Brenda Lee: short biography

Brenda Lee: short biography
Brenda Lee: short biography

In this article we will talk about one very famous personality, whose role in show business can hardly be overestimated. This is an American-born singer named Brenda Lee.

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Brenda was born in Atlanta, USA in 1944. Her family was poor, and from childhood the girl needed a lot. But already at this time she began to show herself as a singer. This happened thanks to the church, which the girl's family attended every Sunday and where Brenda Lee performed solo parts. However, her relatives learned about her talent much earlier - already at the age of two, the girl could play whistling melodies heard on the radio, and at three she managed to earn sweets and some money in a candy store by singing.


Brenda Lee won her first recognition at the age of six, when she won one of the music competitions. After that, she performed singing on the radio in her home state. When she was nine, her father died. And thanks to her talent and constant invitations to speak, at the age of 10, Brenda Lee actually supported her family herself - her mother and several sisters and brothers. A further role was played by her stepfather, who by the nature of his work was associated with music, and he arranged for Brenda several radio appearances inNewport. A year later, in 1955, when the girl was only 11, she already received recognition from the general public. This happened thanks to a meeting with Red Foley, the host of a popular music show. As soon as he listened to Brenda, he was so impressed with her voice that he gave her the opportunity to perform on the same day. The audience was delighted and burst into applause. In the same year, in March, she first appeared on television. Since 1956, Brenda begins to record singles and gradually gets into the charts more and more often. As a singer, Brenda Lee specializes in pop and country music. Although there was a period in her career when, at the insistence of the manager and the label, the girl presented herself as an exclusively pop singer. However, over time, she returned to country again.

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Lee is a member of the Rock and Roll, Country, Rockabilly and Hits Halls of Fame. Those are pretty impressive accomplishments. The singer is also a Grammy Award winner.

Private life

Brenda Lee was successfully married in 1963 to a man named Ronnie Shacklett. This union continues to this day, and from this man the singer has two daughters. Jolie and Julia - that's their name - got their names in honor of the daughters of Patsy Cline. Today, Brenda is also a happy grandmother with three grandchildren.

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