Evgeny Krivtsov: biography, photo

Evgeny Krivtsov: biography, photo
Evgeny Krivtsov: biography, photo

Evgeny Valerievich Krivtsov is one of the most popular presenters of the Russian Federation, a talented young man, producer, actor, director, journalist, He led many different TV projects, most of which he directed and produced himself.

The start of the journey

Evgeny Krivtsov was born on December 25, 1986 in Moscow. The family in which he was brought up was educated, intelligent. Father Valery Evgenyevich Krivtsov - Dean at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, mother Larisa Valentinovna - television producer, director. In addition, for a long time she was the host of the popular program on Channel One - Good Morning.

It's no wonder that Evgeny began to show interest in television already in childhood, so after graduating from school he entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of International Journalism, which he graduated with honors. But the young enthusiast did not finish his education on this and continued his studies at the courses for screenwriters and directors, where the People's Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Khotinenko was his leader.

Both educations were very useful to Evgeny in life.

Evgeniy Krivtsov


Evgeny Krivtsov got his first job in the television field immediately after graduation, in 2004. He was hired as a correspondent for the Good Morning show on Channel One. Then the guy was the host of the "Working Afternoon" column in the "Big Lunch" project and the editor of the "City of Women" magazine.

As a presenter, Yevgeny Krivtsov developed rapidly, was the main face of many programs, he was constantly invited to various projects.

Besides this, he is the author of several documentaries such as Interrupted Flight, The Old Age Gene, The Secret ABC of Life, Gingerbread House (film series). These works were highly appreciated by colleagues, critics and viewers.

For a long time he hosted the program "Personal Time". She brought young Eugene the greatest fame. In this program, Eugene interviewed various stars, was interested in their leisure. Topics covered were sports, culture, entertainment and politics.

The famous TV presenter is also known for his roles in movies. He has appeared as an actor in three films: "Deerslayer 3", "Kiss of Doom" and "Resident".

Evgeniy Krivtsov

Another interesting step in Krivtsov's career is that he was one of the TV operators at the 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi.

Evgeny is the winner of the National Prize "Crystal Compass".

The route has been built

Informative travel TV show.

This show captivatedviewers in that it was unlike any other travel show.

The host Evgeny Krivtsov received letters containing photos of the riddle, which he could answer only by going on a trip. Each of his routes is a series of secrets that are very interesting to reveal.

For example, in one of the episodes, Evgeny visited the UK and repeated the route of the heroes from the book "Three in a boat, not counting the dog." He had to not only walk the route, but also compare how much England had changed since Jerome's time.

Eugene about the project "The route is built"

In China, Eugene tried to prolong his life with the help of magical dishes, visited gangster quarters in Chicago, sheared a sheep in Kabardino-Balkaria, participated in a carnival in M alta and enjoyed a beach holiday in Antarctica.

The most dangerous was the ascent to the monastery, which is built on the edge of the abyss. The so-called Hanging Temple, uniting within its walls representatives of three religions - Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism.

Book "Personal time"

In 2014, Evgeny Krivtsov released his first book "Personal Time", which contains the brightest, most interesting interviews with famous Russian actors, directors, singers, writers, composers - with everyone who represents the multifaceted Russian culture and brings to the masses the creative power of art.

Eugene in Abkhazia

Private life

Famous journalist Yevgeny Krivtsov resolutely refusestell the rest of his colleagues about his personal life, so it is not known for certain whether he has a life partner. It is probably enough for Evgeny that his professional activities are always in front of the eyes of millions of viewers, and he wants to keep his private side of life a secret. He is so neat that there is not a single rumor about his affairs on the networks.

Evgeny about himself

Evgeny says that the meeting with Alexei Uchitel changed his life. Thanks to Alexey, he realized that he needs to have time to try himself in different areas of professional activity, so he never stands still, constantly discovers something new in areas of interest to him.

Vidoblogging Alexey perceives as a "semi-finished product", as bloggers rarely think about how well their video was filmed.

When Evgeny is going on a trip, he always puts such things as sportswear, toiletries and spare shoes in his travel bag. Nothing else usually fits in a bag - Evgeny always tries to take equipment with him.

He always tries to bring magnets from his travels, but, as he admits, there is no free space left on his refrigerator.

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