Rimini earthquakes in 2012: how it happened

Rimini earthquakes in 2012: how it happened
Rimini earthquakes in 2012: how it happened

Rimini is a popular resort town in Italy. Charter flights from most countries, especially Russian carriers and tour operators, regularly depart there. In the spring of 2012, all the news feeds were full of headlines about the earthquake in Rimini (Emilia-Romagna region).

earthquake in rimini

What is an earthquake and what causes it

An earthquake is a natural phenomenon when, as a result of the movement of the earth's crust, vibrations and shocks occur, which have different destructive powers. Such strength is estimated on the Richter scale: from 1 to 12 points:

  1. With 1-2 points, it is impossible for a person to feel the seismic movement, only a special device can fix it.
  2. A force of 3-4 points is palpable: objects, trees and buildings sway.
  3. At 5 points, plaster starts to crumble and cracks form on buildings.
  4. 6-7 points - objects fall, window glass breaks.
  5. At 8-9 points, collapses of walls, bridges, buildings, even cracks appear on the earth's surface.
  6. rimini earthquake in italy
  7. 10 points - destructive power, collapses, landslides occur, pipelines collapse.
  8. 11-12 points is a terrifying phenomenon when cities are wiped off the face of the earth in a fraction of a second, mountains are destroyed, reservoirs disappear, the landscape changes completely.

First earthquake hit Rimini in Italy in spring 2012

On the night of May 19-20, a seismic shock of magnitude 6 on the Richter scale occurred in the Emilia-Romagna region, and a second shock of magnitude 5.1 followed in the afternoon. Many people were forced to stay on the street, as many buildings and houses were damaged, and the fear of another earthquake prevented people from returning to their homes. The victims spent the night in tents, and some needed medical help. Rimini was seriously affected by the earthquake: more than 50 people were injured and damaged of varying severity, 7 people died, buildings were damaged.

rimini after the earthquake

Many architectural and historical monuments of Italy were damaged. According to the Russian embassy, ​​the citizens of our country were not injured. According to Italian experts, the earthquake in Rimini, the northern part of the country, was the most serious in the last 10 years.

As experts said, this will not affect Italian tourist resorts. If the flow of applicants decreases, then this will be an insignificant figure, no more than 1-2%.

Repeated seismic movement in the town

No sooner had the Italian town recovered from seismic tremors thanjust 10 days later, on May 30, 2012, Rimini was once again hit by an earthquake. This time, the fluctuations were estimated at a magnitude of 5.8, the central part of the city was affected, and the nearby settlements felt slight fluctuations.

rimini earthquake in italy

The event happened at 9 am local time. Despite the fact that this time the force turned out to be slightly weaker, there were some casu alties: 10 people died, they were found under collapsed buildings. Trains were suspended and many were evacuated.

Coastal areas were unaffected, as were tourists, according to tour operators. Experts confirmed that the situation was calm in the resort area.

Was there another earthquake in Rimini? This question caused surprise among tourists, so, according to vacationers, excursion routes were carried out, and evacuation actions were not taken, as well as tremors were not felt.

The opinion of tourists about what happened

Many tourists didn't notice anything this time. Information about the earthquake that occurred in Rimini (in the northern part), many learned only from local news, since the seismic tremors did not affect tourist areas.

Those who were asleep at the time of the earthquake did not even feel any tangible changes, while those who were awake referred to the slight vibrations of the earth.

was there an earthquake in rimini

A local Russian guide working in Rimini confirmed the words of eyewitnesses. Everything was as usual: buses ran, excursions were held, all roadswere intact.

Rimini after the earthquake

A series of earthquakes that hit the seismically calm place of Emilia-Romagna plunged tourists, residents and the country's president into fear. The consequences suffered by the city are serious: many buildings were damaged, people died.

An earthquake is a natural phenomenon that cannot be foreseen, and its consequences are frightening. Since this is a resort area that profits from the funds of the tourism business, many tour operators were forced to reduce prices for this destination.

Temperance Safety Instructions

If you are caught indoors by this natural disaster, you have very little time to make the big decisions that affect your life and he alth. Therefore, be sure to read the instructions below and follow their instructions:

  1. Stand on the floor so that you can hold on to something.
  2. Find shelter: under a table or furniture, but away from windows and doors. If there is no such cover in front of you, then crouch in the corner of the room.
  3. rimini hit by earthquake
  4. Stand on any surface, covering your head from possible impacts from falling objects.
  5. If you find yourself in bed during the ground wobble, stay where you are with a pillow over your head.
  6. Do not leave the building at the time of the earthquake. Only after the aftershocks are over can you go outside, as you may be trapped and a ladder or other serious object may fall on you. Use the elevatorprohibited - it is life-threatening!
  7. Stay away from objects that might fall on you.

May you never have a reason to use this instruction, but you must know it. Since in unforeseen cases you can save not only your own, but also the lives of loved ones.

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