How to evaluate the best qualities of people

How to evaluate the best qualities of people
How to evaluate the best qualities of people

Each of us wants to be good in the eyes of others. What does it mean? How and when are the best qualities of people manifested and can you base your opinion on them?

They say that Peter the Great conducted such a test for his troops: before the formation, he slapped a recruit. If he blushed and fell into anger, it was believed that he would be a good soldier.

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If he turned pale and was ready to lose consciousness, that is, anger and resentment paralyzed him, then he was unfit for service. What are the best qualities of people are manifested in conditions of stress? Willingness to accept a challenge, to stand up for oneself, for one's ideals is an unconditional virtue. But imagine a similar situation in peacetime in a civilized Europeanized society. Is it possible to check the best qualities of people in this way? Wouldn't behavior that demonstrates subordination and the ability to restrain one's emotions be considered more appropriate? After all, readiness for constant struggle can be perceived as a pathology, as an anomaly of character.

The best qualities of people are most often evaluated in their attitude towards their own kind and weaker ones. But imagine an exceptionally kind man who is not able to object to anyone or offend anyone.or who likes to take care of children, is economic, knows how to cook … It would seem that this is ideal.

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But will he be able to effectively and successfully manage the team, will he be able to realize his professional potential? No, in society, he will rather cause ridicule and condescending smiles. And at work, he will quickly find a replacement. Therefore, the best qualities of people should always be perceived according to the situation.

Will willingness to sacrifice be a virtue? Looking in what case. In the prevailing canon, one who is ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of saving another is a worthy person. But imagine the situation "in its entirety". Suppose, saving someone else's child, such a person dies, leaving a large family without support and support. The fact that he did not think about himself and his duty towards his children, is it a virtue or a weakness? The best qualities of people can be evaluated from different ethical positions. For some, these are the properties that will allow them to raise he althy and strong offspring and protect them. For others, it is spiritual subtlety, sensitivity, impressionability. In each of us there are many inclinations, features that, depending on a particular situation, can develop or die out.

Perhaps there is no single ideal. The conditionality of specific situations is especially pronounced if we want to select the good qualities of a person for a resume. Depending on which position

100 good qualities of a person

wewe claim, it is worth emphasizing and developing various character traits. Kindness and love for children will be undoubted advantages if a person wants to work in the field of medicine and pedagogy. However, for an engineer or a storekeeper in production, these qualities will be insignificant. Accuracy, conscientiousness, professional training will be much more useful there.

Let's imagine that we are asked to create a list of 100 good qualities in a person. What exactly and in what order we include in it depends on our attitudes, on the position in society, on the properties of character. For one, the virtues will be courage, courage, the ability to make decisions quickly. For another - sensitivity, empathy, kindness. No matter how much we argue, the best qualities of a person are always a situational category.

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