Miranda Hart: the first steps to fame

Miranda Hart: the first steps to fame
Miranda Hart: the first steps to fame

Miranda Hart is a famous British actress and comedian. She gained worldwide popularity after the release of her own show "Miranda" and the action comedy "Spy". With her catchy looks and large figure, Miranda has become a bright spot in many television projects.

Miranda Hart: biography facts

December 14, 1972 in the aristocratic family of David Hart and Margaret Lewis, a girl was born, they named her Miranda. She grew up as an inquisitive child, received an education corresponding to her own highest status. The family tree of her family can be traced back to the 12th century. Although, as the actress herself admits, she is indifferent to her status in high society.

Miranda Hart

She received her primary education at a private school for noble maidens, her higher education at the University of Bristol. Hart completed acting classes at the Academy of the Arts. Immediately after completing the course, in 2002, she began performing on stage as a comedian.

Miranda Hart: personal life

Nothing is known about the personal life of this shocking forty-two-year-old actress. She isdoes not comment on his private life, although he willingly gives interviews and poses for the paparazzi. More recently, British newspapers flew around the picture, which depicts the actress. The ubiquitous paparazzi immediately began ringing that Miranda Hart and her husband are in the picture. The mysterious man, with whom the actress was caught at dinner, gallantly helped his companion get dressed and hailed a taxi. Perhaps happy changes are coming in the life of an inveterate bachelor? Who knows.

Miranda Hart and her husband

Work in theater and cinema

For 24 years of her professional activity, Miranda managed to visit the host of a TV show, theater and film actress, screenwriter and producer of her own show. In 2012, this creative personality released the book "Is It Just Me?". In 2013, she announced the release of her second literary work "Peggy and Me" to fans.

In the early stages of her career, Miss Hart played bit parts in British sitcoms. She appeared in such shows as "You Can't Forbid Living Beautifully", "Women's Pranks", "Good Night", "Man and Woman", "No Dates".

Since 2004, Miranda, for her extraordinary image and unsurpassed comedic talent, has been invited to feature films for minor roles, for an unknown actress this is a big breakthrough in her career. An interesting fact is that director David Connolly considered Miranda a dramatic talent, he approved her for the role of Kate in his drama Mothers and Daughters. In 2007, the comedy with the participation of the actress 12 in a Box was released. In the sameMiss Hart appeared in the comedy The Magicians, directed by Andrew O'Connor. In 2008, Miranda gave her voice to one of the hamsters in the animated series River Patrol. In 2010, the actress played in the dramatic comedy "Unfaithful".

Most successful projects

Despite the rather large number of TV projects, Miranda Hart remained a little-known British actress until 2009. The public knew her as a great comedian, but minor roles did not bring much fame. Although, as the celebrity admits, fame does not bother her. The main thing is to do what you love and enjoy it.

Miranda Hart personal life

In 2009, Miranda, having gained decent experience in filming a TV show, decided to launch her own brainchild on television - the series "Miranda". Initially, the actress, producer and screenwriter all in one wanted to release a trial version, and then rely on the ratings. So, Britain and the whole world were able to enjoy the magnificent English TV series "Miranda". The plot is surprisingly simple and unpretentious. The owner of the joke shop Miranda lives her own life, periodically gets into all sorts of stories, she is in love with her school friend Harry, who returns to his hometown and starts working as a chef. Miranda has a friend, Mary, and a slightly anxious mother who dreams of marrying off her twenty-four-year-old daughter.

The series was so original and comedic that Miranda Hart wrote three more seasons. All of them were a huge success with the audience. For myThe role of the actress received 14 BAFTA award nominations. She was also recognized as the best comedy actress.

Miranda Hart photo

In 2015, Miranda was overtaken by a wave of world recognition. She starred in The Spy with Jude Law, Jason Statham and Melisa McCartney. Crime, comedy thriller filmed as a parody of Bond and similar films about special agents. Miranda Hart, whose photo is now often flashed in secular tabloids, after the role of Nancy Artingstal became megapopular.

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