Flood in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory

Flood in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory
Flood in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory

Krasnodar Territory constantly attracts a lot of tourists due to its picturesque places and warm subtropical climate, the only disadvantage of these resorts is showers and floods. Floods in Gelendzhik every year are more and more catastrophic. After the devastating flood in 2002, the authorities took action, and for 10 years the resort was flooded, but not critically. Three years ago, another flood claimed the lives of ten residents of the city.

Geographic location of Gelendzhik

The reason for the constant flooding in one of the most picturesque places in Russia lies in its location. The town with a population of 53 thousand people is located at the foot of Mount Markoth. Only 10% of the territory is a plain, the rest is mountainous terrain and slopes covered with ridges. Many mountain rivers and underground streams flow on the slopes. The largest of them are Pshada and Vulan. The Su-Aran River, whose waters constantly overflow after rains, is the cause of the flood in Gelendzhik. Precipitation in this area falls more and more every year, the rains are uneven.

flood in Gelendzhik


After another flood, geologists, environmentalists and local authorities are wondering why the flood occurred, what caused the loss of life anddestruction. As communal workers say, storm drains cannot withstand the pressure of the elements. Even prepared drains cannot absorb this amount of water.

Geologists are sounding the alarm and talking about unscrupulous developers and city authorities who do not take into account the geoecology of the area and build point objects on slopes, mountains, destroying vegetation and violating the natural drainage system.

The Su-Aran River, which annually floods Gelendzhik, is not marked with a red line on any building plan, the features of its seasonal floods are also not taken into account when building facilities.

The billboard, which claimed the lives of five people in 2012, was installed without the permission of geoecologists. After all, the city center is always flooded, even after the usual rain.

Gelendzhik reviews

Flood in Gelendzhik (2012)

Showers and floods are constant companions of residents of resort towns in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The locals are already accustomed to the summer floods and cataclysms associated with this phenomenon. In 2012, the flood in Gelendzhik was the largest in the last 10 years. A flood according to a similar scenario hit the city of Gelendzhik in 2002, then the authorities decided that they would not allow a greater catastrophe of this magnitude in the resort area. It was possible to cope with floods for ten years, and again in 2012 another tragedy struck the city.


July 6, 2012 it started to rain. Within a few hours, a three-month rainfall fell. Water in some areas of the city rose to twometers. Houses located in the lowlands and on the slopes of the mountains were flooded. The most tragic thing is that the flood in Gelendzhik claimed the lives of 10 people. The total number of victims from the natural disaster was 171 people. Moreover, five people in the resort city died due to electric shock. There is a billboard on the main street. One of his wires fell to the ground, it was not visible under water. A man stepped into a puddle and died instantly, four more people rushed to his aid, they suffered the same fate.

The district authorities tried to cope with the flood as quickly as possible, but the storm drains could not absorb such an amount of rain. Due to rain, the Gelendzhik-Novorossiysk highway was partially blocked.

Thousands of houses were flooded and destroyed, thousands of citizens and vacationers were hospitalized. The flood in Gelendzhik in 2012 gave rise to many lawsuits and lawsuits against the city authorities.

As a result of the flood, five houses were completely destroyed. A seven-meter wave demolished buildings. During the investigation, it was found that one of the residents started the construction of a pool and dammed an underwater stream. As a result, under the pressure of water, the concrete partitions collapsed and the buildings were demolished.

Flood in Gelendzhik in 2014

Many residents of Gelendzhik, who survived the tragedy of 2012, believe that 2014 passed without natural disasters. So, the central street of Ostrovsky was flooded several times, but these are trifles, most importantly, without human casu alties.

Krasnodar region

Krasnodar Territory and Gelendzhik due to their geographicalThe situation is constantly falling victim to floods. Mountain rivers overflow their banks and bring down mud, silt, sand and urban debris along with streams of water on the beautiful resort of Russia. Almost every year in the summer-autumn period Gelendzhik is flooded. Reviews about the resort immediately become not entirely rosy, because there is a risk of falling into the center of the elements right in the midst of relaxation. This is what happened to the vacationers of this resort in 2014. In July, there were strong doji, and they provoked the overflow of mountain rivers. Central Avenue was flooded.

In October, the cause of the flood was the same heavy rain. A lake formed on the central avenue. For some time traffic in the city center was impossible. Several houses and institutions were flooded.

Natural disaster in Gelendzhik in 2015

This year, an atmospheric cyclone hit a large area of ​​Russia with rain and strong winds. Such large cities as Moscow, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Kursk were flooded, the elements and the city of Gelendzhik did not pass.

Gelendzhik after the flood

The authorities of the resort were warned about the upcoming bad weather by the Hydrometeorological Center, so the utilities were "fully armed". They tried as quickly as possible to eliminate the consequences of a two-hour downpour that began on July 11, 2015. In 40 minutes, a monthly rainfall fell. As usual, the central avenues were flooded, Stepnaya Street was especially affected, where many residents suffered material damage due to flooding of houses.

The mayor apologized to vacationers forspoiled the rest and expressed the hope that the next downpour would bypass Gelendzhik. Reviews of the elements from citizens and tourists, along with colorful photos, immediately appeared on social networks.

Effects of floods

Annually Gelendzhik suffers from downpours and floods. The most massive one took place in 2012, people died, the infrastructure of the city was significantly damaged, houses and apartments were damaged, many residents lost valuable property.

flood in Gelendzhik 2012

Gelendzhik after a flood, even a small one, resembles a sewer. Garbage, silt, dirt, scraps of roofs and trees. Everything rushes to the central streets of the city in a stormy stream. Water demolishes everything in its path - overturns stalls and stalls, demolishes carousels and tents.

For the city budget, this turns into a real test. The state bears billions in losses, but the worst thing is that people are dying.

Measures to solve the problem

City authorities every year, after each flood in Gelendzhik, begin to sound the alarm and repeat about mandatory changes in the sewerage system. But as practice shows, another heavy downpour - and again the mud flows destroy the beautiful city, and the water collects in the center and stays there for several days.

According to environmentalists, the solution to the problem will be the conscientious work of public utilities and city authorities, who, when laying down a plan for the expansion and improvement of the city, do not take into account its geographical location and violate the natural biosystem. It is high time to modernize the Soviet storm drains, not to repair them.

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