastically reduced. In 2005, Philip decided to try himself as a producer. He took up the promotion of Angelica Agurbash. Soon the singer went to conquer Eurovision, returning from there with 13th place. At various times, Kirkorov produced Ani Lorak and Dmitry Koldun. Especially for them, songs were written in Russian and English versions.

Philip Kirkorov biography and his children

Philip Kirkorov: biography and his children

It would seem that our hero had everything: a bright appearance, a huge army of fans, money and fame. But Philip understood that he had not fulfilled his main mission. It's about procreation.

November 26, 2011 in the program “What? Where? When” the good news was announced. Philip Bedrosovich became a father. On this day, his charming daughter was born, who received the double name Alla-Victoria. It is known that the baby was born by a surrogate mother.

After 7 months in the familyKirkorov happened another replenishment. On June 29, 2012, the son of the king of the Russian stage was born. The boy was named Martin.

In conclusion

The biography of Philip Kirkorov indicates that we have a talented person with an amazing life hardening. Numerous trials and temporary difficulties could not make him give up his profession and the chosen creative path.

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