The relationship between man and nature. Man and nature: interaction

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The relationship between man and nature. Man and nature: interaction
The relationship between man and nature. Man and nature: interaction

Einstein once said that a person is a part of the whole, which we call the Universe. This part is limited both in time and space. And when a person feels himself as something separate, this is self-deception. The relationship between man and nature has always excited great minds. Especially today, when one of the main places is occupied by the problem of the survival of people as a species on Earth, the problem of preserving all life on our planet. About how the relationship between man and nature manifests itself, in what ways you can try to harmonize it, read in this article.

relationship between man and nature

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The inseparability of man, like all life on Earth, from the biosphere determines his existence. Moreover, this vital activity becomes possible only in adequate conditions, very limited. narrow bezelscorrespond to the characteristics of the human body (it has been proven, for example, that an increase in the overall ambient temperature by just a few degrees can lead to deplorable results for a person). He demands for himself the maintenance of the ecology, the environment where his previous evolution took place.

Ability to adapt

Knowledge and understanding of this range is an urgent need for humanity. Of course, each of us can adapt to the environment. But this happens gradually, little by little. More dramatic changes that exceed the capabilities of our body can lead to pathological phenomena and ultimately to death.

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Biosphere and noosphere

Biosphere - all living things that exist on Earth. In addition to plants and animals, it also includes a person as its significant part. The influence of man as a species affects the process of reorganization of the biosphere more and more intensively. This is due to the impact of scientific and technological progress in the last centuries of human existence. Thus, the transition of the biosphere to the noosphere (from the Greek "mind", "reason") is carried out. Moreover, the noosphere is not a detached realm of the mind, but rather, the next step in evolutionary development. This is a new reality associated with various forms of impact on nature and the environment. The noosphere also implies not only the use of the achievements of science, but also the cooperation of all mankind, aimed at preserving and reasonable and humane attitude towards the universal home.


The great scientist, who defined the very concept of the noosphere, emphasized in his writings that a person cannot be physically independent of the biosphere, that humanity is a living substance associated with the processes taking place there. In other words, for the full existence of a person, not only the social environment is important, but also the natural environment (he needs a certain quality of it). Such fundamental conditions as air, water, earth provide life itself on our planet, including human life! The destruction of the complex, the removal of at least one component from the system would lead to the death of all life.

man's relationship to nature

Environmental needs

The need for good ecology in humans has been formed since time immemorial, along with the needs for food, shelter, clothing. In the early stages of development, ecological needs were satisfied, as it were, automatically. Representatives of the human race were sure that they were endowed with all these benefits - water, air, soil - in sufficient quantities and for all time. The deficit - not yet acute, but already frightening - began to be felt by us only in recent decades, when the threat of an ecological crisis came to the fore. Today, it is already becoming clear to many that maintaining a he althy environment is no less important than eating or fulfilling spiritual needs.

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Apparently, the time has come for mankind to reorient the main directions of the development of science and technology, so that the very attitude towards nature and the environment becomes different. This isthe concept should rightfully take its central place in the minds of people. Philosophers and practitioners dealing with environmental issues have long ago delivered the final verdict: either a person changes his attitude to nature (and changes accordingly), or he will be destined to be wiped off the face of the Earth. And this, according to many scientists, will happen quite soon! So we have less and less time to think.

problem of man and nature

Relation of man to nature

In different eras, relationships were not easy. The idea that man is a part of nature was expressed and embodied in ancient times. In various pre-Christian religious cults, we observe the deification of Mother Earth, the aquatic environment, wind, and rain. Many pagans had a concept: a person is a part of nature, and she, in turn, was perceived as a single beginning of everything that exists. The Indians, for example, had powerful spirits of mountains, streams, trees. And for some animals, the value of equality was cultivated.

With the advent of Christianity, man's attitude to nature also changes. Man already feels himself a servant of God, whom God created in his own image. The concept of nature seems to fade into the background. There is a kind of reorientation: the relationship between man and nature is broken. In return, she cultivates kinship and unity with the divine principle.

And in the philosophical systems of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, we see the formation of the idea of ​​a god-man, where the individual is perceived as unconditionalking over all things. Thus, the problem of man and nature is solved unambiguously in favor of the first. And the relationship with God is completely deadlocked. The concept of "man - the king of nature" is cultivated with particular force in the middle-end of the twentieth century. This justifies thoughtless cutting down of strategically important forests, turning rivers back, leveling mountains with the ground, unreasonable use of gas and oil resources of the planet. All these are the negative actions of a person in relation to the environment in which he lives and exists. The problem of man and nature is aggravated to the maximum with the formation of ozone holes, the emergence of the effect of global warming, and other negative consequences that lead the Earth and humanity itself to death.

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Back to basics

In our time, there is a tendency for people to return "to the bosom of nature." The relationship between man and nature has been revised by many public figures and organizations (for example, the Greenpeace movement, which advocates the universal conservation of the environment and the rational use of natural resources). In science, we also see the successful implementation of the ideas of environmentally friendly mechanisms. These are electric cars, vacuum trains, and magnetic motors. All of them contribute to the preservation of the environment, in every possible way prevent its further pollution. Large businessmen carry out technical reconstruction of enterprises, bring products in line with international environmental standards. The "man and nature" scheme is again beginning to operate actively. progressivehumanity is restoring its former family ties. If only it were not too late, but people still hope that Mother Nature will understand and forgive them.

relationship between man and nature

Man and nature: essay topics

In this light, it becomes necessary and important to educate a generation that will be reasonable and with due reverence for the environment. A schoolboy who cares about birds and trees, who culturally throws away the ice cream wrapper in the bin, who does not torment pets - that's what is needed at the present stage. By cultivating such simple rules, in the future society will be able to form entire generations that form the right noosphere. And in this an important role is played by the school essays "Man and Nature". Topics may vary for junior and senior grades. One thing is important: when working on these essays, schoolchildren become part of nature, they learn to treat it thoughtfully and with respect. The guys are aware of the relationship between man and nature, arguments that irrefutably testify to the unity and indivisibility of these concepts.

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Reasonable Environment Transformation

Of course, each society affects the geographical environment in which it directly lives. He transforms it, uses the achievements of previous generations, passes this environment on to his descendants. According to Pisarev, all the work of transforming nature is put into the ground, as if into a large savings bank. But the time has come to use everything reasonable created by mankind onbenefit nature, and forget everything negative forever!

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