What is a fact? Amazing facts. The meaning of the word "fact"

What is a fact? Amazing facts. The meaning of the word "fact"
What is a fact? Amazing facts. The meaning of the word "fact"

People often use words they don't fully understand. They just got used to it, don’t think about it or act according to a pattern. Among such words there are so common that no one even tries to delve into their meaning. For example, what is a "fact"? "Well, how? - you ask. - Everyone knows this. This is what happened or proven, and so on." Is everything so simple? Let's figure it out.

History and definition

what is a fact

The word came to us from the Latin language. It began to be widely used in the thirties of the last century. The original meaning was identical in meaning to the definition of truth. For example, the expression "facts of life" denoted what

really happened, established, possibly documented. That is, it is something that cannot be argued with. You can only talk about interpretation, but the event itself is considered true. The next step is to develop the concept. It began to be used in science. And the question of what a fact is has become non-one-dimensional. The term already meant the basis of the proof. For example, what is a social fact? This is the empirical knowledge that formed the basis for the constructionvariety of scientific theories. Synonymous with the word "fact" now became "postulate". That which cannot be refuted. Basically, this is the truth.

What is a "fact" in common usage

People, of course, picked up a beautiful, short and capacious word. Now no one doubts what a fact is. This is, firstly, the statement: “Yes, it is so!” It can also be used as an emphasis on the indisputability of

truth, so to speak, the emotional pumping of what is said. For example: "Facts are stubborn things." There are a lot of such vivid expressions. Everyone knows them.

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Evidence base

In jurisprudence, journalism and many other professional fields, this concept is also often used. A fact in them is an event that actually took place. For example, an action that led to certain results. Or an act of a person who is of interest to society. This event is considered, investigated, described. Only after indisputable evidence that it took place is collected, its reality, truth is recognized. The procedure is called "fact finding". Often it is a rather cumbersome and complex process in which many specialists are involved. For example, what is a legal fact? When investigating a wrongful act, the crime is divided into its component parts. Each of them is investigated from different angles, only then the fact is recognized. Further producedits legal assessment and analysis of the degree of involvement of this or that person in it.

fact finding

Informative load of the concept

The most interesting is the interpretation of various facts, which is entertaining or educational. Everyone understands that this is a truth that does not require proof. The term in this interpretation is perceived by society. This was taken advantage of by inquisitive minds who decided to present amazing facts to the world. This refers to information whose existence and reality has been proven. What is interesting about it is that it differs so much from generally accepted ideas that the phenomenon itself is unique, highly entertaining. We can say that these amazing facts, if you carefully read them, provide the basis for changing the worldview of a person. In any case, they force you to broaden your horizons. Let's look at examples of such facts in more detail.

For understanding

what is a legal fact

Sometimes it's good to read information that isn't widely shared. For those who prefer to complain about their body, poor he alth and impotence, it will be extremely curious to imagine that they have so many blood vessels that the ribbon made up of them is two or three times longer than the equator. Men who accuse women of coldness or laziness need to remember that her heart beats faster. Perhaps that is why she lives longer. And those who arrogantly consider man the crown of creation must first explain why the Neanderthal brainlarger than homo sapiens? Fans of profanity may find it useful to reflect on the fact that in Russia these terrible terms were called "ridiculous verbs." Or take facts about money that can help the world out of the current economic collapse. Have you heard what "obol" is? It turns out that this is an ancient Greek coin, which was not only a measure of value. It could also be interpreted as a modern kettlebell. That is obol part-time - a measure of weight! Here is such an amazing, but useful fact. There are many such useful and entertaining facts. It is very good that most of them are now available thanks to the openness of the informative space.

For fun

what is a social fact

Collecting various facts, a person, of course, could not ignore the absurdities designed to cheer up and cheer up. For example, recently everyone was fond of Feng Shui philosophy. Did you know that this is not just a theory, but

art… decorating graves? Or what can be used for this fact: a cow attacks a person much more often than a shark? Probably so that people are not afraid to go to the resort. Nevertheless, such data is collected, analyzed and formed into facts, sometimes ridiculous or useless. But it's true, so it might come in handy. For example, there is a proven fact about the benefits of a cockroach! He says that the crushed insect reduces pain. Who guessed to attach it to the wound first? Such examples show that the truth, which is the fact, is not always serious. Rather, this conceptis suprasocial and suprasocial, one that exists objectively. It just is, like the stars or the planet. But the interpretation of the fact, its use already depend on the specific person who encountered it. Someone will laugh at a crushed cockroach, and another will remember and apply this knowledge.

Having considered what a fact is, we can sum it up. This is a synonym for truth or an objective event (phenomenon), which is not questioned a priori. Something supremely reliable, proven, that does not require verification. But this does not mean that all the facts (everything that people call so) are worth believing. Since the word itself does not check the interpretation that people put into it. You need to be careful about the content of the information so as not to make a mistake with the conclusions.

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