Yuri Budakov: "The whole truth about parting with Borodina"

Yuri Budakov: "The whole truth about parting with Borodina"
Yuri Budakov: "The whole truth about parting with Borodina"

Yuri Budakov is a purebred Armenian who has been living in Russia for many years. The man has his own business, loves social events. Yuri became famous after he married TV presenter Ksenia Borodina. In this union, a beautiful daughter, Marusya, was born. But, alas, the lovers could not save the relationship and broke up. We will find out the reason for this in the article.

About meeting Borodina

Yuri Budakov always speaks about his meeting with Ksenia Borodina with a smile. The man does not deny that from the very beginning he watched the project "House 2", in which Ksyusha was the host. A bright, charismatic girl was remembered by Budakov, and he decided to achieve her location at all costs.

A good chance turned up on the set of the Comedy Club program. Young people were sitting at neighboring tables, but this did not prevent them from getting to know each other. Probably, this meeting would not have led to anything if fate had not brought the young people together again.

Yuri Budakov and Ksenia

Yuri after workwas returning home and noticed a broken car on the highway. Arriving closer, Budakov recognized the driver as Ksenia, who was late for the shooting of the show. Yuri, without hesitation, transplanted the leader into his car, and he himself remained to wait for the tow truck, which delivered Borodina's car for repair.

After that, the couple was already inseparable.

Ah, this wedding

Borodina in her interviews has repeatedly admitted that Yuri Budakov is a real man. His actions can turn the head of any girl. He knows how to make romantic dates, beautifully looks after, does not give the slightest reason for jealousy.

Young people met for quite a long time, many fans and admirers watched their relationship, everyone was waiting for Yura to take a responsible step and call Ksyusha in marriage. Many wanted to see Borodina in a white, airy dress.

The guy made a rather banal offer. It happened in a karaoke bar, to the song "Everything in the world to share with you."

The wedding of Yuri Budakov and Ksenia Borodina was rather modest. Only close relatives and friends were invited to the celebration.

Budakov's wedding

The bride chose not to wear a traditional wedding dress, but an evening golden dress on the floor. The groom also did without a tuxedo.

Family life

A few months after the wedding, Ksenia told Yuri Budakov that he would soon become a dad. In the summer of 2009, a daughter, Marusya, was born.

Daughter Marusya

All acquaintances unanimously assured that the girl is an exact copy of her father. Budakov immediatelysaid that his girl would become a famous athlete. And his predictions seem to be coming true. Not so long ago, Marusya took 2nd place at the International Artistic Gymnastics Competition.

Why did the family break up?

Unfortunately, after three years of marriage, young people decided to file for divorce. Yuri Budakov, Borodina's ex-husband, more than once blamed Ksyusha for this separation, saying that the girl could not combine family life and work.

But the TV presenter herself sees the reason for the divorce in a completely different way. In her opinion, Yuri's pathological jealousy, his total control, prohibitions played a major role in their relationship. Borodina has repeatedly stated that she is a self-sufficient person, therefore she can do what she wants.

Budakov is still involved in the life of his daughter Marusya, helps her financially, travels with the child to rest. He does not regret his marriage with Borodina, remembering this time as something fabulous and magical.

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