City of oil workers Almetyevsk: population

City of oil workers Almetyevsk: population
City of oil workers Almetyevsk: population

For the last decade, the city of oil workers has been included in the purely prosperous settlements of the Republic of Tatarstan. Here is the headquarters of the Tatneft oil company, which provides most of the budget revenues. The stable economic situation has a positive effect on the population of Almetyevsk.

Geographic Information

The city is located on the left bank of the Zai River (a tributary of the Kama) in Zakamye, on the slopes of the Bugulma-Belebeev Upland. Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, is located 265 km to the northwest. The nearest city - Leninogorsk with the Romashkino oil field (the largest in the south of Tatarstan) - 39 km.

The climate in the region is continental with not very cold winters and hot summers. The coldest months are January and February with an average temperature of minus 17.2 °C, the average temperature in the hottest month (July) is plus 14.9 °C.

General information

CityIt is the administrative center of the district and urban settlement of the same name. In terms of population, Almetyevsk (154 thousand people) is in fourth place in the republic. The territory of the city covers an area of ​​114.98 sq. km.

Monument to oilmen

The Almetyevskaya railway station of the Kuibyshev railway is located at a distance of 13 km. For air communication, the airport of the neighboring city of Bugulma is used, which is 57 km away. The Kazan-Orenburg federal highway passes nearby. The Druzhba main oil pipeline runs from Almetievsk to Central Europe and local oil pipelines to the Russian regions.

The settlement houses the office of Tatneft PJSC, which is the largest city taxpayer. In addition, there are several other oil enterprises and companies associated with this industry. For example, the Almetyevsk Pipe Plant, which produces oil and gas pipelines, and Tatneftedor, one of the largest road construction companies in Tatarstan.

The early years

The estimated date of the appearance of the settlement is 1719, the founder was Mulla Alma (or Almet). The settlement was first called Almatovo. In 1743, a road to Central Asia passed through the village, which accelerated economic development. According to the first revision of 1746, there were twelve households in the village, the population of Almetyevsk was about "a hundred souls of both sexes." The inhabitants of the village were engaged in agriculture, and also transported copper ore frommany small local mines to the Bogoslovsky copper smelter.

Mosque in Almetievsk

During the 1859 census, there were 214 households in the village, the population of Almetyevsk was 1,518 state-owned peasants and Bashkirs. The village had a pit station, inns, a small hospital, water and windmills, 3 mosques and 2 madrasah schools. A regional fair was held annually in the village. By 1910, the population of Almetyevsk reached 2,628 people who lived in 500 households.

Recent Times

The first post-revolutionary years were hard for the villagers, in the civil war and the hungry 20s, many Almetyevsk residents died. Only at the beginning of the 1930s did economic recovery begin, crafts came to life - the manufacture of carts, sledges, and tar. In 1930, 3,100 people lived in the village.

Youth centre

In 1948, one of the country's largest deposits, Romashkino, was discovered near the village. Almetyevsk began to grow rapidly, specialists from all regions of the country began to come to work. In 1953, the village received the status of a city. By 1959, the population of Almetyevsk had increased to 50,949 people. In the subsequent Soviet years, the city developed rapidly, new residential microdistricts and infrastructure facilities were built. In the last Soviet year, 133,000 people lived in the city.

In the post-Soviet years, the number of inhabitants had a slight positive or negative dynamics, mainly due to natural increase. Since 2010, the numberThe population of the city of Almetyevsk is constantly growing due to the stabilization of the situation in the oil industry. The maximum number of inhabitants reached 154,262 in 2017.

Employment of the population

The City Employment Center is located at: st. Herzen, 86a. The public institution is implementing a set of measures to help increase job offers and reduce the negative impact of unemployment on city residents. In recent years, due to the growth in employment, the population of Almetyevsk has also increased.

Entrance to the city

Now there are the following vacancies at the Almetyevsk Employment Center:

  • low-skilled workers, including an auxiliary worker, a dispatcher, a cook, a security guard, a dishwasher, with a salary of 13,000-15,000 rubles;
  • qualified employees, including a policeman (canine handler) of the TDF, an engineer, a security driver of the State Security Bureau of the 6th category, an installer of steel and reinforced concrete structures with a salary of 17,000-30,000 rubles;
  • highly qualified employees, including a gas cutter, chief accountant, with a salary of 60,000-80,000 rubles.

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