Izhora River: features and fishing

Izhora River: features and fishing
Izhora River: features and fishing

The Izhora River flows in the Leningrad region. It is located 30 kilometers south of the regional center. If desired, it can be passed from the very source to the mouth. Today, it is widely believed among fishermen that its source is a spring near the village of Skvoritsa, which belongs to the Gatchina region. Previously, it was believed that she was running from the junction of two small rivers - Pudost and Verevka.


Historical events

The Izhora River is quite famous, in this place in 1240 an army from Novgorod defeated the Swedish knights, this is confirmed by the erected monument. But even now this river has a certain fame among fishermen, as it is one of the closest places to St. Petersburg for a favorite pastime.

The community of hunting and fishing enthusiasts bought this reservoir for their own needs, which protected it from commercial fishing. This event gives hope that local fish stocks will be sufficient. The main part of the reservoir is covered with thickets of grass and shrubs, especially in the upper reaches.


The appearance of trout

The river has a small number of tributaries, but all of them are also rich in fish. The total length of the river to the mouth is 76 kilometers, where itflows into the Neva near the village of Rybatskoe. This settlement is located 25 kilometers from the regional city. In the recent past, radio, television and newspapers have been reporting cases of the death of a huge number of fish due to poisoning by emissions from enterprises. This caused significant damage to fish populations, aquatic and near-water inhabitants. But despite this, the fish population has survived.

The best fishing is at the mouth of the Izhora River. It is known for the escaped Gatchina trout kept in its waters. This fish finds a way out of the cages and then leads an independent life. In some years, the trout population reached a large number. To this day, the situation has not changed, and runaway trout are constantly replenishing their free-living population. Therefore, the Izhora River attracts fishermen. Fishing promises to be fruitful and memorable.


Fishing on Izhora

There is a rich variety of fishing spots on the river:

  • Stony rifts.
  • Quiet backwaters.
  • Deep holes.
  • Rapid currents with strong currents.

This despite the fact that the total area of ​​the basin - about 1000 square kilometers. From the source the river flows quite normally, nothing remarkable. In the area of ​​Lukash, she becomes serious and strong, becoming suitable even for rafting.

At the mouth, the depth reaches four meters, and the width - sixty. In the course of the current, the depth is about two meters. A long time ago, ships sailed along it and there was fame for the abundance of trout in it, which is rare for the north-west of the country. deep poolshid very large specimens of this wonderful fish. The Izhora River is rich in diverse fish species. Fishing (reviews mostly positive) is going great.


Today, the situation with environmental pollution has led to the fact that river inhabitants become smaller and more careful. This fact does not prevent the development of recreational fishing on the river. Residents of the metropolis often rest in these places. Sometimes like-minded groups propose the idea of ​​introducing a large number of brook trout, but these plans have not yet materialized.

Variety of fish

Pike, burbot, roach, less often trout and grayling (very rarely) come across all the way of the river from the source to Lukashi. Among the ordinary inhabitants, it is impossible not to single out perch and verkhovka. Izhora is rich in large pikes, which are well caught on wobblers.

To find a suitable wobbler option, you will have to be patient. It is not at all necessary that the fish will like the prepared bait. Sometimes it is worth changing the place and time of fishing. Do not forget that the Izhora River does not freeze in winter, so you can fish here at any time of the year.

How to get to Izhora?

If you are going to plunge into the world of fishing on this wonderful river, then you should consider possible options for getting to it:

  1. Go to the station. Mozino. From it you can move up and downstream. A popular place is the bridge on the highway near Ligovka. Pike are caught from it, moving up the river.
  2. Go past the village of Romanovka in the direction of Lukash. You can get to them if you turn off the road to the sideGatchina. Below Romanovka on the river there are many rifts and whirlpools, rich in the best fish in Izhora. People come here for trout, where it reaches four kilograms. You can go to rough rifts and strong currents, which are considered an excellent place for fishing.
  3. Get to the station. Kobralovo and then turn to the right. From this place to Lukasi about six kilometers. Here you can try your luck with fly fishing. If you go only for perch and roach, you can get to the station. Antropshino, and from it go down to the river. This place is always full of visiting fishermen.

In these places it is better to fish with float tackle. Ardent supporters of fishing are advised to look towards the tributaries. In them, the catch can be even greater, since the water there is cleaner and cooler. Izhora has nine large tributaries with a length of ten kilometers, and their total number is more than 200. Sometimes these small rivers are not inferior to Izhora in terms of full flow and quality of fishing. The flood of the Izhora River occurs in the spring.

Recreation outside the city

Kolpinsky pond is famous for good fishing for pike, roach, ide, bream. Fishing can be done from the shore and boat. Fish are caught here all year round, mostly people come here for pike and roach. Pike in the summer takes on a lure and live bait, and in winter on bait from under the ice.

If you want to spend time with a fishing rod and at the same time have a good rest from the bustle of the city, then you will like the Izhora River. This river is not so far from St. Petersburg, and at the same time boasts excellent fishing. Good luck!

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