Jessica Watson: biography and creativity

Jessica Watson: biography and creativity
Jessica Watson: biography and creativity

Jessica Watson is a world famous brave woman, navigator, traveler and writer. For her 24 years, she has already managed to become famous and write a popular work. Fans of wandering and attractive stories should get acquainted with her biography.

Children's dreams

Jessica Watson was born in the small Australian town of the Gold Coast in 1993. She has lived all her life in Buderim, Queensland. From an early age, she dreamed of traveling around the world. In her desire to see the world, she did not feel the support of loved ones, but this did not stop the purposeful girl. At that time, she did not yet know that her name would forever go down in history and the book of records as the name of the youngest traveler who managed to see the huge world.

At 24, she holds the title of "Young Australian of the Year" and the Order of Australia. Although her record was broken in 2012 by Laura Dekker, she has already become quite a popular personality.

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Preparation and route

Jessica Watson started planning hertravel from 12 years old. Two years later, she began to earn money and invest all of it in teaching the art of navigation. At the same time, the girl was planning her route, and when she was ready, she outlined approximately the central points.

Starting point and final was Sydney, from there New Zealand, Fiji, Kiribati and a few more points. The equator had to be crossed in the area of ​​Christmas Island, which was according to all the rules of navigation. To break Jesse Martin's previous record, the route had to be non-stop and not designed for resupply.

A plan was drawn up in the association of navigators and an approximate time was calculated. According to estimates, it should have taken 8 months for the whole journey, and during this time Jessica Watson will overcome 23 thousand miles. These impressive figures did not stop the purposeful girl on the way to her dream.

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Trial swim and accident

It would be too stupid to set out on such a dangerous voyage without first testing your skills and capabilities. That is why in September 2009, the heroine decides to go from Brisbane to Sydney, which was planned as a starting point.

It would seem that there should not have been any obstacles for a trained girl, but it happened differently. Already on the first night after leaving, her yacht had a small accident. Jessica collided on her ship with a huge ship called the Silver Young. On board, at that time there were 63 thousand tons of cargo, but everything was only a small breakdown.

The yacht lostmatch, but the navigator was able to get to Sydney by motor traction. She retained control of the ship, and this gave her confidence in her abilities, although she never made it to the Australian cultural capital. On motor traction, she managed to return to Southport and there she continued to plan her trip.

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Content of "Dream Power"

The Power of Dreams by Jessica Watson was the result of her pursuit of her goal. On the pages of the manuscript were placed all the diaries that the navigator wrote, and the history of her life from the moment the idea was born. At the age of 12, she caught fire at the then crazy idea of ​​​​traveling around the world. Two years later, she gets a job at a local restaurant and washes dishes there in order to earn her own funds for training in the sea.

Parents did not support her aspirations, but at the age of 16 she nevertheless went on a trip around the world. At the time of 2010, Jessica became the youngest of the sailors who managed to pass such a route on water.

In her diaries, she described the difficulties she faced in realizing her dream, because the lack of money was only the beginning. All the people close to her refused to understand the desire. Finding sponsors has also become a major hurdle. In her work The Book of Dreams, Jessica Watson described this in detail, and also talked about her emotions and feelings.

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Book reviews

About the book by Jessica Watson "The Power of Dreams" reader reviewsdiffer. Some of the people who read the work spoke of strong motivation on the pages. The manuscript is able to show how it is necessary to go towards a dream, how difficult this process is, but with faith and the right approach there will definitely be a result. Many readers liked it, as they appreciated it from a philosophical point of view.

Other people didn't like the simple approach to the presentation of thoughts and the author's assurance that the book is not a PR move, although it looks like it. At the same time, it was noted that many subtleties in the matter of navigation are described, but the journey itself is written too poorly. The whole journey was described more in the form of notes, rather than a full story about what he saw and experienced over the long eight months.

Experienced readers also noted that due to inexperience, Jessica fails to keep the reader, at times it becomes boring. Nevertheless, the literary work is quite popular and has gained a lot of fans since its release.

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