Irina Gladkaya: "Arm wrestling is a sport for women"

Irina Gladkaya: "Arm wrestling is a sport for women"
Irina Gladkaya: "Arm wrestling is a sport for women"

Is it possible to remain feminine while playing sports professionally? Of course you can! And arm wrestling champion Irina Gladkaya is direct proof that a beautiful female body can combine indescribable heroic power and fragility inherent in a real lady.

irina smooth armwrestling biography

How did it all start?

Irina remembers growing up as an energetic child. Perhaps this was the reason for the first steps in the sport, made by her before school.

The parents insisted that Irina start playing sports. But the girl herself liked it, so she actively attended athletics classes. Already in high school, she repeatedly received offers from the coaches of the Dynamo sports complex. But the girl did not want to associate her sports career with running.

Irina Gladkaya came to arm wrestling in 1999. It was then that the physical education teacher invited her to defend the honor of the school in this area. Having won over high school students, Irina was sent to competitions between schools. That's where he noticed Artur Agadzhanyan. He invited her to engage in his youth sports school. But at first everything was limited only to exchanging phones.

Irina Gladkaya: arm wrestling, biography

Irina told her mother about Artur Agadzhanyan's proposal. It was she who persuaded her daughter to try. I tried it - I liked it - it sucked!

After a month of intense training, Irina won the championship in Moscow. After another 2 months, she won the championship of Russia. After 5 months, she entered the world level and won again.

Everyone said that Irina Gladkikh had arm wrestling in her blood. She did not let the coach down, training continuously and intensively.

To really be, and not just be considered an experienced and qualified athlete, Irina graduated from the College of Bodybuilding and Fitness. B. Vader. But she did not limit herself to sports education and received two diplomas of higher education - economic and legal. Graduated from the Moscow State University of Communications and the Moscow State Law Academy. O.E. Kutafina.

Now Irina Gladkaya is an 11-time world and European champion, winner of the Arnold Classic Brazil 2016.

Since 2007, Irina has also been engaged in coaching. Specializes in weight loss exercises and strength training.

irina smooth armwrestling biography

Irina Gladkaya: personal life and attitude to competitions

To the question: "Is arm wrestling suitable for a girl?" - Irina Gladkaya calmly replies thatarm wrestling is a purely female sport. And those who think otherwise are simply mistaken. A strong and feminine body at the same time is beautiful and, of course, aesthetically pleasing.

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As for the second half: Irina Gladkaya has already found her in the face of a former athlete. By the way, he was previously indescribably delighted with the occupation of his beloved. But now he has tempered his ardor, replacing it with more restrained approving and supportive emotions.

Irina thinks soberly about the future, saying that she will send her children to sports only after a long weighing of all the pros and cons. The fact that they will play sports is already decided, but it is very important to choose which ones.

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