6 February. Signs, holidays and events in history

6 February. Signs, holidays and events in history
6 February. Signs, holidays and events in history

At first glance, February 6 is an unremarkable winter day. But it is not so. It turns out that the date is filled with significant events. There are also many holidays and traditions associated with it.

Who do the Orthodox revere?

On this day Orthodox Christians pay tribute to Blessed Xenia of Petersburg. The church holiday on February 6 was created specifically to commemorate the good deeds of this woman who lived in the city on the Neva in the 18th century. They called her a holy fool, they called her a city madwoman. And all because of the fact that Xenia renounced the state. Having become a widow at the age of 26, quite we althy and respected, she gave her house to her friends, dressed in her husband's outfit and took his name. Everyone thought that the woman was a victim of a mental disorder, although in fact she simply sacrificed herself for the sake of saving the soul of a sinful spouse who did not repent before her death.

February 6

Since then, Xenia has been walking the streets like a beggar, preaching God's commandments. Many years have passed since then, when they finally took pity on her and began to give alms. But she took only the coins, which depicted George the Victorious, killing the dragon. When the unfortunate woman died, she was buried at Smolenskygraveyard, where she helped build a church. At the beginning of the 20th century, a chapel was built over the grave of Xenia, and the pilgrimage of believers began here. In 1988, the woman was canonized as a saint, and a church holiday was founded in her honor - February 6.

Worldly holiday

On this day the whole planet celebrates the International Bartender's Day. The date was not chosen by chance: it is also associated with the church. The fact is that on February 6, Catholic Christians celebrate the Day of St. Amand, the great apostle, the patron saint of merchants, brewers, winemakers, as well as restaurateurs and bartenders. He himself lived in the 6th-7th centuries and was famous for spreading the Christian faith in the wine-producing regions of Europe. Therefore, it is on February 6 that a real show is organized in all entertainment and drinking establishments. For example, bartenders compete to see who can make the most delicious cocktail the fastest. There are also various tastings, quizzes and thematic competitions for visitors.

name day February 6

Bartenders deserve the honor of having their own holiday. Their profession is no easier than that of firefighters, drivers and teachers. Often they spend the whole day on their feet, while not only pouring drinks, but also listening to the sad stories of customers. Bartenders are excellent psychologists who can give valuable advice and only by the look of the visitor to guess what he wants to drink at the moment.

Oriental subtleties

In Iran, February 6 is the day of Sraoshi, the mythical character of this country. He is the keeper of the Holy Word and cosmic knowledge, the guide who holds the keys towisdom. On this day, the Sun enters the 18th degree of Aquarius: it is believed that it is favorable for any undertakings, as well as reading mantras and prayers. The festival of Sraoshi, often depicted as a warrior with a camel's head, is associated with the protection of courage and heroism, justice and struggle. This mythical hero resisted dark forces and demons. His totem is a rooster, which symbolizes cockiness, fearlessness and activity.

church holiday on February 6

Sraoshi's colors are red and white. Therefore, on this day it is customary to wear outfits of these shades: the brighter and more colorful, the better. Fun is the main attribute of the holiday. People sing and dance, eat pastries, halva, gozinaki and nuts. Parishioners take an active part in the festive divine service, in which the sacred fire is involved. Discord and quarrels between enemies cease. Not participating in the celebrations is considered a great sin.

New Zealand Day

February 6 holidays have a fairly wide geography. In New Zealand, for example, this is a national day. It marks the conclusion of a historic treaty between the local Maori tribes and European settlers. A document signed on the banks of the Waitangi River in 1840 guaranteed Aboriginal protection from rampant corruption and land fraud in exchange for accepting English citizenship. Today, the treaty is criticized by many citizens of the state, considering it unfair to the Maori.

holidays February 6

Despite this, New Zealand's day, February 6, is celebrated in a big way. Programfilled with a variety of concerts, shows, sports competitions, contests, exhibitions. But the most magnificent celebration takes place, of course, on the coast of Waitangi: here they stage the signing of the treaty and solemnly raise the flag of Great Britain. People willingly take part in Maori ceremonies, listen to music and enjoy delicious dishes specially prepared for this event.

Holidays falling on February 6, 2015

First, it's the Samba Carnival in the German city of Bremen. This year, the enchanting event took place exactly on February 6, as it is celebrated annually on the first Friday of the last winter month. Incendiary music, Brazilian dances, energy and general fun are the main components of the event. Samba lovers come from all over Germany to demonstrate their skills and evaluate the skills of their rivals. Also, a parade traditionally takes place here, in which drummers, huge puppets, giant platforms with bizarre decorations are involved. It all ends with costume parties in local clubs and restaurants.

February 6th day in history

In addition, the Flower Festival in Thailand falls on the first Friday of February. A stunning colorful event is held in the city of Chiang Mai, where decorators compete for the best floral creation. Fairs and performances are sure to be held, millions of different specimens of fragrant plants are carried through the streets of the city. Girls sew fancy costumes and take part in a beauty contest where the Flower Queen is chosen.

Othermemorable dates

February 6th in history is rich in various events. For example, in 2004, 357 skydivers formed a giant flower in the sky. The record in dome acrobatics was set in Thailand. Almost a hundred years earlier, the first distress signal was transmitted in the world. A huge ice floe broke off and carried 50 fishermen out to sea. Thanks to the wireless telegraph created by Popov, they were found and rescued.

In addition, Gerasim, Denis, Ivan, Nikolai, Pavel, Timofey and Xenia celebrate the name day on February 6. Angel Day is usually spent with the family, receiving gifts and cards from relatives. As for Catholics, Dorothea, Bogdan and Pavel celebrate their name day on February 6.

Interesting, but our ancestors called this winter day Aksiniev. What was the weather on February 6, people predicted such a spring: the sun promised a red spring, cold - bad weather until summer.

And this is still an incomplete list of significant dates and memorable events that are celebrated on a grand scale on the planet. All of them have their own flair. They are united by one thing - originality and colorfulness, pleasant atmosphere and unique flavor.

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